Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #9

Game 9.1 Solo

  • Sema is studying with Akeron for 5 days. During those 5 days:
  • spoke with Kuro and the Abyssal about Thorns, got details from the Abyssal about the Mask of Winters and Abyssals in general and provided that info to Kuro for battle prep, don’t get as much info out of the Abyssal that I would like, decide to go to Eden and ask the Last Eve and Tide for a couple warstriders for Brotherhood members and also info on Abyssals, didn’t want to go by myself and couldn’t find Arashi so I took Kole with me
  • while on Eden took Kole to the Sun Bleached Gardens where he learned about Arashi and Eve’s story, he was pretty judgy and I asked him not to be, he decided he had to have additional info and used my warstrider along with speed charms to get to the Daystar
  • Nasella was not happen to see me again
  • Nasella saw that I was possessed by my gun and took me to talk to Vincent an Infernal exalted about it, the Daystar also blocks out the urge and possession so Rivienne had a clean head for the first time ever
  • Rivienne realized the gun was both helping and hurting her, it was giving her the much needed drive to push her towards the Scarlet thrown as the gun obviously wanted her in power even if she herself didn’t want to be, Nasella let Rivienne use the Daystar forge to cleanse the gun of it’s demonic essence. The forge was able to clean the essence and return the demon to it’s normal spirit essence.
  • while on the Daystar found out: the deathlords were the ones that let the solars out so they could take 1/2 the souls and the Yosi’s could take the other half to turn them into Abyssals and Infernals, learned the Mask of Winters has a behemuth named Jugernaught, learned that like the Abyssal’s monsterous the Infernals have a brood mother that holds them to the Yosi’s power
  • returned to Eden that evening, offered to let Eden see my gun and tell her about the Daystar if she crafted me two war striders, she agreed and while walking to her manse she asked while Kole and I weren’t together since it was obvious we liked each other, Rivienne was super embarrassed and quiet while Kole answered things were complicated with the Lunars, Kole didn’t realize that Rivienne like him and Eve left us alone for privacy, Rivienne admitted to Kole she liked him but like Lok just as much so she didn’t want to hurt or upset him, he asked about how Dynasts and the realm handle relationships, Rivienne told him about multiple partners and what the Scarlet Empress’ love life was like, he asked if he would be allowed to be with others too then, Rivienne conceaded but said it would make her jealous, they kissed and then went to find Eve, they all did Bright Morning together
  • on Day 2 of Sema’s training — still on Eden, went to Eve’s forge to help with warstriders, spent pretty much the whole day doing crafting
  • Day 3 we’re back on Finn, I run into Lok who is dirty and heading to the hot springs, he asks me to join him, I agree,, Rivienne was awkward and shy in the bath, after Lok says he has something to show her and takes her to the Abyssal’s manse where he’s been keeping Fey that he captured, he has 10 of them, Lok and Rivienne relocate them to the wyld pocket on Finn for shaping, we bllindfold them and lead them off like slaves, it really bothers Rivienne even though they’re monsters and Lok uses a charm to give Rivienne an intimacy so she can handle being mean to the Fey, we craft the Fey into mountain folk (1 artificer, 5 warriors and 4 workers), Lok tells me he spoke with Kole about “things” and Rivienne is worried but Lok then says he respects Kole and that Kole worked to gain his respect by challenging him to a fight, Lok said that’s how you win a lunar’s respect by challenging them at their own strength, Rivienne thinks he’s hinting at something and she wants to do right by him so she challenges him, Lok tries to see if she means sparing, but she replied with “no I want to earn your respect like Kole did”, they start a combat and Rivienne acts first, she flurries with her gun against him and does 12 bashing, Lok full monies into the fight and takes Rivienne to half health with one punch, Rivienne is startled and now actually scared, she thinks she has to end the fight or actually get hurt, Rivienne flurries again but doesn’t do much more damage, in the meantime Lok charges her and knocks her unconscious, Rivienne takes 3 lethal levels and the rest in bashing, she is KO for an hour, upon coming awake Lok is holding her, Rivienne can barely move and passes out again, she stays asleep for 10 hours healing with the properties of the manse, she wakes up at the end of 10 hours with Lok, he also slept, Rivienne is now kinda scared of Lok and is awkward around him, he notices and takes off, Rivienne goes and talks with Kuro about things and he helps her understand she challenged Lok in a way he couldn’t refuse and then was scared of him, Rivienne thinks she totally blew things with Lok and goes to apologize, she waits several hours for him to return where he tells her he was scouting on the behemuth and that there is also a maggot army of the back of the creature, Rivienne apologizes for challenging Lok without really knowing what that meant, Lok told her he didn’t want to hurt her but not accepting a challenge in lunar custom could mean banishment so he had to take her up on it, Lok takes her to the treeline to watch the sun set, they talk and try to get to know one another, they both learn they are very different but that each person is trying, Rivienne is still skiddish around Lok, but wants to bridge the gap so she asks him if it would be ok if he kissed her, Lok kisses her and then in full lunar style takes off all his clothes, they mess around (but don’t go all the way)
  • Day 4: Lok and Rivienne put the finishing touches on the carved mountain folk, I craft Lok’s hearthstones (6 of them) and his manses, Rivienne talks with Kole about Lok and Kole describes lok as “resigned” to his situation
  • Day 5: craft artifact weapons for the army



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