Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #6

  • talked to Akeron who said he was still my brother, but didn’t exalt as a DB he instead exalted as a Sidreal
  • talked with Akeron about what secrets he knew, found out he was a “spy”, gave him lots of info we have gathered over the last several months, learned the Maidens are being very careful with the Sidy to make sure they don’t go crazy like the solars did
  • Akeron took us to Yushan and to meet Lytech
  • I blurted out something was wrong with the solar’s exaltations and Lytech nearly had us lynched, we talked him down
  • compromised that if we freed autocathan lytech would meet with him about the exaltations, found out it might be possible to get ahold of autocathon by contacting his mountain folk (who have a geis put on them to stay underground), found out the “rulers of creation” could petition Autocathon to let the mountain folk out
  • learned about lunars and solars and their “pull” from Lytech
  • learned about creation engines and that they used to repell the wyld, learned creation is now 1/6 the size it used to be, learned Lytech only knows of 6 of our exaltations and the others are a pair of lunars and another Sidy
  • learned that Autocathon created our exaltations and that they are the first of their kind, a hybrid of two, never exalted before, made it sound like we weren’t subjected to whatever the other celestials are facing with errors on their exaltations, learned that Autocathon created the exaltations but Lytech prepares them to be reborn, found out that our hybrid exaltations were in stasis and that they left of their own accord when the “time was right”
  • made an intimacy on Lytech to be helpful to me, asked if we could come back sometime he said we could, learned he only has one set of tools

  • negotiations with House Nellens went well, agreed to resources 6 basically to buy Grey Falls and also coordinated with the house to offer our support once we actually take the thrown, Nellens will pull for us with the mortals and also offer political backing, yay
  • went to bath house after to relax for a minute, Akeron hate stared Kole

  • traveled back to the City of Fin, got Akeron settled in
  • asked the party if Kole could be part of the brotherhood, they said they would have to think on it as it would possibly damage our claim to the thrown by having too many non-dynasts in the brotherhood, I took that as a no, blurted that out to Kole who was hurt that the others didn’t think more highly of him
  • got a message that a pretty woman was waiting to speak with Kole and that she was from Lookshy, in case it was a trap to fight him for disenting Sema and I went with Kole to see her
  • turns out this woman is a lunar DB hybrid and was pulled to Kole, I am unexplicably annoyed and offended by her claim on Kole
  • she storms off, after she leaves I convince the group our only solution is just to tell her everything and be really honest with her
  • we go talk to her and thankfully it doesn’t blow up in our faces…well too much, she agrees to offer support off the books if we sent Kole with her, grrrr, I refuse and social combat happens, she schools us, but through sheer willpower we refuse to let him go, I tell her he already choose to leave once that should be enough to prove he doesn’t want to be there
  • lunar hybrid ends up being somewhat nice and offers to show us around Lookshy once we conclude our business in Grey Falls we agree and leave, Kole asks to stay behind to speak with her, my insides scream it’s a terrible idea and to throw myself at him, but I leave with a blush and wondering where my reserved well taught manners are…why do I feel like a hussy around these guys?!?!



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