The Bloodlet Blade

weapon (melee)



Plucked from a nightmare in the darkest reaches of the Labyrinth, the Bloodlet Blade is Primordial power made manifest and one of the most powerful weapons to have ever been conceived.

Resonance Burn: An Abyssal can spend Resonance to directly power the effects of the blade. Infusing 1 Resonance into the blade tempers the nightmares of the Neverborn inflicted on the Abyssal into raw killing power, allowing the Abyssal to benefit from one of the following effects:

  • The blade deals an additional (Essence) environmental damage for each successful strike
  • Held aloft (as an attack that uses the same speed as the Blade), the blade releases an environmental hazard: (Essence)A, Trauma (Essence), Radius (Essence x 100 yards)
    • The Abyssal can chose to localize this effect to a smaller radius

Nightmare Forged Power: A powerful effect that allows the Blade to reforge the world around it, this creates a Shaping effect of the characters design. The blade draws an additional number of motes and willpower as determined by the Storyteller to create the effect.

If the Abyssal does not use the Blades abilities to kill or destroy, he immediately rolls his Whispers and suffers the successes in Resonance for each effect invoked.


The Bloodlet Blade

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