Dreams of the Lost

5 Out of 6, Not Bad

The six fair folk had shaped them selves into elementals. The battle started, Chien and Maia started to protect the lunar that was hanging on the cross. Light started to battle all the fair folks. He wasn’t able to damage any of the fair folks, but kept them busy while Maia released the lunar. Chien started to battle the fire elemental fey. The fey decided to trade swing for swing with Chien. Light was taken a beaten and wasn’t going to last much longer. With a battle cry to the Unconquered Sun, Chien cast his combo of charms. With one swing golden essence erupted from his grand daiklave. The essence flew at all of fair folks and slashed them all across the chest. 5 out of the 6 fair folds was destroyed. The only one left was the fire elemental fey and he ran off. The lunar they rescued was Light’s lunar mate name The Prince of Crows. Upon returning to Lookshy, Light met a man named Devon. He was killing blood apes that had killed his personnel of his office. They talked and meet the next day to discuss business relationship. The rest of the party meet him the next morning.

Reshaping Lookshy

After the battle, Chien hit his limit and took out after the realm. After several hours he calmed down. Light of Respended….blah blah, followed Chien and made his introductions. He was part of Maia and his solar circle. Light then started to hear somebody screaming, but when they found the spot where Light was hearing it, there was nothing there. Chien didn’t hear anything and couldn’t find any signs of anything. Upon arriving back at Lookshy, they started helped with the clean up and then cleared all of the bodies fallen from the battle. Chien and Maia was given promotions in the Lookshy legion. Maia meet her lunar mate, Silver Lord. Silver Lord can change into the Silver Lady, weird lunars. Lookshy held a ceremony for the fallen soldier from the battle and Chien gave the eulogy. Light then decided that it would be beneficial to throw a memorial benefit in Lookshy for the fallen soldiers and to help promote Yushoto Kess to rule Lookshy. Light started to hear the screaming again and wanted help to find out what was going on. Light lead them to a pocket of the wild. They enetered and found a lunar hanging off of hooks over a pool of his blood with 6 feys guarding him. The fey were disguised as elementals and Maia told Chien they were Fey. The battle started.

Super Solar Time

Session 1

After five years of constant battle in the wild, Chien and Maia returned to creation. Both more powerful than before. While resting, a flying ship from Lookshy found them. The ship took them back to Lookshy. Upon arriving at Lookshy there was an army of zombies attacking the city. The solars noticed that the enemy was taking out all of the dragonblooded officers. Chien and an unknown solar stepped up to the front line of the fighting. Chien took out almost half of the army in one swing. After clearing the field, two abyssals approached them. One of them, a night Dusk caste abyssal, challenged them to a fight. Chien and the other solar pressed the attack against the abyssal, but wasn’t doing much damage. Maia stood back, gave some essense to Chien and stood there looking pretty but from some reason had a shirt on. The rest of abyssal’s army still pressed the attack, but some of the Sixth Maiden exalted arrived and gave support to the city. They took heavy losses. When the abyssal and the solars went through most of their essense, the Mask of Winter arrived on the field. He tried to convince the solars that if they followed him to the underworld, he would leave Lookshy alone. But they wouldn’t give up. After a long battle, the Unconquered Sun arrived and drove the Mask of Winters away After which we realized Maia had Essence Sight active which means she could see the being that appeared to be the US was not, his Essence rating was too low. Also, a group of masked martial artists were what drove the Mask of Winters away.

Into the Nothing
A whole lot of ouch

Session 1 Chien, Maia, and Devin present.

20th of Resplendent Fire

Introduction of three mortals in Lookshy. 
   Chien- a disgraced soldier living in the slums
   Maia- a doctor
   Devin- a waiter and entrepreneur of illegal pharmaceuticals
Changing Winds introduced himself to all three characters and gave them a mask amulet for 
   good luck.  But they had to sleep with it on or under their pillow to bring them luck.
When they fell asleep with them on, they arrived at an unknown location.  They were put 
   through a boot camp for 14 days and were instructed by Architect of an Ending Age and Lady
   Silverclaws.  (30 dots to spend on improvements to attributes and abilities)

21st of Resplendent Fire

Was evaluated by a water aspect Kaito and drafted back into the 7th Legion.  Was givin orders.

