Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #5
  • finalized plans for Grey Falls, decided have Arasi lure Katano out (along with his felon army) to fight the Death Lord so he would get out of the picture…permanently
  • while Arashi is arranging this to happen we made our way to the realm to purchase Grey Falls from House Nellens (a food aspect house satrapy)
  • plan to put Romu (current guy that Katano put out) back in charge
  • we met with Mnenom Cael briefly where she didn’t want to hear our “tales” and simply told us to do our job and dismissed us
  • had Cael draft orders for my brother to join us on our mission so I can give him his airship
  • set a meeting with House Nellens rep for 2 days time
  • met up with bro, told him all the amazing things about the airship, didn’t tell him anything about our “secrets”, ended game with Akeron saying “we need to talk” when I tried to give him a stone that held the righeous lion defense charm
  • named the airship the “Enduring Typhoon”
  • named the main airship guy “Paldron”

Learned the Following:

  • Katano’s intimacies/motication- lead army in the realm, fortune favors the bold, army are pawns, vendeta vs anathema, need no one but myself
  • Romu’s intimacies- maintain lifestyle, peace is better as war costs money, katano get rid of, pride in house nellis, mortals better employees than DB because you can manipulate them
  • Eve and Tide suggested we talk to Lytech about the mystery surrounding why Unconquored Sun thinks something is wrong with the solars
Rivienne's Tome Entry #4
covers game 4, 5 & 6
  • while at KeitherRock we spoke to the resident Abyssal and learned some interesting things
  • learned a small amount about Abyssals themselves and resonance, learned about Nephraks (ghosts), learned about the Dual Monarchy and the Calendar of Satesh is their version of fate
  • get order to march out to aid Greyfalls

  • headed to Greyfalls
  • learned that Thorn (city in the South) has been taken over by the Death Lord known as the Mask of Winters
  • there were creatures coming from the frozen woods in the East, those creatures were attacking Grey Falls
  • Grey falls was suffering, lots of casualties and only survived one of the larger attacks by these monsters because they had a warstrider, which is now badly damaged (mmm fixing that should earn me brownie points)
  • we made our way to the East towards the Frozen Woods to head off the creatures which are rumored to be rock snakes, we fight one it’s actually a rock dragon
  • we get to the area we think the monsters are spawning from to meet 5 men, we learn they are the Liminal Exalted (underworld version of DBs)
  • we learned from them that: 5 days darkness was the first shadow cast by the Unconquored Sun
  • we learned that if artifacts are buried with the dead a shadow image copy of them appears in the underworld
  • The Liminal offer more details about the Dual Monarchy and the calendar, they want to be allies, they offer to help fight the Abyssal that has been creating monsters to hurt Grey Falls
  • we go in and fight the Abyssal, the bastard surrenders after the fight, I use manacles on him to take him in, I am unable to change his motivations or intimacies
  • we take the Abyssal’s manse and Sema attunes to it

  • we head back to the edges of Grey Falls and use wind carried words to get Kura and Arashi out to talk to us since we don’t want to bring the Abyssal back into the town
  • Arashi pulls Righteous Lion Defense charm off the Abyssal and then uses several charms to mold his brain against his Death Lord and to help us
  • Arashi agrees to let the Abyssal stay on The City of Fin to craft weapons
  • we get info out of Stygian: he believes there are 12-13 Death Lords, the city of Sigen where you can walk into the Underworld at any time and no DeathLords live there
  • we make plans to politically maneuver ourselves with Grey Falls
    • we will have Arashi leak Katono information about the Mask of Winters at Thorns so that he takes his horrible army of bad folks and goes off and gets killed
    • while Arashi is doing that we travel to the realm and make a deal with house Nellis to buy Grey Falls
    • we return, offer a job to Romu and then call back in Katono’s wayward Dragon Blooded loyal soldiers, one by one and erode their loyalty to Katono, instead replacing their loyalty to us

  • we travel back to Eden to drop the Abyssal off and Shinji stay behind because she’s really upset with us, Kuro stays behind to try and help the situation
  • we head to the Realm and report into Cael who doesn’t want to hear our shit, she tells us not to lie and just tell her we can’t tell her, we agree
  • I get Cael to reassign my brother as captain of the airship we flew here
  • we set an appointment to see House Nellis and then contact Akeron to meet us
  • we tell him several secrets (we don’t mention anything about who Eve is or about the Lightning Thief), I offer up to him the crystal with Righteous Lion Defense and he says “we need to talk”….
  • named the airship — The Enduring Typhoon
  • named the 1st mate of the ship Paldron

NPC’s We Met:
Din – Abyssal resident of Keither Rock
Stygian Surgeon
Valla – wood version of Liminal exalted
Creon – fire version of Liminal exalted
Rishon – water version of Liminal exalted
Mazin – air version of Liminal exalted
Bojan – earth version of Liminal exalted

