Metasorcerous Phylactery


A beautiful bracer that which seems to have a frame cast of malfean brass and interwoven with all of the magical materials. This gauntlet has three Hearthstone settings, one of which is slotted with a small orb that appears to be a star shrunk down to the size of a half-dollar coin and encased in gemstone. This special stone grants this Artifact 6 “dots” which can be used to augment any Spell cast while the Artifact is worn and attuned.

  • Cost: Spells cost 3 fewer motes per dot spent (minimum half the spell cost) or one willpower less per dot spent (minimum 1 willpower)
  • Power: Every 3 dots spent allows the Sorcerer to consider his Essence rated at one higher for a single spell
  • Mastery: Every dot spent grants a single success on a die roll if the spell calls for one
  • Range: Each dot spent doubles the range of the spell (x2 for 1 dot, x3 for 2 dots, etc)
  • Duration: Every two dots spent doubles the duration of a spell (x2 for 2 dots, x3 for 4 dots, etc)
  • Trigger: The sorcerer can set a “trigger” for a spell which is reflexively cast when that trigger is met (up to 6 triggered spells)
  • Manifestation: Some facet of the spell can be altered by spending dots (subject to ST approval), such as changing the type of damage the spell deals (electricity instead of fire) for a single dot

Dots recover at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes. While not intended for combat, the Gauntlet can also be used as a Smashfist which does not gain the benefit of a magical material bonus:

5+1+5B/2+22M, O


Metasorcerous Phylactery

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