Mnemon Caras Eben


A young scion of the prestigious house Mnemon, Eben is intensely loyal to the Realm. However, much like Sema, he is disappointed in the degradation that has occurred in his fellow Dragon-Blooded’s behavior since the disappearance of the Empress. He feels that, as the pillars of civilization, they should behave in a more admirable manner, above reproof.

During his school years, Eben divided the majority of his time between practicing the rigorous art of Earth Dragon Form martial arts from a Sifu hired by his parents and poring over accounts of the various rebellions and uprisings that have occurred throughout the history of the Realm. He was particularly interested in studying the underlying causes of afore mentioned rebellions.

Since attaining full-fledged adulthood, Eben served a few years in House Mnemon’s private militia, touring the Threshold, before being awarded with command of his own Scale of soldiers. His unit’s primary assignment is to investigate any reported abuses/crimes committed by their own, which doesn’t endear Eben much to certain parties. He has, however, proven himself to be a just and loyal soldier in all such dealings (surely one of the reasons he was entrusted with such an assignment in the first place), so the fair-minded are hard pressed to have anything but a degree of budding respect for the man.

Mnemon Caras Eben

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