Ferem Bayer Khariton


For the PCs
Upon arriving in Cherak, your contact and liaison for the city is Bayer Khariton. The Bayer house is one of the “cadet” Houses that, while not officially recognized by the Realm, is “sponsored” by house Ledaal for the mutual benefit of both houses.

Marine war specialist, prominent political figure, trusted aid of Admiral Ferem Helkar, and prodigal scion of house Bayer are all phrases readily used to describe Khariton. He’s well known and well loved by his house and has served in the Cherak Defense Force for the last three decades with distinction. Khariton specializes in sea combat but most recently has been tasked with the anti air regimen seeking to effectively combat the gliders used by the barbarian tribes as the incursions between them continue to escalate. Recently Cherak has acquired a Warstrider which Khariton is responsible for overseeing. So far he’s been one of the few Dragon-Blooded to successfully pilot the suit of armor but his high demand in Cherak military operations leave him little time to train others. Finally, Khariton’s council is well respected by all the political authorities in Cherak and his council is often expected at most political events since always speaks with keen insight and without bias.

Khariton is well known for his ability to rise to the occasion. Exalting as a scion of house Bayer, he was quickly enrolled in the military as most Dragon-Blooded are in Cherak. After the convoy attack from Lintha pirates that he barely managed to avert, he was given rank in the fleet and house Bayer continually relies on him to walk into new and unfamiliar territory and not only return triumphant, but also put together a plan of action which can then be disseminated to the Cherak military.

On a routine escort mission for a small fleet to the Realm, the convoy was attacked by Lintha pirates and Khariton was forced to take command. The convoy suffered immense casualties, as well as a few Dragon-Blooded officers, but Khariton managed to drive them back and buy the convoy enough time to move to a safe distance. Sailing his own ship straight to the heart of the fleet, he detonated all of the gun powder on board and was himself thrown into the sea from the explosion and thought dead. A few weeks later a few locals recall seeing him walking out of the frigid surf just outside Cherak and back into the city and he’s refused to speak of what happened since. After which he quickly climbed the ranks and began putting together plans of action ranging anywhere from handling Fair Folk and other dangers to Cherak’s official protocols when it comes to the Anathema. Most recently Khariton was assigned to handle the city’s defense against an aerial assault from the massing barbarian hordes in the North.

Khariton is as mysterious as they come and very rarely stays in one place for too long. He’s constantly moving from one assignment to the next often juggling six assignments from four separate divisions at any given time. Many people, especially those in his own house, often cite him as one of the more exemplary officers that Cherak has produced in recent memory but when approached about the subject he manages barely more than a courteous admission of gratitude before he quietly slips out to the next task. Most of Khariton’s personal life is unknown and while most people know of him, little is known about him. Khariton is easy enough to work with but he quietly replaces people in projects he’s involved in if they find themselves unable to correctly interpret his heavily implied, and sometimes confusingly vague, orders when assigned to his division. All the same, those that find themselves shuffled to different assignments show no tarnish their record from Khariton as most of his log entries simply cite a concise call to reallocate resources more efficiently.


Ferem Bayer Khariton

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