Lightning Thief


Little is known about him but what people are certain of is that he is one of the most competent thieves in all Creation. The Realm holds that the Lightning Thief is an Anathema running loose in Creation although whether those labels were born of truth or politics are largely a matter of debate. Rumors fly wildly about how he obtained his moniker, but persist all-the-more as to his true identity. Lightning Thief contracts himself out to those who seek to obtain the unobtainable and is a pick-pocket for hire to the highest bidder (according to the lore about him at least). The Wyld Hunt has attempted on several occasions to use this to their advantage, but every attempt has always resulted in the Lightning Thief knowing when and where they were going to set him up and arranging a ridiculous scenario to make his would-be captors seem like fools.

Legend says the Lightning Thief was given his name by the people when a Dynast, anxious to ruin his reputation, roped him in to admitting he could steal anything. The Dynast then asked him to steal from the very heavens themselves and bring back a bolt of lightning. He was quite surprised when the Lightning Thief told him he had accomplished the task and then surprised all-the-more when the Lightning Thief showed up to the ambush and used his latest treasure to kill the Dynast that set him up after his Brotherhood attacked.

One of the most dangerous assassins to have ever lived, the Lightning Thief isn’t well known for making gratuitous use of those gifts except when wronged by those he contracts with. Rumors abound circulate Creation of nobles that have all of their money stolen in the middle of the night, right from under the noses of their most vigilant guards, only to have all of their servants leave their employ the following day and buy mansions of their own. Of course, no one can prove where the money went or came from, but everyone who’s heard the legend suspects the truth. Neither is anyone capable of proving the horrid atrocities those nobles commit behind closed doors though all in the region seem to be aware of them. Even some legal proceedings in the Scavenger Lands to convict the Lightning Thief all were quietly and mysteriously swept away with confounded officials unable to explain when later approached.

Within the last year the Wyld Hunt caught up with the Lightning Thief in the Threshold a few years after he was believed to be inactive. They staged an ambush at a local farmers market where the Lightning Thief single-handedly knocked out four Dragon-Blooded with a garden rake, bath towel, oversized clay water jug, and a pair of house slippers.


Lightning Thief

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