For the PCs
A plain man dressed in plain garb, Micheal would be easily mistaken for just another student wondering the grounds if it were for the constant stream of people stopping to bow or salute him as he made his way past. The air around him teems with power and order as if he commands the very essence in the air around Kether Rock. Michael holds himself like a proud warrior in his prime but makes time for everyone that needs his attention, from the graduate learning to parry boulders to the first year trying to learn the proper method to hold a sword.

Michael is the Warmaster of Kether rock and oversees the daily operation of the facility. He has trained some of the most martially capable Celestial Exalts in all of Creation and could easily rally his loyal students, former and current, to a force easily overshadowing the Bull of the North. He has a moderate Artifact retinue which is only called from Elsewhere when facing supernatural threats and a host of utility Artifacts which help him manage the daily goings-on of his training camp. Michael’s real assets come from the belief he inspires in others and a great many powerful agents, most of whom even Michael himself isn’t even aware of, believe strongly in his cause and help move things behind the scenes to allow him to continue his work.

The Dawn Caste Solar Exalted mastermind behind Kether Rock, Michael is one of the foremost warriors in Creation and built Kether Rock to train Solars to use their power as servants of Creation and curb any tendencies to subjugate it. Michael is a humble man that wears peasants clothes and trains with mundane weaponry of purely functional design. He only brings out his Artifact retinue when facing dire circumstances but his skill enhanced with potent magitech is a wonder to behold. Michael is hot-blooded and passionate about the students that attend Kether Rock and constantly pushes them to their limits. He is the dread of first year students and the idol of graduates alike although all respect him for his raw power and superior training methods.

Not much is known about Michael’s past other than he is the founding Solar of Kether Rock. Michael grew up in the West and was a prominent privateer around the Archipelago Islands before his Exaltation. A swashbuckler and Captain without peer, it wasn’t until facing down a group of Lintha pirates on his own deck that he Exalted as one of the Sun’s Chosen. After his Exaltation roughly a decade or so ago, he began scouring the world in an attempt to find a worthy purpose to put his new-found power to. Unmatched in combat and wanting to be known as something more than a butcher, he stumbled across a manse deep in the south while trekking through the desert and noticed its unique geomancy would serve well as a training camp. He spent the next year fortifying and recruiting, calling in every last favor he was owed, to get the camp now known as Kether Rock off the ground.

Stern and militaristic to his core, Michael’s personality in every facet facilitates the impossible standards he sets for the Exalted that come to train at his camp. Presenting himself as nothing short of a living God to the new recruits, he brings forth his impressive retinue and strenuous training regimes to humble them in every way. After tearing them down to a foundation he can build from, Michael’s demeanor is completely different towards those that managed to survive the first year at his training camp. Considered by most to be the greatest instructor they’ve ever learned from, Michael makes the impossible task of personalized training for the dozens of Exalts at his camp seem effortless and as second nature to him as breathing. His expectations are impossibly lofty and he makes them known without pomp or flair, but what he promises to those that live up to his ideals is an education in the art of war that even Lookshy would envy. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Michael has produced the finest warriors Creation has seen since the fall of the First Age.



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