Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #12

Game 12

Arrived at Great Forks we hovered above Great Forks for a day, crafted 31 successes on armor (another 1800 suits created, at 6600 suits total)
- Lok had a good idea and asked Arashi to go steal the Spirits of great forks trespasses vs Yushan documents
-Arashi went to go take care of the offering to the spirits
- after crafting and talking with Arashi, Rivienne and Lok spent time together and he joined her in her room that night, she asked him to show her what he liked and he told her that they would reach the end of her comfort zone long before they reached the end of his, Rivienne told Lok she was comfortable with him she let him take the lead showing her what he liked, Rivy let him take things all the way and they make love

-Arashi stole the stuff and also got us intel on Thorns: the whole place is a massive shadow land, lots of ghosts, necromancy all over all the manses have been poisoned and are abyssal manses, under city is connected to the labrynth, old city spirit is impaled at the city gates and is somehow connected to the shadow lands, there’s a penitentury that is also a necroshop, several abyssals running around the place, they have a forsaken life engine that converts people to shadowland

At Great Forks
- went down with Sema, Lok and Yurick, Yurick went and secured an audience for the following morning with the spirits, to kill time we decided to rent out a bathhouse and went to relax, sema and lok were comfortable being nude, but Rivy kept a towel on, acquired a heated koi fish for Finn from the bathhouses, attempted to get the Koi fish on my own and jammed my finger (got a bashing) and looked like an idiot in front of Lok, tried to hide it, both Sema and Lok both saw it, Rivy is convinced Lok thinks she’s a clutsy idiot child :( he transformed into a tiger shark and let her ride his dorcel fin around the bath house pool
- went to a nice inn after the bathhouses, everyone talked briefly then we all went to bed

- Rivy had a strange dream where the city of Great Forks was blown up and she woke up in her old bed at her family’s manse in the realm, she went to breakfast with her father who told her Lok had brought her, Rivy’s father demanded information from her so she gave him what she could and told him about her being a hybrid, she told him she had to go back for the others and went to collect Lok, Lok touched her forehead and she woke up in the bed at the Inn
- Sema had a similar dream and they had a hard time going back to sleep, Rivy decided to take some bright morning and asked if anyone else wanted some, Lok agreed and pulled Rivy back into her room, he kissed her after they inhaled the bright morning and caused they both to breath it in longer, Rivy went to be high and slept much better

- next morning we went to meet with the Spirits and told him about our plans, we were vague about why we were searching for autocathon and didn’t give them tons of details, but we made sure they got the basic ideas, Lok had us tell the Dream spirit about the dreams we had and the spirit mentioned that Lok used a charm on us to get us to dream, they were prophetic dreams and could come to pass, since we saw Great Forks being attacked the dream spirit was on our side, the Shield spirit we appealed to her wanting to protect her city and the story spirit was just very excited to be a part of such a great tale
- we offered to help them craft and get the city up to par with defenses, I went back up to Finn and crafted statues to use with solar sanctuary, Lok brought us back down and I spend another few hours setting everything up and casting the spell, we were able to get 4 level 5 manses going (defense, training, weapons platform, food), the spirits agreed to help us, but said they couldn’t support us openly until their agreement with the trade federation was taken care of, Rivy contemplated this and realized that since lookshy controls the trade federation it’s very possible they will have to just overtake lookshy and bring them under their rule, Rivy shared this thought with the group
- after returning to Finn, very tired, we got a message that Ebon was waiting for Sema and I, no doubt here in capacity of the wyld hunt since we obviously made a little detour on our mission

Tea with Ebon
- after a good night’s sleep we went down to Grey Falls (where Ebon was waiting) and met him at a tea house, we all drank tea, I verified …a little late, but thankfully there were no spirits in the room, Ebon questioned us about the mysterious anathema anima’s seen around grey falls during the Mask of Winters attack, we were in the process of tell him that the abyssal’s attacked when we weren’t there and that a random barbarian helped us when we all got dizzy and bleary eyed and passed out
- woke up tied up with an abyssal untying me and sema standing near by injured

The Rescue
- Sema was tortured for information, but didn’t give any info up, when she was about to break an abyssal came in and killed everyone that was hurting her, her and the abyssal are fate bound, the abyssal broke the two of them out
- the abyssal returned our gear (plus a very important heartstone) and we made a get-away, after some convincing on the behalf of the abyssal’s because I didn’t want to leave anyone behind, sema showed concern over ebon’s wereabouts
- the abyssal, the Bloodlet Blade, opened a door to the labarynth and we made our escape, we were in the maze for about a day before stepping out into the underworld and then back into Grey Falls, I hurried home and got us up to Finn where everyone was unaware we had been abducted

Back on Finn
- went up first and sema and the abyssal followed after so I could prep the group, told everyone what to expect and that sema had been tortured so they knew to be gentle about things
- sema and I filled the group in on what we could, it appears that we were taken by the bronze faction and brought to the imperial manse, most if not all the Dragon Blooded who knew we were there were killed by Bloodlet Blade
- most of them knew about Bloodlet and obviously didn’t like him, with good reason, things were getting heated in the group and after having such a hard few days (the others told them they were gone for 3 days) Rivy took several doses of bright morning and got high
- Shenji stormed off because she was upset about bloodlet, Rivy followed and convinced her no one was happy about the situation but for the brotherhood we’d have to make the best of it, Shenji came back and finished the meeting, Sema left to go get sleep and asked Lok to try and track Ebon down, he agreed and left, Rivy followed him and told him to be careful and kissed him by, he told RIvy to stay close to Kole while he was gone, she said she would
- after Lok left I ran into Kuro who was going to talk to the liminals and the solars, I told him I’d help, he was obviously concerned since I was so high and joined me, we talked to the solars first who were very nice about things and actually pretty understanding, I flirted with Jak who seemed to be a bit worried that I was
- we went to see the limenals after (end of session)



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