Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #10

Game 10

  • told the group about some events over the last several days while Sema was training/crafting
  • learned that Akeron went off with the airship…didn’t find out why or how long he’d be gone, going to have to talk to my brother when he gets back about including in on things….even if he is a Sidereal, no….especially because he’s a Sidereal
  • Lok got 24 more Fey capture and locked up during the few days we are travelling
  • I spend the next day crafting weapons for the army and am able to make 9,000 artifacts for them to wield
  • I tell the group we should also ask Kether Rock for help, everyone agrees
  • Sema sends a message to the Liminal Exalted to meet us at a designated location, we travel to Kether Rock for 2 days
  • Day 1 to Kether Rock – I craft a vestimate of prayer so I can hear the Liminals responce, Minori says she’s headed back to Lookshy for a bit to get things sorted out but will be back in a while
  • Day 2 to Kether Rock – I craft 3 essence capacitors to power the vestimate of prayer so I don’t have to commit motes of essence to it, I notice Lok isn’t really coming around to the quarters floor, but instead see him all the time at the forge, he tells me he’s been sleeping there because the wyld is there so it’s the most dangerous and I’m there a lot, I tell him he can occasionally spend time in my room, he immediately takes me up on the offer same night, they mess around (but don’t go all the way), they chat and snuggle, I ask if he minds the situation with Kole, he basically (without actually saying it) says that yes he does Lunars are protective of what’s there’s and don’t really share, but he implies he’s adjusting to our “situation”, I also happened to mention that it would be great if he met my father…he mentioned he already had and that he had killed one of my father’s men and assumed his form to sneak in and learn intel about the realm because his people were under attack and he needed to learn tactics, he was with my father’s troops for 3 weeks…we didn’t really talk after that statement and I just kinda got quiet
  • we make it to Kether Rock and walk right up to the front door and just lay it on them “hey we’re fighting death lords wanna come”, they tell us they do but can only bring themselves and 100 tiger warriors, we tell them we figured and really appreciate it, they express concern over leaving Kether Rock not as defended I offer to help them out, I craft a lightning shield for Michael and then spend 2 hours crafting several manses for Kether Rock. They now have: a shield generating manse, food/healing manse, weapons platform and a training manse), they seem pretty in awe and agree to help us with anything we ever need, YAY friends!
  • we head back to Finn, I’m exhausted from crafting so Lok shape changes and we all ride him back to The City of Finn, we then travel 1 and 1/2 days back towards Grey Falls, we’re going to meet the Liminal Exalted in a little city on the way
  • Day 1 to Meet Liminal – craft 28 successes on getting the Fey started to turn into Mountain Folk, I haven’t seen Kole in awhile so I go find him to talk, I get his backstory out of him and talk about his training time at Kether Rock, I’d also get info about Lookshy out of him and his time as just a Dragon Blooded, they would make out and flirt after finding some pretty scenery on Finn to hang out at
  • Day 2 to Meet Liminal – we agree to meet them in the morning as I need to craft and sleep, I craft for 30 successes on multiple arms
  • At the City to meet the Liminals, we lay it down for them as well and just tell them our plans very bluntly, they argue with each other a bit, but decide to help us, a couple of them don’t trust us, but that’s ok, we’ll win them over
  • we show them on board and offer up the services of the Abyssal exalted to get them supplies
  • I take a route suggested by Lok and have “hard love” for shenji on her treatment of the situation and lack of embracing what’s going on and being more cohesive with the group
  • we head to Great Forks, which will only take 1/2 a day, during that time I get around a prayer to the Unconquored Sun to ask for help defeating the Death Lord, the dragon kings offer up blood, I spend 5 resources and I get all the solars around to pray (get 4 success)
    “Creation is under attack and we’re trying to stop it. We’re launching an attack against a Death Lord called The Mask of Winters, who they say cannot be killed. Please watch over us in the battle and if you can grant us with the ability to destroy the Death Lord forever we’d be greatfull.”
  • We discuss a bit what we want out of Great Forks, here’s what we have so far:
    - ask for advise on fighting the DL
    - ask them to fight in the battle
    - ask them to introduce us to a spirit that could help us with beauocracy and prayers
    - ask if they will put a prophecy on the DL for us
    - offer crafting and wyld shaping to them
    - THINGS TO CONSIDER: would they agree to ally with us? pay us feilty but still run the city?



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