Rivienne's Tome Entry #3

- Lightning thief took to eden on an “emergency”, met his daughter
- had mind blown with the city, first age level manses and gear
- we were at the sun scorched park and learned about LT and his daughter’s fight with the Unconquored Sun
- epic warstrider battle against giant flying land sharks, Eden didn’t need our help but got to meet cool.warstrider AIs
- they agreed to give us manses and gear
- we met Pluto and learned there was a 6th maiden
- we got bright morninged up cause our minds were blown, I incinerated it to inhale and we got super fucked up
- I woke up on a train piloted by Little Beam, went to the Sun, met Nysala, met the Lumina
- learned I’m “imprinted”, there are 6 special exaltations touched by other exaltations
- learned: primordial war, Gia, Autocthon, 9 seals gate, liminal exalted, sidereal, the other DB touched by sun is Kole, Sema is touched by Maidens, moutain folk / jade born, neverborn, malfeas happened when primordals out of Yu Shan
- learned: 1st age manse locations, exalted tomb locations
- touched the Sun’s personal sword the Aidenweiss, got kicked off train for doing so …. he he he
- learned bull of N. is uniting the ice walker tribes
- went to meet Kole at Keither rock, met the other solars that were there, showed up with gear to give Kole, took gear from armory on Eden (he he he)

NPC’s We Met:
Last Eve and Tide

NPC’s I Met:
Karal Kole
Jak – Night caste
Michael – Dawn caste

Sema's Accounts, entry 2

Since Rivienne was unwilling, quite understandably after all, to allow Arashi to handle her essence cannon purely for the sake of a test, the other option that readily occurred to us was to shoot the fellow. Now, he might not have been my favorite person, but even I realize that’s a trifle extreme. However, the subject came up when he was serving us a beautifully laid out tea service, and he agreed to it, insisting that he could take one shot from Rivienne’s cannon. Not the most traditional ending for a tea ceremony, but it appears we’re not a very traditional collection of Dragon-Blooded.

Arashi seemed to take all of the hostility in stride and Kuro seemed relieved that Arashi was, at the least, not fey. Though he was apparently still leery of bestowing much trust on the lost egg, and I can’t say but that I agreed, as he suggested that I follow the man and see what he might be getting up to that day.

Snow utilized some means of her own to assist me as I endeavored to follow Arashi as stealthily as possible, while Kuro used his skills to allow Rivienne and himself to see through my eyes. It did not take very long for me to catch up with Arashi (who I find out later knew I was tailing him, suspected as much) who was making his way to House Ferem where he inquired after Khariton.

I followed the two gentlemen at some distance while they strolled out to the docks, I collect that they were looking for an open, private, area in which to discuss business. Their goal was certainly to prevent someone from doing exactly the kind of activity that I was engaged in, spying. Perhaps I should have agreed to my mother’s terms to work with the All-Seeing Eye after all. Though I couldn’t get close enough to hear, I could get close enough to read lips. Arashi had his back to me, quite intentionally as it turns out, so I couldn’t ascertain his side of the conversation at all.

What with only being able to “read” one side of the conversation, I was unclear as to the details of their arrangement, but they certainly did come to an agreement. A little surprising since Khariton appeared to be quite startled and upset by the details of his desires that Arashi expressed knowledge of. Arashi offered to help “her”, an unknown woman for whom it is apparent that Khariton feels a great deal, he was prepared to pay any price of Arashi’s asking after all. Suprisingly, all that Arashi seemed to want in exchange for what he was offering to do was for Khariton was for him to help us, Rivienne and myself. Like myself, Khariton expressed some surprise at the terms, but readily agreed to them, parting from Arashi with the statement, “If word gets out, there is nowhere in Creation I wouldn’t find you.”

This interlude eased Kuro’s mind, confirming to him that Arashi really is the deal maker he claims to be. For my own part, It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one who wants to know “what sort of game” Arashi is “playing at.”

Having some time before we were scheduled to leave the city, and receiving assurances from Kuro that he didn’t need us to help with any of the preparations, Rivienne and I decided to visit house Ferem. Khariton played quite the considerate host to us while we were generally nosey, and clumsily trying to acquire more information whilst simultaneously endeavoring to improve relations with him as he could be quite a useful contact. Nosiness and good relations being two things that really don’t go hand-in-hand, I think it’s quite fortunate that Khariton is so very patient.

We did spend a large amount of time exploring the Ferem library, which is tragically quite small, as well as the comparatively better library at the local academy. I discovered quite a lot of interesting things about our dear Khariton in the house and city records. He is really quite the paragon, in every way, he simply has not lived long enough to be as skilled and versatile as he is, not does Cherak have the resources to instruct upon some of the subjects in which he seems to excel. This I know to be true, exhibited by Rivienne’s inability to find any texts that truly hold her interest, yet he seems to have extensive knowledge of the occult as well as dabbling in sorcery. He was elegantly evasive when Rivienne suggested making a match between him and her sister, which only served to confirm our earlier suspicions.

