V'neef Shenji


After a less than successful upbringing at a prestigious primary school, Shenji enrolled in the Cloister of Wisdom where she excelled in Martial Arts and began studying the Wood Dragon Style. After her extended stay at the Cloister, as is common with most Immaculate Monks, she was granted permission to venture into the threshold as an envoy for the Realm.

Much to he disappointment of her family, her life as an Immaculate Monk meant she was forbidden from bearing children which was heartbreaking since her mother mother has only born a single child that has ever Exalted. Still, despite being shut out by her family, Shenji takes pride in studying the way of the Immaculate Order and in the world around her. Most that meet her wouldn’t guess that a battle-hardened and extremely dangerous combatant lurks behind the wide eyes and big smile of the young woman they see venturing through the Threshold.

Trained at the Cloister of Wisdom immediately after primary school, Shenji quickly took to martial arts and is one of the youngest Dragon-Blooded to ever master the Wood Dragon Style at the age of 35 after putting herself through rigorous and arduous training. This came as a shock to almost everyone that knew her since her time spent at primary school was spent earning barely passing marks and she was expelled after one term at the House of Bells for poor performance. Cast as an incredible disappointment upon her family (who had no other Exalts in their immediate nuclei), she thereafter enrolled in the Cloister due to the generosity of an anonymous monk (as she otherwise would have never been accepted). Once enrolled, Shenji astounded her professors as she began taking to the Wood Dragon Style and mastering the complicated katas and essence flow manipulation as steadily as an orchid blooming in the summer. Her family remains upset she will not continue their line but have regained some face in Realm society when their daughter found her well-earned fame. She’s been traveling for almost a decade and has enriched herself in the strife plaguing the Age of Sorrows and what few friends she retained from her youth are always shocked at how much she’s grown since venturing out on her own.

Shenji spends as much time helping people as she does putting errant spirits and Anathema in their place. While the Wood Style isn’t the most offensive of the elements, Shenji uses it to devastating effectiveness and is one of the few Wood Aspects to have mastered the final Charm in the tree. Unlike most of her peers that have done so she is not, however, shy in sharing what she knows. Shenji is an open and caring person that believes in the Immaculate Order and genuinely wants to make Creation a better place.


V'neef Shenji

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