The Bloodlet Blade



The man who would become the Bloodlet Blade was one of the first Abyssals to ever Exalt, although the mystery of his exaltation proceeds him. He is, however, old enough to predate the Jade Prison breakout making him one of (if not the) oldest Abyssals active in Creation. Formerly associated with the Mask of Winters as his prized General, he recently defected from the mad Deathlord after an assignment to slaughter the Exalts planning to take back Thorns.

Creation Activities

Assault on the Realm – The Bloodlet Blade recently led a one man campaign against the Imperial Manse. The Celestial Bureaucracy has convicted him of three accounts of murder after he slaughtered a dozen Dragon Blooded and killed three prominent, high-Essence Sidereals tasked with guarding the manse. While Heaven held its breath waiting for the bloodthirsty Deathknight to rip the manse to pieces and cripple the Sword of Creation beyond repair, everyone was stunned when he abruptly abandoned the campaign after releasing a few high profile threats that were being held in the manse. His assault on the Realm, however, has moved him to the top of the high priority list of Heaven’s most wanted.


The Bloodlet Blade

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