After thanking Khariton for wasting his time, pretending to be tour guide when he had more than one man’s worth of work to be seeing to, Rivienne and I went our separate ways. My cousin went apart with Arashi, so I sought Kuro out to see if I could assist him with supplies after all. When we reunited Rivienne disclosed that she had allowed herself to be talked into entering a sworn brotherhood with Arashi. She was obviously upset about it too, (It really can be quite explosive, her temper. So amusing.) she tried to warn us about… something.

Kuro and I were both quite bemused, what could have prompted her to agree to such a drastic step, especially when, to all appearances, she doesn’t like the man. Kuro walked out of earshot with Arashi to hear what kind of incentive could possibly have been used to coerce Rivienne into a Brotherhood with him. When they returned Kuro had agreed to enter the Brotherhood as well! I was quite alive with curiosity, indeed, I’m afraid it rather overwhelmed my caution as I quickly followed suit. He proposed to assist me in achieving my greatest desire, I’m sure I should have said no, but the resources he has available to him! …the temptation was too great.

Once the spell was cast and there was no turning back, Arashi confessed that he himself is the Lightning Thief and yes, he is in fact Anathema. A Solar. He also confirmed the whispers I had heard that the Scarlet Empress is not only my mother, but also Rivienne’s. He claims that she is alive somewhere, the Empress. I’m not sure how much that fact interests me… it’s difficult to express much interest in a woman who, not only have I never met, but who saw fit to abandon her duty to the Realm.

Now that we were all bound together, for better or worse it seems, Arashi, the Lightning Thief let loose veritable floodgates of information. Apparently, Khariton was rescued several years ago by the Lady of the Sea, a Lunar who is quite old and quite mad. She somehow retains sanity when with Khariton, and they are very much in love with each other. He sneaks out to see her every night and these stolen nights with her are how he has acquired all of his knowledge and skill.

Our “water aspect” claims his interests still lie in the greater good of Creation, that he has some Sidereal friends who maintain a training camp for Lunars and Solars. Instructing them not only in the control of their abilities, but also in the art of humility.

I can see why Rivienne feels such a strong sense of betrayal, I’m sure I myself would succumb to similar emotions, if not for this overwhelming need I have to laugh. I find that I have been cursed with a most inappropriate sense of humor and clearly don’t feel as I ought regarding this entire fiasco. I really don’t know how I’m going to tell Eben that I joined a Brotherhood. I clearly can’t tell him everything, though I certainly feel that I ought. Oh, dragons! Wind and rain and stars, what a mess!

Still recovering from our various shocks, we departed quite speedily curtesy of Arashi’s anathema talents. We stopped en route to assisst V’neef Shenji, a Wood aspected Immaculate who Arashi felt would be a good addition to the Brotherhood. We found her under attack by six Great Terrors, beasts that had been plaguing the northern territories, so we helped her dispatch them. An event that left her feeling quite in charity with us, so after building a temporary shelter to spend the night in and indulging in baths, Rivienne and I were able to convince her to join out little group.

If she’s still feeling a trifle betrayed by the two of us at this moment, I can’t say that I blame her, we did coerce her quite shamefully. Since there is no longer any reason to hide the truth from Shenji, Arashi transported us to a rather spectacular spirit manse belonging to his tattoo, a spirit he met during his first visit to Yu Shan. Rivienne wasted no time helping herself to his belongings, obsconding with a book from the treasury, much to Arashi’s bemusement.

We awoke the next morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. Convenient. Though it was quite delicious, it was soon overshadow by its eventfulness, as we were shortly joined by both Tonan, the spirit of theft, and Shoyu-Ken, the spirit of ownership. Rivienne was rendered almost entirely speechless, I barely had an intelligible word to say myself.

I really don’t think I’m mentally sound, faced with the prospect of the increased amount of adventure involved in consorting with anathema I find my self positively excited, rather than experiencing any of the other emotions that the prospect should evoke.

Rivienne's Tome Entry #2

The female Fey, Snow, helped Sema sneak after Arashi at Kuro’s request. I have to admit…I was curious what we’d see too. Arashi met up with Khariton and they talked, but since it was very open Sema couldn’t get close so we had to settle for reading lips. Arashi and Khariton discussed helping a woman, but we didn’t get many more details than that. Learning that Arashi was indeed the “deal maker” he claimed to be helped Kuro trust him enough to agree to Arashi helping us again the Fey.

Once Sema returned from her stealth mission it was clear passing Snow’s heart was damaging her—she did say it would heal, but all the same we should limit how much we pass her. Not that she doesn’t deserve it for what she did to Kuro’s brotherhood! I can’t image how hard it is for him to be around her …and we even had to ask him to let her be amongst his army to be able to feed and heal. I really think I’ll leave Snow to Sema…controlling my demons is chore enough.

