Cathak Kuro

Cathak Kuro, Commander - 3rd Wing, 5th Legion


For the PCs
Cathak Kuro is currently on assignment in the North monitoring the barbarian tribes and investigating rumors about a new barbarian warlord known as The Bull of the North. He was dispatched with his sworn Brotherhood but has recently requested enforcement relief from the Wyld Hunt but did not disclose details to their current situation, only that the need was urgent.

Cathak Kuro, Son of Cathak Shichiro, Grandson of Cathak Cainan, is the commanding officer of the Third Wing of the Fifth Legion of the Wyld Hunt. He’s a relatively young commander, one of the youngest to preside over an entire Wing of troops, having graduated the House of Bells about a decade prior with distinction and is rumored to be one of the most talented leaders of his generation.

Kuro mostly keeps to himself and not much is known about him or his sworn Brotherhood. He joined the Wyld Hunt immediately after his graduation and has served with distinction since, continually requesting early assignment when he was scheduled for leave. He’s known among his men as a driven but fair Commander and whisper about him are unclear whether he cares more about his troop record or the lives of the soldiers serving under him. Kuro’s Brotherhood has been operating in the Wyld Hunt for approximately five years.

Kuro is the direct descendant of Cathak Cainin which also makes him a direct descendant of Cathak himself. He attended secondary school at the House of Bells after exalting very late in life, just a year prior to his graduation from primary school. Nevertheless, Kuro has a strong pedigree and arrangements were quickly made for him to enlist in military service like so many others of his House. Kuro graduated from the House of Bells with distinction and is one of the brightest Commanders of his generation, known for his patient and calculated combat style. While Kuro’s own fighting abilities are less than impressive (albeit more than adequate to defend himself), he excels in the war arena and can capably command troops of all different formations and outfits. Five years past Kuro took the oath of Sword Brotherhood with Mnemon Haruko (Earth), Cynis Yumi (Wood), and Sesus Rio (Fire) who accompany him in the threshold along with his Wing.

Tempered by the wild flames of his House, Kuro has a level of calm unmatched even by some of the Immaculate Monks. Most attribute his successful career to his ability to quickly and clearly formulate strategy even when the entire world is crashing down around him and more than a few of his teachers were surprised that he so heavily epitomized the patience his aspect is known for despite growing up in a House well known for its passions. Overall Kuro is well-liked by his troops despite his strict regiment and insistence on formality and quickly earned their trust and respect shortly after taking command.


Cathak Kuro

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