Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #11

Game 11

Day #1 to Great Forks: craft armor for the Dragon Kings, 29 successes to do so,
- Lok went to the wyld, I couldn’t find him for awhile and was worried, asked him not to leave without telling me if he didn’t mind
- trained with Michael and Kole
- stock piled a ton of Jade in the city of Finn

Day #2 to Great Forks: Lok brought back fey from the wyld, I crafted on them to start turning them into fey, Lok finished shaping them
- I crafted arms of multiple manipulation and was going to ask Akeron to surgery them on me, but Lok offered, I was curious about how the Lunars would do surgery (and I trust him) so I agreed, he told me not to watch and it felt like a massage until he connected the arms to my nerves…that hurt, I looked anyway and he had shaped his hands into my back
- did some motivation reading on Lok, he came to “keep me alive as long as possible”, Lok also told me he was a slave and was tortured and carved up by the wyld hunt
- talked to Akeron and got info on spirits of Great Forks: Shield cares about protection and well being of the people, Spinner influences the stories about the city and it’s people (you often hear tales of how awesome Great Forks is and that’s part of why people travel there), and Dreamer helps the residents live out their dreams….in tandum with Spinner they actually work to give people dreams and fulfill them
- the spirits also believe in non violent warfare
- learned from Akeron that the gold faction of sidereals is helping the solars
- talked with Akeron about needing a spirit for our group, he told us if we made a human that he could make them a spirit for us
- talked about how to take the wyld hunt from the inside….discussed requesting resources for “taking the scavenger lands” and then once those resources got here turning them to our cause, then slowly doing more of that so that the wyld hunt was ours from the inside
- suggested that I needed the loyalty hearthstone so I made a manse (level 5)

Day #3 to Great Forks: crafted armor for the army, 30 successes
- s/w Akeron and learned about the solar lunar bond more, told him what Lok had shared with me about the abilities he’s gained from the bond, Akeron thinks Lok’s bond is at least level 3 and told Rivienne he thinks they aren’t meshing well because they’re both trying to be the “listeners” of the relationship and so neither one is taking the reigns, Akeron said it’s usually the solar that takes the reigns, and that that is just the typical relationship and that Lok strikes him as a typical lunar…Rivy is a bit confused….so that means that I’m being too understanding and flexible with Lok and that’s the issue…really? sigh

Day #4 to Great Forks: crafted for army, worked on their armor again, 26 successes
- hung out with Kole and Michael and trained the rest of the day, was a little bit flirty with Kole in front of Michael
- when Michael went off for the evening, trained a little more with Kole … let to making out with him and being touchy feely, but didn’t do anything too serious

Day #5 to Great Forks crafted on 32 successes, made a jesus ton of essence capacitors (300 at 3 dot rating), passed them out to everyone that could use them
- spent time with Lok since I hadn’t seen him in a couple days because I was training with Michael and Kole, Lok and I didn’t really talk about anything, just kind of hung out in each other’s presence
- Sema told us there was someone in her manse on Finn that the other’s should steer clear of, but that Rivy could talk to them, pretty much knew it was the maiden
- went down to Sema’s manse and paid my respects to the maiden, would have prayed and offered up veneration, would have thanked her for her help and being apart of our exalted stories

Day #6 heading down to Great Forks today

- 4800 leaf armor for dragon kings
- 9000 weapons for dragon kings
- 300 essence rating 3 capacitors (have given 19 of them away and used 18 myself)

- remaining leaf armor
- 1000 weapons for dragon kings
-perfected kata bracers for Shenji
- add ons for Shenji and Kuro’s war strider armor



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