We weren’t to set out on our Fey hunt until later that afternoon; Sema and I decided to pass the time exploring the town’s and House Baer’s library. We enlisted the help of Khariton to escort us. We learned a few things about Khariton and I could almost see the gears and wheels in Sema’s head spin trying to figure him out. I tried to help her along and prodded where I thought she’d want me to. All I really learned was that Khariton was actually as polite as he seemed. We did uncover that at 76 yrs old and at Celestial Ranking 4 he is entirely too skilled. Unusually so, very interesting! He also is very against the idea of suitors and has never been betroved. I think it’s safe to say the woman Arashi was talking to him about is a romantic connection. In addition we found out that Cherak does indeed have a one sided relationship with the realm…I mean, I knew the Realm used it resources to the best of it’s advantage, but this wasn’t using a resource—this is using up a resource. I spoke with Khariton and offered to bind a demon for weather control and artifact crafting for him. It is after all, the least House Ledaal can do. I wonder what my father and brother would say about the state of the Cadet houses? Is speaking with Khariton it became clear his motivation was to “be true to his heart and the people that look to him,” I think he and Akeron would be fast friends and suggested to Khariton they should meet sometime and share air battle stories.

After spending the morning with books and Khariton, Sema and I set out for our Fey hunt. I met up with Arashi on our way out of town and Sema went to help Kuro arrange supplies. On our way to Kuro’s encampment Arashi and I spoke further. He told me he had been tracking my cannon for the last 50 years and that the last person who had it was the Scarlet Empress. I tried to get out of him why she had it or why I have it now, but he only replied that I was “worthy” to have it in my possession. He did tell me that I only found the cannon because someone put it where I would find it…does that mean the Scarlet Empress left it?

I’m preoccupied by the topic when Arashi asks me point blank what it would take to gain my trust and become a sworn brotherhood. I suppose I can respect that he is so blunt—something the people of the Realm often lack, upfrontness. I found it refreshing and decided to tell him:

  • I would have to be positive that the lightning thief means no harm to the dragon blooded, the realm, or creation. And if he does I would want Arashi’s help to take him down.
  • All these contacts he’s worked with…if any mean dragon blooded or creation harm I’d want him to quit working with those people and help me stop them.
  • And finally I’d want mutual respect.

Arashi swore on his life that he would agree to all of this and handed me a spell cord with 3 spells of the sworn brotherhood on it. I cast the spell on Arashi and myself…and he REVEALS HE’S THE LIGHTNING THIEF! That dirty anathema tricky me! I fell for it. Oh dragons, what would my father say. Arashi then tells me that Sema is my ½ sister and that the Scarlet Empress is my mother and left the cannon for me.

I’m in shock by the time we meet back up with Sema and Kuro and I blurt out that I’ve formed a brotherhood with Arashi. My displeasure is obvious and I want to dissuade them from joining too but I can’t thwart Arashi’s plan of trying to bring them in. As a mockery I throw out they should just join right now and after brief words with Arashi they both agree. Part of me is relieved to have allies, but the other part wanted to save them from the Lightning Thief’s trickery. I do the spell again and bind the four of us. Arashi reveals himself to Sema and Kuro, they seem a little shocked but actually take it in stride…and is that admiration I see Kuro give Arashi? Pout Arashi then produces peaches of immortality like they are secondary school lunch and tells us each to eat one. This anathema is going to get us into more trouble than a thousand lifetimes could resolve. I eat the Malfeas forsaken peach and it’s the most delicious damned thing I’ve ever had—not that I would ever tell the anathema that. Ugh.

Arashi tells us he has a wood aspect in mind and we set off to aid her. We arrive in time to help her combat several beasts and then decide to camp before setting out for the rest of our journey in the morning. I ask Shenji to join us to fight the Fey since we could use the help and she agrees. Kuro crafts a home out of stone for us to stay in and I super heat a few rocks to get it warm. Shenji asks Kuro to craft an extra room—a little bathhouse. He seems humored and does so while Arashi fakes being a water aspect and fills the tub. I heat the water and steam up the room and the three of us girls take the first turn in the bath. Mmmmmm, I’m thankful I made enough room in my backpack for my bathing robe, shoes and soap. After our bath I evaporate the water and let the boys take their turn. They are less than shy of course and usually I wouldn’t mind—I mean I’ve seen plenty of men and woman at the bathhouses of the Realm…but I guess I never looked. I mean Kuro is far more attractive than a man has a right to be—his features are too finely crafted and I have to say—I’m rather a little annoyed that he distracted me enough I stared. The boys obviously think I’m a child…not to mention Sema saw the whole thing. I’m never going to live it down. And we’re in a brotherhood. Sigh. I’m going to have to avoid bathhouses for the next 50 years.

