Dreamers Crown


Artifact: 5
Repair: N/A
Commitment: None


Crafted in the First Age of Starmetal and infused with gossamer and Essence, the Dreamers Crown is a powerful Artifact that allows the wearer to interact with the Dreams of Creation’s occupants. Unlike most Artifacts, the Dreamers Crown relies on special Fate ties which allow it to only be worn effectively by the Sidereal Exalted. While the Artifact requires no Essence to commit, it does require 5 motes per scene to power. Once powered, the Artifact has the ability to project the wearer into the dreams of others. While projecting, the character is considered asleep.

The wearer can target either a single person, a group of creatures, or all creatures within (Essence x 25) miles bringing multiple targets into the same dream. While in their dreams, the Sidereal can engage with creatures directly. The purely mental contact transcends all language barriers. The Sidereal then engages the targets in Dream Combat. Dream Combat functions as Shaping combat with a few exceptions:

  • Creation born substitute their Virtue rating in place of their Grace rating
  • Artifacts little Gods follow their masters into their dreams and provide their bonuses as normal
  • All Virtue damage is healed at the end of the Scene
    • Typically each combat is a single scene

Additionally, Dream Combat has slightly different outcomes than Shaping Combat. The dreamers each pick a Virtue to target in their opponent. Once they apply enough damage to that targets Virtue, the combat comes to an end and the character loses a single temporary willpower and suffers the penalty of loss.

  • Compassion: The loser suffers a single erosion of an Intimacy of the victor’s choice
    • Note the attacker must still know or determine the Intimacy, otherwise one is chosen at random
  • Conviction: The defeated loses a number of temporary willpower equal to the victor’s Conviction
    • Losing a conviction battle also prevents the defeated from regaining willpower for the night
  • Temperance: The victor can inflict a compelled behavior in the defeated
    • This action can have a trigger but lasts up to the victor’s (Temperance + Essence) days
  • Valor: The loser is considered to have spent a single scene building an intimacy of the victor’s choice
    • This action can even instill an Intimacy over the defeated characters maximum for the duration of a Story

Social Charms can influence Dream combat accordingly, meaning Charms that allow the character to instill an Intimacy in another can be used to similar effect if applied after winning a Valor combat.

Waking up from a Dream requires a Simple (Speed 6, DV -2) action requiring a (Willpower + Integrity) roll at standard difficulty, but the roll suffers an internal penalty equal to the Sidereal’s permanent Essence. The Sidereal and her allies make this roll at standard difficulty at no penalty. Charms that make the dreamer aware of surprise attacks, such as Surprise Anticipation Method, automatically wake the owner Reflexively and without a roll if triggered.


Shaping Combat Basics

Shaping combat largely functions exactly like regular combat mechanically, it just uses different traits.

Compassion: Manipulation + [Entertainer] + Weapon Accuracy
Conviction: Intelligence + [Diplomat] + Weapon Accuracy
Temperance: Intelligence + [Worker] + Weapon Accuracy
Valor: Dexterity + [Warrior] + Weapon Accuracy

Compassion: (Manipulation + [Entertainer] + Weapon Defense) / 2
Conviction: (Intelligence + [Diplomat] + Weapon Defense) / 2
Temperance: (Intelligence + [Worker] + Weapon Defense) / 2
Valor: (Dexterity + [Warrior] + Weapon Defense) / 2
Shaping Dodge DV: (Willpower + Dodge/Integrity + Essence) / 2

Compassion: (Charisma + Weapon Damage)
Conviction: (Charisma + Weapon Damage)
Temperance: (Perception + Weapon Damage)
Valor: (Strength + Weapon Damage)

Compassion: (Appearance + Willpower)
Conviction: (Appearance + Willpower)
Temperance: (Wits + Willpower)
Valor: (Stamina + Willpower)

Health Tracks
Compassion: (Compassion + Essence)
Conviction: (Conviction + Essence)
Temperance: (Temperance + Essence)
Valor: (Valor + Essence)

Dreamers Crown

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