Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #15

Game 15

  • we talked with the group about plans to tell Lidaal Katsu about our exaltations and plans for the Realm
  • as a Brotherhood we decided we would tell Rivy’s father, Sema’s mom, and then make our claim on the throne
  • in order to make the claim on the throne stronger we knew we needed another city behind us…we decided to visit Dines Dor (over White Wall because Dines Dor would be an easier/quicker win—and with rumors flying about Anathema in our wake, quicker is better)
  • upon arriving at Dines Dor it was surrounded in a purple/black miasma and before stepping into the great beyond we returned to Finn to craft a few things to be more prepared, Rivy made hearthstones for everyone going (Sema, Rivy, Lok) to make sure we were prepared for any environmental things that would happen, once we were finished with that we flew back to Dines Dor
  • while on the way I spent the day crafting and make the Bloodlet Blade a ring that would let him perfectly conceal his identity as per the Siddy charm, that way he can be around us and look like a Dragonblooded

  • once at Dines Dor we passed through the miasma and landed in a dark underground ocean, wanting to see I flared my anime and lit the area like an underwater torch, we saw a very large marine creature coming for us and defeated it quickly, however, the essence use and further flaring of my anima attracked more monsters…this time smaller, but larger in number, we continued to fight killing several dozen of them before Lok grabbed both Sema and Rivy are darted towards the surface of the water
  • on the surface we ended up standing on the water…like it was glass, looking down into the darkened abyss but standing on solid ground
  • there were people walking the, what appeared to be a never ending water bridge, we stopped to talk to the people, they had forgotten about themselves, who they were and why they were here to begin with, we tried to help them remember but quickly realized it was useless
  • after walking for countless hours Lok decided to see if he could fly over the bridge, he was shocked with enough force it would have killed Rivy or Sema
  • the people traveling the waterway told us we had to face our regrets to leave
  • Rivy confronted Michael about feeling bad that he died, Sema spoke to Eben and Lok spoke to a mysterious Lunar
  • once we all had our “regret talks” we were given artifacts that let us cross the bridge safely
  • we landed on a battle field with a very over the top, and a bit condescending, Solar fighting a fey army, the solar told us he’d be right with us but that we could help him fight the battle…and I quote we “little dragons” could help, Rivy didn’t like his tone and having developed a new hatred of Fey (curteous of Lok from another game) Rivy decided to bust out the army killer charms
  • Sema killed 2500 fey and Rivy killed the rest of the army (dealing 213 agg dmg to them) and damaging the Behemith substantially, then Lok finished the huge beast
  • the solar was impressed with us and took us to dinner, we all discussed how he was trapped in a weird time bubble wyld pocket thing and he took us to a manse to try and help us destroy the miasma and get free
  • in the manse at the center of the miasma was a fey named Flower who spoke to us, we also talked with the solar, we learned that the Twilight of his circle had created the manse and that Flower held some sort of key to destroying the miasma, the artifacts Flower pointed to had to be picked up and “owned” for bring the miasma down
  • Sema and I jointly picked up the items and Flower disappeared revealing Balor, an Ishvara, celestial ranking 10 Fey of doom
  • Balor almost instant;y attacked Lok demanding that we give him the artifacts back we had picked up, he hurt Lok so Rivy agreed to give him his key (heart’s grace) back but he couldn’t kill Lok, Rivy threw it to the Fey, but it passed right through him as Lok told the Fey he couldn’t have the grace back
  • Balor ripped Lok’s arm off and threw his own arm onto Lok, probably hoping to gain control over the Lunar, but it backfired instead and Balor wasn’t able to control Lok and ended up granting Lok some of Balor’s powers accidentally
  • after we calmed things down we were able to lower the Miasma and were headed back to Finn after I recrafted the city, Rivy spent 3 days and rebuilt the first age city in all its former glory
  • once on Finn we told the others about the trip and what happened with the city, we all agreed to continue our plan for politics with the realm



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