While the boys were taking their turn Sema and I spoke with Shenji and tried to convince her to join our group. I felt bad for not discouraging her, but honestly her laid back demeanor is just what the group could use. Alright, perhaps it’s just what I could use—and I may have pushed a little hard because she agreed. Once the boys were out of their bath I used the final spell on the cord to bind Shenji into the brotherhood. Arashi revealed that he was a Night caste Solar after the spell and Shenji literally almost fainted. Poor thing, now I feel worse. Sometimes I wish I had the reserve of character that my father or brother have. Shenji was understandably upset and felt a little betrayed by Sema and myself. I can’t blame her and can only hope that there will be enough benefits in the arrangement to compensate her for the trickery. Once we were all joined Arashi announced there was no point for us to stay in a tiny stone hut and magiked us away to his spirit manse…

Unbelievable, this place is unreal, and it isn’t hard to see why these Solars are so very deadly. Look at everything Arashi is capable of. We stayed the night and woke to the smell of breakfast. I was enjoying my breakfast of crisply well done meats and eggs when two spirits walked in. The spirt of ownership and the spirit of thievery…celestial ranking 7 and 8. I just…I can’t…. I don’t, I don’t really know what to say. And as such said almost nothing and then they left. I JUST PASSED UP AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SO MANY QUESTIONS! Rivienne why didn’t you hold it together! Now Kuro must surely see me as a spoiled Realm child.

NPC’s We Met:
V’neef Shenji

Sema's Accounts, entry 1

I believe I have finally succeeded in shocking my family with my decision to join the Wyld Hunt. Though I know Ishik, my esteemed mother, would like me to do the bidding of the All-Seeing Eye, and as much as I value the information I could potentially obtain while doing so, I am loath to impart to them any of the secrets I myself may glean. Though I have done my utmost not to alienate or offend, I have delayed giving my mother a response to her request. I would very much like to know more about the highly secretive organization before making any commitments, especially as they might not share my interests.

Before fulfilling the expectations of my family, I would like to know more than all the books in the Blessed Isle can possibly teach me, and no book is truly impartial, especially not on the Isle where everyone has their own agenda. After all, how much can I pretend to know about Creation if I don’t go out and see a bit of it myself?

After joining the Hunt, the prestigious Mnemon Cael herself approached me with instructions to sail north to Cherak. How on earth could I be expected to say no to such a well-respected personage? Nor did I want to. I was more excited about the prospect than I would want to admit to anyone other than myself or Eben. Though it did seem to me, when I last spoke with Eben, as though he was quite worried about something. Not me, I hope. I know the Bull of the North is quite a problem, but we’re well enough acquainted by now that he should be confident in my ability to take care of myself. I can, at the least avoid trouble if I’m not capable of fighting it. Possibly his new position of responsibility is wearing on him.

This was my first time traveling such a distance, it was uneventful, but quite amusing to sit and enjoy the salty breeze while watching the humans bustle about on deck. When I finally alighted in Cherak I was met by an Air Aspect, Ferem Bayer Khariton, the commander of the city’s forces and a scion of one of house Ledaal’s “cadet” houses. He is quite handsome, and unfailingly polite, but does not seem to hold much affection for Ledaal. I gather that, though house Bayer is sponsored by Ledaal for mutual benefit, in actuality it seems to be rather one-sided. That is the most probable cause that I can ascertain for his subtle animosity. Something I’ll have to look into if given the opportunity to do so.

I am fairly certain that he didn’t think much of me, I really didn’t give him much reason to, as we waited for my cousin Ledaal Dairfane Rivienne to arrive, also sent by Mnemon Cael. I am so very glad that I was fortunate enough to witness his interesting facial expressions when he first caught sight of her. I would very much like to know what exactly he was thinking, though it could be merely that he noticed her retinue of demons and was dismayed.

I’ve heard a bit about my fair cousin, and her family, so I was glad to finally meet her officially. I’ll admit that the rumors I’ve heard have really piqued my interest. Khariton took us through the city to meet with Taimyo Cathak Kuro, who is to be our commander for the time being, I gather he was the one who applied to Mnemon Cael for assistance. En route I noticed Rivienne hanging back, and let Khariton get a ways ahead so I could see what had detained her. Much to my surprise, she was having a chat with a striking Water Aspect. I don’t understand how I did not notice him before… he stands out. After making arrangements to meet Rivienne for tea that evening he faded back in to the crowd and my cousin and I hurried to catch up with Khariton who seemed not to have missed us.

When we arrived at our designated quarters for this visit, Khariton introduced us to one, Aselsi Yasu, commander Cathak Kuro’s right hand man, and took his leave of us. Yasu thought it best to warn us, before taking us up to meet his superior, that Cathak Kuro had left the city three days prior, heading north with his Brotherhood. Only Kuro returned. I think Rivienne and I were both appreciative of the warning, we knew going in to the meeting that it would require some… delicacy.

Indeed, Kuro was initially quite cautious with us, obviously not knowing how much he could trust us or if he could trust us at all, and it’s no surprise either that he was feeling desperate after losing the entirety of his Brotherhood. I can only imagine how terrible that would be. After receiving assurances from the both of us that we could keep our mouths shut when we had to, Kuro informed us that he and his brothers were surprised by three fey. He suspects that they might be the group of fey known as Seven Storm Winds who have been plaguing the area. We have, of course, agreed to assist him in ridding the north of these fey.

