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• Rivienne was born into the Dairfane family in House Ledaal. She is the youngest of three children.

• Her father, Katsu, and mother, Hinata, are both breeding 3 Air Aspects.

• Her eldest sibling, her brother Akeron (ac-air-on), who she adores—is 22 years older than her making him 42. Akeron exalted as an Air Aspect and is breeding 3.

• The middle child in the Dairfane house is Rivienne’s sister, Lorelei, is 6 years her senior making her 26. Lorelei exalted as an Air Aspect and is breeding 3.

• Rivienne exalted at a young age and it was quickly recognized that her breeding was beyond measure.

• Hinata, Rivienne’s mother, is a political power house and married Katsu because he was an up and coming talented general.

• Her parents don’t “love love” each other, but her mother doesn’t think that is essential to have a good match.

• Her father would rather all his children “have it all”, a good match in both the political arena as well as in love, he believes a strong union must have fondness and when Hinata brings up that it isn’t required Katsu will scold her and force her to admit her fondness for him. All the kids take a little humor in seeing their mother humbly admit she cares for Katsu.

• Possibly due to her breeding, or perhaps she truly was her parents’ favorite, Rivienne rarely heard “no” or that she couldn’t do something while she was little.

• Because of the immense security in her parents’ love she easily shook off other children’s teasing…the other children would taught her “My mom said you must be adopted” (due to her breeding and aspect), but Rivienne was unphased and when her father told her they only bullied her because they were jealous, her response was “I know, they should be jealous I’m from House Dairfane.”

• Rivienne grew up with her brother as her personal hero—he can do no wrong in her eyes; and although his easy going Air Aspect nature might conflict with her Fire Aspect personality, their shared love of adventure always kept them close. Her affectionate phrase for him…“fire cannot survive without air”.

• Lorelei and Rivienne did not grow up close—rather, they struggle to get along. Lorelei is very similar to their mother and was always trying to tell Rivienne what to do. Things came naturally to Rivienne and Lorelei always hated that. Lorelei also resented the special treatment that Rivienne seemed to receive from others because of her breeding.

• Because of her breeding, bidding for her hand in marriage happened early on. Hinata wanted to snatch up the best offer right then and there and quickly betrove Rivienne, but her father put his foot down and told Hinata that his children would have the final choice. He told her she could present options and ideas, but the final say was theirs. This infuriated Hinata, but she begrudgingly agreed.

• In the long course of suiters over the years Rivienne showed no interest and rejected every one—a topic her and her mother argued over very often. All the while, Lorelei looked on in jealously at all the attention that Rivienne received despite her young age.

• Rivienne grew up on her father’s stories of war and demon battles, she would often ask “why didn’t you just make the demons help”, he would chuckle and respond “I can’t, but maybe someday you could”, this began her obsession with demonology and she would spend the next decade learning everything she could.

• During her studies at house Ledaal Rivienne discovered an ancient text that she believed to coded. It took her the better part of 8 years to solve the code, but she learned of a hidden treasure crafted by the Maiden of Mysteries. A treasure that Ledaal herself wielding. Rivienne became determined to find it and devoted herself to learning its location. She was seemingly obsessed with this artifact and continued to show no interest in political or romantic unions. When a clue pointed her to the college of Septagram she promptly applied.

• Her sister, an avid sorceress, was shocked at Rivienne’s sudden interest in the Septagram as Lorelei herself had just been accepted into the college. Both girls were accepted, however, another point of distain was that Rivienne received her letter first—indicating to Lorelei that Rivienne had been a preferred choice of the college elders.

• At the college Rivienne often skipped class and neglected her studies while Lorelei was a duteous student; despite Rivienne’s attendance and neglect she still received top marks and accommodations from professors…much to Lorelei’s fury.

• After 8 months of being at the college Rivienne discovered the treasure—a beautiful essence cannon placed inside a carved out book. The book had been well hidden within the walls of the school. Once Rivienne had the item in her possession she promptly dropped out of the Septagram at the age of 18.

• Hinata, furious at Rivienne’s disregard for what that would mean to the family reputation, secured a diploma for Rivienne via political channels. On official records Rivienne has the shortest graduation record of anyone to attend the school….something Lorelei will always resent. Rivienne herself merely shrugs this off…after all—it wasn’t something she wanted on her record, but something her mother forced there.

• After she dropped out Rivienne announced she was joining the Wyld Hunt. Hinata refused saying that she needed to now focus on finding a worthy marriage match. Katsu interjected and explained to Hinata that Rivienne would need to learn to defend herself if she wanted a place of strength amongst the Dragon Blood elite. Hinata reluctantly agreed; and Rivienne has always been thankful that her father often stood up for her.

• Rivienne is very excited about the Wyld Hunt and can’t wait to start her first mission so she can share her first adventure with her brother.


• Quick to get passionate and offer her opinion on topics.
• Tends to abruptly switch topics back and forth.
• Has a somewhat cheery disposition.
• Prone to snap decisions and judgments; sometimes she can channel the reserve her father taught her.
• Polite, she learned her manners from her mother who was a stickler on it. She always tries to adhere to social etiquette—regardless of where she is. However, due to her passionate nature she does occasionally forget.
• Respectful of her elders, this was instilled in her by her father.
• Somewhat open minded, this was instilled in her by her brother with his adventurous stories.
• Feels that to gain great reward you sometimes have to face great risk.
• Generally pretty happy, she had a good home life and is excited about the next stage in her life. She’s ready to have adventures of her own and stories to tell.
• Isn’t ready to settle down, but wants to surround herself with very talented people. Her father taught her that a general can only be as good as his weakest soldier; thus, she is determined to have an elite group.

• sees Creation more clearly for the cruel place it is, is slightly quicker to anger as a result, will get pretty upset if someone tries to stop her from helping someone in need
• indulges in bright morning more often, although not in large doses simply more frequently
• realizes she needs to learn to be more self sufficient in all things

Ledaal Dairfane Rivienne

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