Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #13

Game 13

On Finn

  • (note from last game) Lok was sent to look for Ebon
  • while still VERY high I went to see the Liminal Exalted about an Abyssal being on board, I found Valla and decided I’d talk to him first, I explained we had a one abyssal limit and that the Sygian Surgeon was killed, explained this other Abyssal’s tie to Sema and how he helped us, explained the Incarnay were involved so it’s kind of out of our hands, they didn’t seem too upset until I mentioned the new Abyssal’s name….seems everyone has heard of this guy, I also offered once the battle was over to research making the Liminal’s artifacts they could actually wield
  • Valla decides they’ll at least stay until the morning because he’ll neglect to tell them the info until then as that will also give us more time to play, I thank him and tell Kuro to “take me to bed” flirty…he drops me off, and quickly left when Rivy took off her clothes, letting them pool to the floor
  • after Kuro leaves Rivy sneaks naked into Kole’s room and climbs into bed with him, they make love
  • next morning a manse servant brings Rivy her clothes and Kole and her go down to join the others for breakfast, Rivy uses a spell to contact Lok before she goes down though and asks him to come back as it’s too dangerous for him to go to the blessed isle to look for Ebon
  • towards the end of breakfast Lok shows back up with some details on Ebon, turns out he was taken to Yushan
  • I tell everyone we may need to send a message to the realm because otherwise they may think that we kidnapped Ebon, etc., Akeron showed up and told us he was checking into things and Ebon’s mission was actually coordinated by Sidreals so there isn’t a realm record of it and if we reported it we’d actually be tipping our hand to the Blessed Isle
  • we discussed when we’d attack Thorns and I told them I could be ready in 2 days as I had some last minute crafting I needed to get done, everyone agreed to the time frame, Sema asked about the other’s plans so we could all be in the loop, Kuro asked that we trust him and told us that he wouldn’t tell us what the other plans were and that we needed to focus solely on our own part in the mission, we agreed
  • Arashi produced armor and bracers for Shenji and I gave her essence capacitors to run them
  • we got to talk to the Liminals who are still there, they’ve agreed (although not unanamous) to stay and help us

Day 1 Before Attack

  • crafted earcuffs for the group, silken armor for everyone, started armor for bloodlet, made new hearthstone collars, made additional leaf armor for the Dragon King army
  • Lok and Bloodlet walk into the crafting manse to head into the wyld for “training”
  • Kole comes in to make sure Rivy has food and water since she’s crafting for 15 hours straight
  • after crafting stuff delivered it at night, Lok was still gone, went to Kole’s room and spent the night with him (sex and snuggles)
  • Akeron stays in the crafting manse to finish Bloodlet’s armor

Day 2 Before Attack

  • next morning at breakfast Lok and Bloodlet show back up
  • I pass out the earcuffs to: Kuro, Shenji, Lok, Kole, Sema and myself, we do the ritual for the cuffs to get them working
  • Kuro happens to ask me about armor as I’m still just wearing my silken armor and nothing else, I tell him I’m crafting a necklace to provide additional armor Kuro says that isn’t good enough and razzes me about making armor for myself instead of crafting whatever it was I was going to craft, I refuse and tell him I need to craft stuff for the others and that I’ll be fine, Kuro basically forces me and then follows me to my crafting manse to make sure that I actually listen to him and craft the damn armor
  • take Bloodlet back to my crafting manse and give him the armor
  • crafted armor for myself and also made amulet for myself, Lok came in to make sure I was ok and brought food and water
  • spent the night with Lok (sex and snuggles)

Day of the Attack

  • we head out to Thorns with our plans for attack
  • Sema and I are to get to the center of the city and complete the counter magic while the others got into their positions
  • the damn earcuffs were a blessing and a curse and let us hear what was going on with the others in the battle, we could even see Finn taking heavy damage as he launched his attack, it was very difficult for Rivy to stick with the plan and not rush to help those she knew was in trouble, rolled conviction and was able to stay on mission
  • we could hear that: Michael ran off on his own too soon and Kuro yelled at him not to, Lok was in trouble with the Bahemith and Shenji was being a bad ass
  • we hurried to the center of town, found several evil little guys, cleaned house with them and then encountered an Abyssal, the Green Pyre Miser, we had to use a lot of resources to kill the bastard, I took 3 lethal in the process, but were able to do so and rushed to the center of the city, right outside the door to the center a cloaked and masked figure stepped out towering 7 ft tall…the Mask of Winters
  • the Mask of Winters told us to give him our best shot to make it fair…Sema and I unloaded everything we could into him, I did 25 Agg total and spent almost all my resources, but saved some to be able to dodge his attacks and launch one final barrage at him, while firing my gun I approached him and got in his face with the intent of next round trying to pull of his mask
  • right when the Mask of Winters was going to take his turn a crack of thunder rattled the city and a beam of light struck the ground, the Unconquered Sun arrived, he fought the Mask of Winters briefly, ripped off his mask and shone the holy light of judgement on him, striking him dead
  • the Unconquered Sun told us he was proud of us, but we barely had time to respond or be anything other than dumbfounded as Arashi showed up and yelled at the Unconquered Sun…Arashi unleashed an attack on the Unconquered Sun, the Unconquered Sun protected us from the blast that looked as though it might have hurt us too, the Unconquered Sun growled “Guilty” at Arashi and then chased after him to fight
  • I yelled into the earcuff that the Unconquered Sun was fighting Arashi and that we needed to help, Kuro issued the order that no one would raise a hand against the Unconquered Sun including Sema and I, I tried anyway but some charms the Unconquered Sun used left us incapable of moving against him, we could only watch as in the distance Arashi’s anima banner clashed with the light of the Unconquered Sun
  • with a scream of frustration I hurried to the center of the city and cast the antimagic spell, the turn of the battle shifted
  • we rushed to aid those that we could, but things wrapped up quickly
  • in the aftermath we found Michael’s body, he was defeated by an Abyssal, they killed each other
  • Jak and the Liminals were vanished, Lok was pretty hurt and thanked Shenji and Kole for coming to his aid, he began to heal while we were talking
  • Shenji obviously cleaned house and her, Kuro and Kole looked uninjured for the most part, we lost 2,000 dragon kings in the battle
  • we went and collected Arashi’s body setting him next to Michael
  • Sema gave a motivational speech of encouragement giving people back willpower
  • Sema and I went back to the center of the city and I did my shadow land counter magic and turned the shadow land back into creation



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