Since we would not leave until the morrow and Kuro, quite understandably, would like to know the extent of our abilities, we followed him out to his camp so he could put us through our paces as it were. Walking through the camp I was impressed with how organized his troops are. A soldier’s life really is quite different, fascinating.

Rivienne had an amusing little sparring match, I’m sure it was a spectacle to behold as it caused quite a stir amongst the troops. We weren’t even performing our best, since Kuro had instructed us not to use any of our charms. All-in-all I think we’re very evenly matched, and I’m impressed that someone who has obviously spent so much time honing other areas of expertise could also exhibit that degree of martial prowess. Kuro himself is quite skilled, he assisted us using some of his abilities and they were quite interesting to say the least. I’d never even heard of a charm like the one he used.

We met with the Water Aspect, whose name is Arashi, that evening over tea after returning to the hotel. He made it quite clear that he wanted to speak with Rivienne alone and, since she didn’t show any signs of disagreeing, I had no choice but to acquiesce. They are both quite good-looking after all, so I really couldn’t fault them for wanting some time together. That’s what I thought initially, but after speaking with Rivienne, Arashi came and spoke with me. He had some interesting propositions, and he knew far more about me than he had any right, including somethings I hadn’t told anyone, not even Eben. I don’t think we can, or should, trust him. He wants to be adopted into a Major House, I can only imagine for what purpose. Both Rivienne and myself are leery of making any deals with the man as he works for the Lightning Thief, a rumored anathema. My cousin does seem a trifle downcast about the whole affair; she is still so young and full of optimism. Perhaps she had hoped to find a friend in that lost egg?

After sending Arashi off, disappointed, we discussed the matter briefly before retiring to bed. Unfortunately, it was not long before our repose was interrupted. I awoke to a sound only to find a fey standing over me with sword raised to strike, I’m ashamed to say that she might even have succeeded if not for Arashi bursting through the window, and stealing its heart’s grace faster than I could blink. My dear Rivienne had also come to my rescue, burning a shapely hole through the wall. Neither of us had the astounding speed of that Water-Aspect, however.

I don’t think Arashi meant for me to hear when he asked the fey, “Where is the Prince of Waking Dreams?” It seems he wants to acquire something that this fey “Prince” has on his person, and for that reason he has agreed to travel with us to the Ice Fisher to help fight the remaining fey.

We all took turns quizzing the fey woman, whose name is Dance of a Thousand Snowflakes. (Arashi gifted her heart to us as a show of good faith.) Apparently fey “eat” dreams and in doing so they can cause the person whose dreams they devour to become “hollow,” much like a puppet. Quite disturbingly, these fey have had dealings with the Guild. Apparently the Guild is very interested in “hollowing” people, I would think that process would make for some truly docile slaves so I can’t say that I am surprised at their interest, I am incredibly disgusted however.

The next morning we both joined Kuro at breakfast. We introduced him to Snow and shared the tale of our adventuresome night with him. (He really did a superb job containing his anger, I could tell he was quite livid that the fey was still alive, understandable I’m sure.) Which lead, of course, to telling him about our new “friend” Arashi. Not surprisingly, Kuro was desirous of meeting our new acquaintance and expressed his suspicion that Arashi himself might be a fey. In order to test that theory we tried to convince Rivienne to let him touch the Cold Iron stone on her essence cannon, neither Kuro nor myself having any iron ourselves. Since she expressed discomfort in having a possible fey in that close of contact with her weapon, entirely understandable, I suggested that she just remove the stone he could more easily touch it. Rivienne had another reason ready to hand, why that course of action was also inadvisable, but I could tell that she wasn’t being entirely truthful.

I’m ashamed to admit that my cursed inquisitiveness got the better of me, I forgot my manners and by the time we arrived at Arashi’s room she was in quite a pet as I’d discovered the secret of her impressive weapon. And what a secret it is. My.

Rivienne's Tome Entry #1

I arrived at Cherak this morning via a boat ride from the Realm. The seas were calm and as it was my first long boat ride I was rather surprised I enjoyed it so much. I had to keep my demons dematerialized to make sure the Captain or crew didn’t fret about them, but I image they enjoyed the journey as well.

Once in Cherak I was met by an Air Aspect, Ferem Bayer Khariton (Keratin), who had already met up with my distant cousin Ledaal Sema. Khariton gave me a sour expression when I approached and I made sure to mention my demons and how many there were so he could feel a little more comfortable in the situation. It was also very obvious Khariton has some resentment for the Realm in how they deal with “Cadet” houses here. I’ll need to look into that a little more before I can understand his option or form one of my own. Despite all that he was very polite and escorted us through the town to meet with Commander Cathak Kuro—the man we’d be reporting to.

