Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #8

Game 9

  • we were underground to locate the mountain folk, lead there by Minori (Kole’s lunar)
  • we ran into Darkbrewd, which are left over monsters from the primordial war
  • there were lots of little ones and a really large one, Kole ran ahead to fight the large on that was at the entrance to an underground city
  • I stayed up on a ridge and fired my canon while Sema jumped down to engage in melee
  • we killed the smaller 4 Darkbrewds that were going to surround Kole
  • while we were fighting a warrior mountain folk observed us from a nearby ridge, Sema and I saluted him
  • after the battle we were joined by Samthanight, an artisan class mountain folk and the only one for the city
  • she told us the myth of Autocathon and the geis and the mountain folk
  • I learned that mountain folk were created with calcified fey after they were exposed to creation, then carved into the mountain folk
  • we learned about a geis exception so I asked them to help us with Grey Falls, and they agreed
  • I offered to help them reestablish things and build up their city with manses as they aren’t really in a position to help us very much at this point, but they’ll be strong allies and I like them so I wanted to help even if we didn’t get much out of it
  • there are 1500 people in their city right now
  • we stayed the night there and then took the monotrain underground back to grey falls, which I was pretty excited about, love me some artifacts…and underground travel…yes please
  • got back to Grey Falls to find that it was under seige by necrotech and zombies, the battle was at close and emerging from the gore and debris was a 15ft tall DBT scary lunar who turned into a very unattractive man as he approached, he announced his human name was Reade, but that after going and fighting the Elemental dragon of Fire and being baptised in lava he was now called the Twice Forged Lok, so he goes by Lok
  • Lok announced that he also killed the 3 fey that got away from Kuro, the ones that had killed his previous brotherhood
  • we talked briefly with Lok and then went to check on Grey Falls, we also visited Romu to tell him about the Mountain Folk, he was pretty cool about it and I find that I like Romu more and more every time I see him
  • we had a brotherhood meeting on Finn after we made sure Grey Falls was ok, Lok took Minori up to the city since I could only teleport 5 of us
  • it was apparent when we all got there that Lok had reprimanded Minori who skulked off before we could all meet
  • Sema and I filled everyone in on what happened with the Mountain Folk and talked about the battle at Grey Falls, turns out Thorns was attacking us back, we discussed needing to strike back at throns and how we would go about doing that
  • our plan to attack thorns: get the liminal to help, make some troops via wyld shape, get great forks on board to help and start our relationship with the city and the spirits, maybe get Beyher to send us troops, have Kole take a warstrider and then make a show to distract while the exalts engage the abyssal and bigger targets, Kole will be the crowd killer, we’ll also use Finn to attack and will be piloted by Akeron, Sema and I will get to the city center where I will dispel the magic/necromancy that the Mast of Winters has put on Thorns, we also decided at this point that we’d have the Mountain folk help us maintain thorns by living underneath the city
  • sema contacted the mountain folk to let them know to delay their trip because we’ll need them someplace else but we have to make it safe first
  • I slept that night and then got up to make troops
  • via wyld shaping I made 10,000 dragon king troops for Kuro
  • I went to chat with Lok, the lunar, about his story and how he got here, thanked him for the dragon’s scale and for killing the fey for Kuro
  • I slept for 16 hours to get back willpower and then learned charms to make the dragon kings smart so that Kuro could train them
  • after waking up I went and spoke to Kuro and the Stygian Surgeon, we talked about the attack on Throns and got intel from Stygian, we also figured out we could turn his reality engine into a creation engine and march it into the wyld where we could calcify fey so I could make mountain folk
  • I talked with Lok about getting to the fey and he suggested going to a lesser fey court so we could get 100 or so, while talking Lok healed himself and became more attractive, he said he had sustained damage that affected his appearance in the fight and that while healing Arashi suggested he make himself look more “dynast” like so he’d fit in with the group more
  • Lok also showed me he could change into a woman and an appearance 10 lunar
  • while talking Lok saw that a demon was following me (not my gun’s spirit) and he DBTed and snagged it, before we could question it the demon killed itself so it would respawn in Malfeas
  • found out a little about Lok’s background, he’s been exalted for about a decade, but only knew about me for 2-3 months, he’s also part of the Sun King Seneshalls (who are devoted to their solars)
  • Lok questioned me about my gun and I tried to change the subject he suggested that I make a yestalt crystal



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