Karal Kole


For the PCs
Kole can often be found on the sands of Kether Rocks training grounds underneath the blistering sun perfecting his craft. A meleeist at heart and a near graduate of Kether Rock, Kole trains in the ridiculous and specializes in the impossible. Some of his training exercises involve defending six unconscious people from a handful of attackers with a stick, parrying exercises against avalanches, and engaging multiple Exalts in single combat and defeating them using nothing but counterstrikes.

A solider through and through, Kole has spent his entire life training as a bodyguard. He is capable of Celestial level magic and most of his Charms revolve around combat. Kole is as adept with archery as he is melee and can mount an incredible offensive against even the most skilled combatants with little more than a piece of driftwood and a dinner knife. As is customary with Kether Rock, Kole also possesses a retinue of Charms focused on surviving impossible environments. The rest of his supernatural power focuses on abilities that facilitate his role as a bodyguard, including advanced sense Charms and powerful movement Charms. Kole’s limited social magic is mostly tuned to stopping fights before they start, using powerful Celestial magic to warn off anyone that he thinks could be a threat in situations where violence isn’t advisable.

Kole has little in the way of connections or backing in Creation. He was born in Lookshy but has since lost his connections since he absconded to Kether Rock. Where he to return without a very credible reason, he would be outcast from both the Legion and his family since abandoning military service is a capital offense. Kole’s true assets lie in his incredible supernatural aptitude for personal combat. Michael considers him one of the greatest swordsmen that Kether Rock has ever produced (even better than the Dawn Caste himself) and has been working closely with the Lightning Thief to foster Kole’s protective personality and further his combat training.

Born in Lookshy to House Karal, Kole grew up in the militaristic lifestyle of the Seventh Legion. He served in military service up until his Exaltation when he was whisked away by unknown sources. Kole’s flight from Lookshy left more questions than answers, the foremost of which is how a Scion of Lookshy could possess the Legendary Breeding which became apparent when Kole exalted. Ever since he was moved to Kether Rock where he trained under Micheal, an extreme capable Dawn Caste. Much to the Warmaster’s surprise, Kole was capable of Celestial level magic and developed Charms that rivaled even the Dawn Generalist himself. Even after his Exaltation, Kole’s fighting style revolved around protecting those around him believing that his strength was better used as a Shield for Creation than a Sword against it. This philosophy suited Michael just fine and he fostered Kole’s training while impressing upon him the virtuous example of the Unconquered Sun. In appearance Kole took to the training to emulate the Sun God patron but in truth he appreciated the balance and harmony Michael’s philosophical outlook brought him.

Like the Unconquered Sun himself, Kole is a perfect balance of Virtue. Quite possibly one of the calmest Fire Aspects in all of Creation, Kole’s inner fire lights up in the heat of combat when he passionately and vehemently steps forward to interpose himself against his charges and the threats they face. Despite most of his training in combat, Kole would much rather resolve issues peacefully than have to draw his sword. Even then, Kole is rarely one to showboat and ends conflicts as quickly and decisively as he can when left to his own devices. Like a smoldering fire, Kole is even-keeled and consistent in all things. Even then, like when the careless agitate the smoldering embers of a latent flame, Kole is quick to burst to firey purpose when provoked and most who push him to violence soon regret their actions.


Karal Kole

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