Passing by the streets of the town it was a rather odd display; the local townsfolk acted as though there were a parade…they seemed awed by our presence. I have been around humans many times, but only in the Realm. It appears out here Dragon Blooded of higher breeding are not necessarily common and therefore we must have seemed an oddity. I must admit, one would think I would be used to this with the taunts of my heritage when I was younger, but the spectacle actually made me feel more uncomfortable than I’ve ever been in the Realm. I suppose that’s the purpose of being out on your own…so I did what Akeron would do—I tilted my chin up, was polite and put a smile on. While passing by the final parts of the crowd it was then that I noticed a very high Essence Water Dragon Blooded standing in with the townsfolk—he was obviously trying to blend in and as such I wondered over to say hello, hoping to find a common minded friend in the crowds in Cherak. The Dragon Blooded told me his name was Arashi and if I saw him I must have been looking for him. He invited me to evening tea. How unusual! Of course I accepted, if simply to find out more about the mysterious man.

Khariton led us to Commander Cathak Kuro’s 1st mate, Eselcia Yasu, and left us in his charge. Yasu said he would bring us to the Commander, but wanted to warn us that 3 days ago Cathak Kuro left on a mission with his Brotherhood and he was the only one to return. Poor man! Sema and I thanked Yasu for his information, it would after all be most helpful in dealing with him gently after such an event. We met with the Commander who insisted we call him Kuro. He explained that his Brotherhood and he were jumped by 3 fey while out North of the town. One of which he described and could only be a famed Catafrack! I dampen my excited at the prospect of battling a fey; this man has after all lost family. We learned from Kuro these fey are likely part of the 7 Storm Winds group that has been terrorizing the North. Since we’d be going into such a significant combat, and the Realm did only send the two of us as backup, Kuro requested he see our combative skills. Sema and I agreed and off we went to his training camp. Sema and I sparred…and after a less than impressive showing on my part Kuro called the fight. Rather disappointed I might have shamed my father with my display, in front of a Commander in the Realm forces no less, I returned with Sema to our Inn rather down trodden.

We went for our evening tea and as I had hoped Arashi was there—we sat with him and he promptly explained he would speak with both of us, but only one at a time. He was a bit abrasive during our little conversation and my hopes for an emotional ally in this city were quickly dashed. He explained he worked for the Lightning Thief—a most notorious Anathema…and he attempted to bargain for entry into the Realm. The Realm! How could this man think that I would allow that after learning he worked for Anathema! Knowing our odds against the Fey would improve with a celestial ranking 5 ally in the fight I did negotiate for him to help again the Fey…his price, to loot the male Fey leaders body. I agreed. He offered other arrangements as well…an artifact airship for something of equal value, perhaps my person as a contact. A favor for a favor. He even offered to travel with us long term if I agreed to help him infiltrate the Realm and The All Seeing Eye. He even went so far as to say he wants to see Sema or I on the Scarlet Thrown. Needless to say I agreed to none of that. He seemed to know me very well though and played up to several things only close family know I’m interested in. This man is obviously a dangerous force in the political arena and I became very cautious. I think he could sense my withdraw as does a predator with its prey. He told me he had information on my essence cannon about why I had it…how this man knew that would be the only topic that would hold my interest with him I don’t know, but it only served to make me all the more careful with my words. I ended our conversation and Arashi excused himself to talk to Sema. There conversation went much the same as ours did I imagine and Sema seemed ill inclined to discuss it. Perhaps once we’ve been traveling together longer…

That night a loud crash of glass from Sema’s room woke me. Worrying for her safety I used my anima to super heat my body and pushed through the wall separating our rooms. With horror I saw as a female Fey reared a huge sword over Sema and was about to slash it down when Arashi blurred into the room. He rushed past the Fey and in one motion she was frozen in midair while Arashi was on the other side of the room. He had somehow managed to steal her heart’s grace! I have never heard of such a thing! With the Fey under Arashi’s control we found out the leader of the Fey was called the Prince of Waking Dreams, the Fey woman—who calls herself Dance of a Thousand Snowflakes, gave us Waking Dreams’ location. We also learned that these Fey eat by feeding off dreams…doing so they can husk a victim or even kill them. Snow also told us that the Fey have been working with The Guild for placid slaves. How long has this been going on!?! Does the Realm know? Surely they can’t, surely they would step in if they learned the Fey were involved. I know most elite Houses have servants, but mindless husks? I find that thought disturbing…

The next morning we met with Kuro for breakfast and were joined by Arashi much to Kuro’s surprise. I explained Arashi agreed to help us on our Fey hunt, but Kuro was rather concerned that Arashi could possibly be a Fey himself. Sema asked that I hand my weapon over to Arashi as with my cold iron bauble it would prove is he were Fey or not. Hand the Green Sun Devil over to someone who could be a Fey? Never! I explained it was a terrible idea to provide a powerful weapon to a possible enemy, she agreed and suggested I remove just the hearthstone from it. I suppose that would be an adequate solution, but then I’d have to disassemble her…which means she wouldn’t be usable for a few moments while we performed our test. Unarmed around a possible Fey?!?! I stated I couldn’t possibly do that and Sema, pleased with herself that she seemed to gleam some insight into me suggested I simply shook Arashi instead. I must admit I don’t care for him, but shooting him is certainly not a pleasing idea. Kuro made the argument that he agreed with the hearthstone being removed, but before I could protest further Arashi stated one shot wouldn’t harm him much and I should go ahead. After shooting him, just a graze of course, it was obvious he wasn’t a Fey. After Arashi left Kuro, Sema and I alone at breakfast Kuro expressed further concern and suggested that we follow Arashi to see if we could track down information. Sema snuck after him.

