Scattered Petals of the Thousand-Toothed Blossom

First Age Titan-class aerial citadel of the Eastern direction


Speed: 30/60mph (15/30mph while shielded or in siege configuration)

Maneuverability: -4S (Lore 5, Sail 5)

Endurance: A Titan harvests its own Essence. Each requires Repair 6 maintenance every week by a 100-member team (only once per month while suspended in a paramagnetic web). Each missed upkeep disables the following systems in order: auxiliary systems (including the workshop and all other systems not associated with actual operation), siege mode, energy shield, Essence cannons, maneuvering engines and finally AI. If its AI is disabled, the fortress exists in a state of depleted hibernation as an inert mountain held aloft only by sufficiently strong geomancy upon which its immortal stone can respire.

Crew: 5,000/(-1 maneuverability per 1,000 less crew, to minimum skeleton 2,000; also requires functional AI and Solar commander attuned to hologlyphic control dais for 10 motes); (1,000 officers: Lore 4, Sail 4; 4,000 auxiliary personnel: Lore: 3, Sail 2)

Cargo: An entire city-sized complex of hangars, vaults, laboratories and barracks, with effectively unlimited storage appropriate to this scale.

Armor: 60L/60B (When activated, the ablative Essence shield is solid to dematerialized beings, completely impervious to Shaping effects and has Hardness of 100L/100B. Any attack that would penetrate it collapses the barrier without damaging the Titan and the shield cannot be reactivated until it has received Repair 5 maintenance.)

Health Levels: Ux200/Mx100/Cx50/Ix30/D (Due to the Titan’s size, each attack against it cannot inflict more levels of damage than the attacker’s Essence or an artifact weapon’s rating, whichever is higher. Large area attacks encompassing most of the vessel’s volume inflict damage normally.)

500 Essence Beam Cannons: Speed 5, Accuracy (gunner’s Wits + Archery + 2; turrets provide telescopic Essence sight and highlight the current target selected by the citadel’s AI, so that gunners can see and attack virtually any target in range and fire coverage), Damage 15L piercing (damages everything within five yards of impact; affects dematerialized beings normally), Range one mile, Rate 1 (commander can use control dais to override and remotely fire any of the cannons; otherwise each is manned by its own gunner)

Eye of Judgment: Speed 7 (opening the hull to ready this weapon or closing back to flight mode takes 10 minutes), Accuracy Perfect (cannot target individual objects; lens fires a one-mile-wide pillar of light straight down), Damage 100L levels of piercing (aggravated to creatures of darkness; permanently obliterates killed spirits and sears deceased mortal souls into Lethe; the expanding holocaust ripple skims outward from the point of impact with a blast wave cresting at 100 yards high to a radius of five miles, damaging everything material and immaterial in the ripple’s path not protected with a perfect defense), Range Special (see Accuracy), Rate 1/hour (during day) or 1/night (focusing the iconic anima of the commander rather than harnessing sunlight)

Other Notes
The living stone armor of the Titan can heal itself, albeit extremely slowly—one bashing level per week, one lethal per month, one aggravated per year. The living stone armor protects inhabitants against Wyld exposure and similar radiation up to Middlemarches-strength, though anything stronger requires the shields. As a final life-support measure, the unshielded living rock mutates in the presence of stronger energies, growing a stabilizing carapace in the course of a minute that fully obscures the ship’s Essence and protects inhabitants from transformation. The carapace completely incapacitates all systems other than levitation and respiration until removed as per repairing a broken Repair 6 artifact.

A Titan fortress is simply too large to power with hearthstones, as it would take a quarter of the geomantic gems of a Threshold direction to do so and would present unacceptable risk of sabotage. A small bank of protoshinmaic vortexes (see Dreams of the First Age: Book Two—Lords of Creation, p. 95) might have sufficed, but Scattered Petals of the Thousand-Toothed Blossom was never refitted with that tech. Fortunately, the partially living hull embeds most of the superstructure with thousands of miles worth of respiration microfilaments, allowing the vessel to power itself by draining ambient Essence. In flight mode, all manses and demesnes within 25 miles of the Titan are considered to have a rating one dot less than normal. (This drain does not diminish or disable hearthstone ratings.) In siege mode, the drain increases to two dots and temporarily disables hearthstones from drained manses. With both modes, full power resumes as soon as the fortress leaves the area. Without major refitting, a Titan cannot stay aloft in Essence-dead areas (such as the Underworld).

If a Titan’s reactor is destroyed (or deliberately overloaded for self-destruct), the resulting explosion inflicts effectively infinite damage to every material and immaterial object within 500 miles, obliterating the geography of that area (though on land, the crater quickly fills in with lava bleeding up from beneath). Only those with perfect defenses survive.


Maintenance / Repair
Repair Rating 6 – 100 Man Team
Lore 7, Occult 6, Craft 6, Resources 5, 1 Week, Difficulty 6

Enabled Systems

  • AI
  • Maneuvering Engines
  • Essence Cannons
  • Energy Shield
  • Siege Mode
  • Auxiliary Systems (50 Total)
    • Creation Essence Sensor Grid
    • Factory Cathedral (contains all War Support templates)
    • Behemoth Prison
    • Airship Dry Dock Bays
    • Internal System Regulator (food, temperature, etc)
    • Airship Docking Station
    • Biogenesis Laboratory (contains all mundane Creation-based Lifeforms)
    • First Age Training Vault
    • Warstrider Quick Launch docking bay
    • Automated Servant Force
    • First Age Automated Record Library
    • Magitech Storage Facility
    • Dragon-Blooded Nursery
    • Reality Engine Stabilizer
    • Provision Mess Hall
    • Order Affirming Command Center
    • Performance Center

Disabled Systems
The following systems are listed in order of repair priority. When the ship falls into disrepair, the systems fail in the opposite order.

  • Auxiliary Systems (50 Total)

Scattered Petals of the Thousand-Toothed Blossom

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