Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #14

Game 14

  • Sema and Kuro told Rivienne she needed to address the city of Thorns after the fight because people were freaking out
  • Lok went to finish off the Mask of Winter’s forces that had fled the city, Jak is missing after the fight and we think he went back to Kether Rock, Kole took some Dragon Kings and is sweeping the city to root out any final supporters of the Mask of Winters
  • Rivienne delivered an ok speech, an “official” from the city stepped up to endorse Rivy’s speech and proclaim her as “Queen” of Throns
  • Sema and Rivy went to the Seven Tiered Sanctuary after the speech to try and find our Liminal friends, they were being held by Silken Laughter who says he’s a Lunar (a celestial ranking 7 Lunar) and was holding them so we could negotiate
  • we speak with Silken and discover he was “doing business” with the Mask of Winters, he negotiated with the Mask of Winters to be able to run the Sanctuary under Thorns, I explained we didn’t want his money, but we did want him to treat people with respect and kindness, I told him we didn’t want anything from him other than him being a good person, I asked him to look after our Liminal friends as they liked his city, he agreed and after telling us we had free reign of the Sanctuary he made our Liminal buddies his business partners
  • we also agreed to let Silken advertise in Thorns, although I said it had to be tasteful and if I found that it wasn’t that we would have to discuss the advertising again, Silken asked Rivy if she already had a Lunar, she told him she did
  • knowing our Liminals were safe we went back to Thorns

  • after Kuro assured Sema and Rivy that Thorns was secure with the Dragon Kings walking the city, they went back to Finn to assess the damage there and to prepare Arashi’s body and Michaels body
  • Sema looked after Finn and spend the better part of the night and next day repairing all the damage to Finn
  • Rivy crafted Orichalicum tombs for Michael and Arashi, Rivy cried over the boys and depicted great acts of heroism with magical metals across their tombs (33 successes on Michael’s, 30 successes on Arashi’s)
  • it was well into the evening when Rivy finished with the tombs, being too sad to really deal with things, Rivy turned to bright morning and got extremely high, she ended up flirting with Kuro, who took her back to her room to put her to bed, Rivy, not wanting to be alone, invited him in to share more bright morning, Kuro had a few doses of bright morning and when Rivy propositioned him he turned her down
  • the next day Rivy hung out with Akeron and went to the Sanctuary where they both got high, Akeron has charms that let him take away or give back the high condition
  • talked to Kuro about the night before and apologized for putting him in an awkward place and Rivy told him she understood that he didn’t want to take anything further than just comrades in a brotherhood, Kuro told her he did want to be intimate with her but wasn’t going to take advantage of her while she was high as that wouldn’t show his respect for her
  • the city spirit meets Rivy and Sema and seems to be pleased that they saved the city from the Death Lord
  • later that night Rivy goes into Kuro’s room and asks if he still wants to be close to her, he says he does and they have an intimate evening together

  • Kole finds us and tells us there’s something we have to see, Sema, Kuro and Rivy go with him to what looks like a lab the Mask of Winters had, inside the lab are the bodies of the Dragon Blooded that we had originally sent to attack Thorns so we could take over Grey Falls
  • after examining the strange tubes they were in we determined that the Mask of Winters was doing experiments to turn Dragon Blooded into Liminal exalted, after we figured this out we tried to rescue Kitono and his men, however, the Mask had the tubes rigged to kill them if we tried to help
  • metal spikes speared the newly created Liminals, Sema was able to stabilize and save 4 of them including Kitono
  • Rivy used social charms on the new Liminals to give them motivations that matched up with her cause, we handed over the new Liminals to Kuro so they could be in the army and be under Kuro’s command but lead wings of the Dragon King troops

  • we flew to Kether Rock to deliver Michael’s body, Rivy put extra artifacts in with him and then used shaping and spells to create an Earth manse below Kether Rock to serve as Michael’s tomb
  • Jak told us someone had to take up the training mantle at Kether Rock or it was going to crumble down, The other DB Sidereal hybrid, Jet, showed up and offered to assume the identity of a Solar and train until a more suitable replacement can be found
  • Jet told Rivt he needed her help making a copy of the loom of fate and meshing it with the Calendar of the underworld so that some form of governance can he used on the underworld, since he was helping my friends I told him I’d look into it
  • funeral for Michael happened
  • Kole was very depressed and wanted to stay about a week at Kether Rock and make sure Jet got it going right before he left, Rivy agreed and spend the night with him at Kether Rock, they were intimate together and tried to comfort one another after so much loss

  • while back on Finn we were woken up saying there was an intruder alert, we all rushed to the cause to discover a person who looked like Arashi wearing “out of fate” armor, he told us how he had to fake his death to save us from the Unconquered Sun, Rivy was pissed/hurt/happy/confused all at the same time and took off because she couldn’t deal with it right away, she told Arashi to get “what belonged to him” outta her forge
  • Arashi collected the sarcophagus that Rivy had made him and cried at how heroic and noble the gesture was
  • Rivy didn’t quite 100% believe that this was Arashi and they went to Eden to prove that he was who he said he was, Eve confirmed that the armor he was wearing let him walk outside of fate, but that this was her father
  • Lok returned to FInn that night and we all discussed what the events meant to the Realm and how we couldn’t keep what we are entirely secret after the Thorns battle
  • we decided it was best to tell Ledaal Katsu the plan of taking the thrown so he was prepared, Arashi suggested that I bring Lok with us to “appease Hinata”
  • after telling Ledaal Katsu we discussed further plans, we will possibly:
    – call for DB backup to ensure we can “survive a retaliation attack by the Death Lords” and then turn their loyalty to us
    – sneak into the Imperial Manse and get it fixed up so Rivy can use the sword of creation if they have to
    – create a diversion for the Bronze faction so we can sneak into the Imperial manse
    – recruit enough soldiers that the Gold Faction has to back us?
    – visit Dines Dor and/or White Wall to get them on our side
    – possibly have to take over Lookshy to get it under control as they likely won’t just hand over power of their city to us



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