Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #7

  • after our discussion with Kole and the Lunar, Sema and I headed back to an Inn in Grey Falls, I got high on Bright Morning before going to sleep
  • In the middle of the night Sema was attacked by an Abyssal with no mouth or nose wanting to know the location of the Stygian Surgeon. A fight broke out and Kole interupted them after Sema was shot with a necro poisoned arrow.
  • I heard the commotion and showed up, not being good at anything medicine I guarded against anymore ranged attacks while Sema wind carried words to Shinji and Kuro to get them there, Sema’s wound didn’t stop bleeding, this was clearly not a normal arrow
  • when Shinji and Kuro showed up Shinji ripped the arrow out and then began to bandage up Sema, Kuro stood watch while I ran off to help Kole as his anima was alight in the distance
  • upon arriving to Kole, the abyssal was gone and Kole had several arrows in his shoulder and back, he pulled out one I pulled the others out and suggested we make our way back so Shinji could help him
  • we arrived at the Inn and Shinji was able to help Kole with charms and completely heal him up
  • I suggested we make our way to Finn to regroup and used the hurry home hearthstone after everyone agreed
  • we all got calmed down, Arashi took Sema and got her healed by Eve and Tide, Sema layed down to get sleep and while she was gone we all had a little bright morning to calm down further, once Sema returned Arashi left (not telling anyone but Sema) and Kole announced he was going back down to the city as it was unguarded, I told him he couldn’t go alone and explained I was going down to
  • we looked after the Inn, I paid the owner for the damages and sought out the family of the slaughtered attendant offering them a sum to assist
  • after several hours of searching for the Abyssal we settled in at another hotel in the city
  • we all have breakfast together at the Inn that Kole and I stayed at
  • Sema and Kuro baited me about Kole and the Lunar and I left feeling a bit hurt, while leaving I ran into the Lunar who then walked into breakfast and took my seat by Kole
  • FINE, see if I care! Bitch. So I left the group and went to get business done. I made an appointment with Romu for 2 hours and then took a walk around the city to get familiar with everything. About an hour in Sema came looking for me, I told her about her appointment and went back to the Inn with her. I explained the brotherhood (who I just included Kole in) was going.
  • we met up with Rombulac and explained he’s still in charge as we need his experience and talent but that we want the city to be great. I imply he hasn’t been given the correct resources and feel him out for how he feels about “other” means. He gives a politically correct answer but I can tell he’s open minded. I ask to call him Romu and he agrees, I think that makes us friends. Shinji seemed interested in his martial arts ability and seeing an opportunity to give her a friend I suggest they spend time together, Romu is very pleased by this idea since Shinji is breeding 5, Shinji is clueless and thinks this is just a sparing thing
  • we talk with Romu, I give him resources 5 to help the city, he mentions the Trade River folks can be found by the docks ….
  • upon leaving Romu mentions that Kole will want to hide his face, it becomes obvious that people saw his anima banner and that isn’t good
  • we head back to the Inn and tell the Lunar that later in the day we can set out for the mountain folk (as we want their help defending grey falls), we arrive on the air ship together and I spend 3 hours making human soldiers for Kuro and Grey Falls
  • we deliver the troops and Kuro and Shenji stay behind to train them, Arashi is no where to be found and we suspect he’s hunting the abyssal that tried to kill sema
  • we set said towards the mountain folk and have 1.5 days to be there, I decide its the perfect time to discuss with the lunar and get her on board with helping us without taking Kole from us, this backfires a bit and I upset both the lunar and kole with my obvious jealously…I’m not sure why I’m acting so mean towards the lunar, it’s not like she’s my enemy, she just cares about kole and her people…those are actually pretty good qualities, but all the same she makes me mad and I’m not sure why….other than she doesn’t have a right to take Kole away from me, he’s my bodyguard, he’s made pledges, he’s supposed to stay with me
  • I leave in a huff and very confused to go to bed, I talk with Kole briefly and then with the lunar to try and patch things up and then head to sleep, I have to sleep for 16 hours to feel rested and all the while my gun is warm in my hands as I snuggle it in my sleep

Conversation with Kole:

  • I’d knock on Kole’s door: “Hey, it’s Rivienne…I wanted to apologize. I … ummmmm, don’t really like the idea of you leaving and, well, I guess I didn’t handle that very politely…so ummm I’m sorry that I made it harder on you….especially after all you went through last night. So yeah, I hope ummmm you get some sleep.”
  • He’d smile a little and say “I know, I just wish I knew what was best for Creation in a situation like this. I just want to help as many people as I can, I didn’t ever think this would be that complicated.”
  • “I hate to say it, but Arashi could probably calculate the odds for you if you’re wanting to base your decision off that…and regardless of what you decide….well, I’ll always consider you part of my brotherhood. If you decide to stay with us you might still be able to convince her to help us and if you decide to go…there will always be room for you at Finn”
  • He’ll smile a little. “Thanks, I really do believe in what you’re trying to do and I want to be a part of it. It’s just, sometimes doing our duty means making sacrifices. If we don’t sacrifice for Creation it won’t survive.”
  • “True and yeah I get that. But having to learn all the crafting charms meant I had to give up a lot of combative capability …. so I really need someone to watch my back, and honestly, I don’t trust Sema like I do you.”



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