NPC’s We Met:
Cathak Kuro
Ferem Bayer Khariton
Mnemon Cael

Did a Whole Bunch of Nothing

After arriving back to Lookshy and resting, the group discovered that the plague had come to Lookshy. Maia took on the challenge of curing the plague. Chien figured out that the water supply was contaminated with corpses that had the plague. Chien removed them from the water by his anima banner. Maia made a deal with the devil, I mean Devon and acquired the charms to cure the disease. Maia figured out how she lost Shimikiri. Maia never did figure out how she lost Shimikiri, you all were going to use tracking Charms but didn’t have a point of origin to start from. She remembers the last time she saw Shimikiri was in Lookshy, you guys had since traveled to her manse and back which means, assuming she wasn’t lost sooner, Shimikiri could have been misplaced anywhere in between.
Chien got wind of another solar in the east that is fighting the Realm.

The Fallen

Upon settling into their new positions, Maia pondered on how to make Lookshy’s manses better. Light furthering his business adventure with Devon. The group went to the Lighting Thief’s house and saw the aftermath of a battle in his apartment. There was no signs of the Lighting Thief, but a witness said that she saw a golden light speed out of Lookshy. Chien was then approached by Devon and was told of an attack on xxxxxxx the Marukan Alliance near Thorns.

The attack was about underway. Chien rounded up the group and used Gervesin to open a gate to the battle. There they saw an exalted that had a silver and green anima banner. There was an acidic and poisonous rain that was due to a spell, it had widen to engross much of the country side. The other exalted saw the party and then flew over to them. When the came face to face. Chien noticed that she was a lunar exalted and was his lunar mate. Both Chien and Typhoon had a vision of each other together in the first age. She told the group to leave before anybody would get hurt. When they didn’t the fight started. Maia noticed that she had spells and charms activated, but she stood there and tried to figure out what to do. Chien and Light gave it their best, but with the spells Maia didn’t counter spell, they couldn’t best her defense. When Maia almost decided to help, she was knocked out by Typhoon. Typhoon then started targeting Light, Light was knocked unconscious. Chien stood face to face with Typhoon, with his emotions getting the better of him. He banished his blade, knowing he couldn’t beat her single handily. “If I’m to die, then I’m glad it is you who will kill me,” Chien told Typhoon. As Typhoon was choking him out with her hands, Chien noticed a change come over Typhoon and saw a tears run out of her eyes. As he was falling unconscious, he wiped the tears off of her face and expected oblivion. The party regained conscious and around them was bodies of the innocents that was slayed by murderous rain. But the bodies were laid out into a figure of Chien’s caste mark. They returned back to Lookshy.

Party Crashers

Devon wanted to meet with the team and offered Chien a chance to acquire a powerful weapon. Gervesin is a demon that can change into a powerful weapon. With the help of Light and Maia, the swayed the demon for his evil ways and now serves Chien faithfully. Light and Devon Lookshy party was a success. Chien was Kess’s date for the party, Gervesin changed his body of a small child servant. Light was helping Kess’s popularity for the Chumyo. During the party there was an assassination attempted on Kess. There was seven demons, but one managed to sneak attack Kess, but didn’t kill her. Chien was first to act, with a word to Gervesin he changed into a grand grimscythe. An explosion of essense erupted from Chien when he struck to the demon that hit Kess. Essense ghostly blades left grimscythe as he swung and all demons died before they could finish Kess. Upon investigation three out five possible Chumyo’s were assassinated. Chien, Light, Maia and Kess managed to track down where the Demons came from. The other surviving dragonblooded, Maheka Lespa, had summoned demons and sent them out from her house to kill her competition. More specifically, the demons were tracked to the Maheka house and Lespa confessed in open court that she had been summoning demons during the festival. It was not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the demons she summoned were the ones responsible for the crime though this confession was enough for Lespa to be banned by the tribunal.
Kess had herself and Lespa taken into custody and a trial was held. Light was Kess’s council for the trial. Light had a rocky start, but during a recess Devon helped Light and Light owes Devon a favor. Lespa was found guilty of murdering the other dragonblooded and was banished from Lookshy. Tess was then promoted to Chumyo. Tess promoted Light to Strategoi Lieson Directorate , Maia Strategoi Intelengce Directorate, and Chien Strategoi Operations Directorate.


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