Mnemon Cael

Fivefold Dragon


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Mnemon Cael surprised most of her peers when she chose to involve herself with an incursion in the North as most didn’t think such a small matter required her attention. She personally approached Ledaal Rivienne and Ledaal Sema, two new recruits to the Wyld Hunt, and dispatched them to Cherak to meet up with a detachment of Dragon-Blooded on orders from the Wyld Hunt to serve as enforcement relief.

Mnemon Cael is the current Daimyo of the Immaculate Orders militant branch of Monks and is tasked with their deployment and coordination with the Wyld Hunt. She is also a trusted member seated on the Advisory Council of the Wyld Hunt and, were it not for her vow of celibacy, would probably be a likely candidate for the Crimson Throne.

Cael just celebrated her 153rd birthday and is the first female Immaculate to ever become a Fivefold Master in recorded history. She is known throughout Creation as one of the most competent Martial Artists alive and is a formidable combatant even against powerful Celestial Exalts. Combined with her impressive retinue of Artifacts, Cael has taken down more Anathema in the current age than any other Officer the Immaculate Order has produced and is also responsible for slaying one of the Circlemates of the Bull of the North when she met him in open combat.

Hailing from House Mnemon, Cael attended the Cloister of Wisdom where she studied the Earth Dragon Style and quickly enlisted in the Wyld Hunt after graduation. She has volunteered for more tours than any other woman in her generation and holds the current record for most Anathema kills in all the Realm. Constantly pushing herself and her martial ability, Cael shocked the Realm just a decade prior when she demonstrated complete mastery of the five Elemental Dragon styles. Having already proved herself to be a competent and capable General, she was named to the Advisory board of the Wyld Hunt and acts as a liaison between the Hunt and the Immaculate Monks.

Like most of the martial arts masters before her, Cael strives for balance and to become a paragon of virtue. True to her aspect and impeccable breeding, she is an even-tempered individual who thoughtfully considers her surroundings before carefully contributing what she has to offer. Cael can regularly be seen training among the new initiates of the Cloister offering advanced instruction to star pupils and regularly giving martial demonstrations for advanced students that study combining the Five Dragon Styles to devastating efficiecny.


Mnemon Cael

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