Ledaal Kebok Sema



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Dexterity •••••Manipulation ••••Intelligence •••
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Linguistics ••••Awareness •••Athletics ••
Lore •••Craft Dodge •••
Occult •Integrity •••Melee •••••
Stealth ••Resistance •••Presence •••
Thrown •••War •Socialize •••
Bureaucracy •••Archery •Specialty (Melee: Polearms) ••
Investigation •Medicine Specialty (Presence: MI) •
Larceny Performance •Specialty (Integrity: MI) •
Martial Arts •Ride •Specialty (list it)
Sail •Survival Specialty (list it)


Compassion ••Temperance ••
Conviction •••Valor ••


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  • Martial Arts:
  • Melee Parry:
  • Mental Dodge:
  • Mental Parry:

Anima Effect
* An Aspect of Air can spend five motes to attune his anima to the winds. For the duration of a scene, the Exalt is surrounded by a swirling vortex of air, which functions as a weakened version of the Stormwind Rider spell. The Dragon-Blood may triple his leaping distance, and he takes no damage from falls, as gusts buoy him and slow his descent. Finally, the Dragon-Blooded may add his Essence to his Defense Value against Thrown and Archery attacks, as the winds buffet ranged weapons in order to protect their master.

* High Realm
* Low Realm
* Old Realm
* River Speak





Personal Essence: Committed: Current:
Peripheral Essence: Committed: Current:


“This isn’t where I’d thought to find you.” He stilled when he heard her speak, before looking up and around from his papers. She had been watching him for a while. How could she not be curious about him after learning that their futures would be tied, all thanks to the machinations of their families.

He looked her up and down with open curiosity, “Oh really, so where did you think I’d be?”

She smiled gently at him, her eyes twinkling with humor. “From what I’d heard about you I would have thought to find you on the practice grounds at this hour, not in a study…” she glided toward him and ran a finger gently over the books he was reading, “…learning all about Trae Leng’s Revolt. Interesting. Good to know that the whispers can be wrong.” She perched on the edge of the table and glanced at him from under her lashes. “Do you know who I am?”

He leaned back in his chair, one arm thrown over the back, and returned her smile with one of his own, “We’re not all lucky enough to study at the Spiral Academy, Ledaal Kebok Sema. If we don’t study our past mistakes, how can we learn from them, ‘darling’?”

She grinned, quite pleased at that, she herself had just recently learned of her acceptance into the prestigious school. From what she had heard she’d thought to find a dull blade instead of a sharp one, this one showed some promise and she was becoming quite excited by the possibilities. “Sema is fine, what would you like me to call you, my betrothed?”

“My given name should be sufficient, Sema. You… you are not quite what I was expecting either.” He cast her a bemused glance. “Well, have you satisfied your curiosity about me?”

“No, Eben, I have not, but it seems we’ll have time.” She would have found it to be so boring had her curiosity been so easily sated, it was a relief to find that he was a more complex creature.

“Disappointed?” His voice was deep and low, but firm, his question hinting at a challenge.

She cast him a sly glance, filled with humor, “Please don’t mistake me, I very much look forward to fulfilling my duty to my house.” She tilted her head inquisitively, “You?”

He flushed, but didn’t look away from her, locking her eyes with his own, “I also look forward to fulfilling my duty. Of course.”

“How nice that we agree.” She hopped lightly down from her perch and let her lips brush his cheek as she stepped past him, speaking softly in his ear, “Until we meet again, Eben, it has been a pleasure.”

Anima Banner: Swirling eddies of mist and frost, originating in her footsteps and spiraling up and around her to coalesce above her in the shape of a Kestrel in flight.

Motivation: Set someone on the Scarlet Throne who is worthy to hold it.

(In Progress)
A child of the Ledaal Kebok household, Sema was born of excellent stock, but was otherwise undeserving of much attention. Only one of a dozen children born to her parents, without any one of much note counted among her immediate relations, Sema never gave any of her family cause to think she was destined for much of anything but a bland subservient role in the lower echelons of the House. In fact, if it could be said that she excelled in anything it would be her ability to blend in with the untalented masses. So it was a great surprise to everyone when she received the grace of the elemental Dragon of Air as early as the age of 11.

Sema was actually disgruntled by the new surge of attention her Enlightenment brought her. No one realized how intentional her very average performance in all areas had been. She hadn’t been long out of the cradle when she realized that the less attention she received the more interesting information she could overhear. As a result she nurtured an aura of un-remarkableness, never allowing her grades to get too high or too low to attract attention, either positive or negative. After her Exaltation however, that particular method of avoiding notice was no longer effective so she set her mind to finding other methods.

When she was 14 her family saw fit to tie her fate to one Eben, a young scion of house Mnemon. She was, of course, filled with curiosity about him. She expected to find him on a practice ground exhibiting his martial prowess, instead she was pleasantly surprised to find him in a library studying every account he could find regarding revolutions and unrest against the Realm.

Eben and Sema get along remarkably well for two people who were forced together. It’s a point of gossip that they seem even to have some affection for each other. While that is true, like most Dragon-Blooded they are understanding if the other one chooses to engage in… activities with others, as long as they are discreet with their other assignations. More than the physical attraction, they share a mutual respect for, as different as they are, at the core they share certain goals and values. They are both loyal to their nation and would be willing to do what they can to preserve it.

At 15 she began her studies at the Spiral Academy.

She met her mother, Ledaal Kebok Ishik, late in her teens, after she began to be interesting. She wasn’t entirely sure how her mother occupied her time. At first, since she herself is fairly good at weaseling information out of people, she suspected that it had something to do with the All-Seeing Eye. Then, after completing her studies at the Spiral Academy, her mother confirmed it, offering Sema a position with the organization. As yet, she has neither accepted nor turned down the role.

As for her father, he felt it was his duty to create offspring and not spend time with them afterwards, preferring to spend his time studying demons. He met his end a few years ago while travelling the Threshold for the sake of his research. Sema has amicable, if distant, relationships with her numerous siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

Sema spent a good portion of her life hiding in plain sight. In doing so she realized the extent of her Realm’s failings, this didn’t lessen her loyalty but instead granted her a steely resolve to clean house, from the top down. She doesn’t like what she sees in all of her fellow Dragon-Blooded, but she knows what they can be and has faith in their potential. (No issues with their general debauchery, but with the indolence and disregard for others) If only they had a strong, even, hand holding their reigns from the Scarlet Throne, stability and order could be restored to the Realm.

Ledaal Kebok Sema

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