22nd of Resplendent Fire

Characters meet Kess, a dragonblooded and mentor of Maia.  She was now their commander and
   marched them out of Lookshy to distant fort. Along the way she gave them a test apiece and
   they passed.

Session 2 Chein, Devin and Maia present

27th of Resplendent Fire

Maia had a dream about her dead husband, possible ghost in the underworld.
On the way too the fort, Kess found a magnitude 3 army of 200 zombies and ghost.  On the
   way to the fort they were ambushed by that army. Kess gave orders for them make a run 
   for the base with a special code to get back up for her while she fights the army.  When
   the characters broke away they were ambushed by zombies.  Chien and Devin manage to make 
   through, but Maia was thrown off her horse and pinned down.  Chien prayed to the gods and 
   Blaze of the Plain spirit saved Maia from the zombies.  They made it to the fort and got

28th of Resplendent Fire 765

Most of the dragonblood and Kess, left on a mission to rescue people of a town that the Mask
   of Winters captured. That night the fort was attack and overrun by an army of zombies led
   by an abyssal.  The abyssal beat Chien unconscious in two hits, then knocked out Maia and
   followed by Devin.  While being tortured for the special code Kess told them, Chien and 
   Maia exalted to solars.  Devin gave up part of the code and then was saved by a demon.
   The demon offered him a chance to be saved by becoming an infernal and he took it.
Changing Winds found Chien and Maia, then offered them a chance to go to Kether Rock or go 
   back to Lookshy.  Both agreed to go to Kether Rock.

Session 3 Maia, Devin and Chien present

28th of Resplendent Fire 768

Final test for Maia and Chien to graduate from Kether Rock.  Druss flew them to the middle
   marshes.  Upon reaching the ground Chien spotted Devin near the landing.  Devin was acting
   funny, but Maia thought it was over exposure from the wild. Devin joined back up with them.
With there crew they walked five miles to their location and found a statue that looked like
   it was starting a shadowland growing around it.  The statue was that was black figure that
   was shaped closed to a humanoid, but the face was a little misshapen.  Maia thought it was 
   a spirit sanctuary and thought the entrance was at its mouth.  Maia entered it and then 
   screamed.  Chien followed her in to help her.  They were falling in the underworld into
   the void in the center of (city).  A shaping affect helped Maia get away from the void, 
   but Chien got too close due to a charm preventing the same affect helping him.
Chien's essence was almost pulled away from his body and when he got a way he had a mask upon
   his face.  He noticed that there was another entity in his head, claiming to be his 
   sword.  He ripped the mask off of his face.  He then had a vision of the 5 sisters asking
   him to find the 6th in the Labyrinth.  This is what they said to him:
'When you come upon the Shard of Oblivion, take care not to lay your hands upon it when you
   collect it.  When you reach the Sleeping Madien, take the shard in hand and strike the 
   first lock that binds her.
 Find the life that grows in the world of the Dead and claim for yourself a single seed.  
   Only a strike from the life in death can break the second lock that binds her.
 Only one who embodies the five principles of her sister may destroy the last lock and set 
   her free.'
Devin was transported to Chien and Maia by the same means in the underworld.  Chien could 
   feel what way he needed to go to help the sixth maiden.  They meet Shinami, who studies
   the Labyrinth and could guide them through it.  After discussing where they needed to go
   the price was paid in resources and they set off.
First they went to Cavern of the Ending.  Chien and Maia went through the maze.  Collected 
   the stone and also found a first age box with a warning writing in old realm 'Do not 
Then they went Roaktau.  While resting Devin opened the box and a little doll jumped out.  
   It ran to Maia and latched on to her arm.  Devin denied opening the box and made it look
   like it chewed it's way out of the box.  Maia acquired a Shimikiri.  They traveled to the
   center of the city, which is the elemental pole of wood then entered a tower.  They 
   followed it to where creation, underworld and the pole merged.  Chien took two accorns and
   gave one to Maia.
Set out for the heart of the Labyrinth to find the sixth maiden.  After month of walking, the
   group discovered a soulsteel mono-train.  They took the train and was dropped off where
   they needed to go.
Entered a chamber that held the sixth maiden.  Chien grabbed the shard and broke the lock.
   When he grabbed it he was turned into an abyssal.  Chien finished breaking the rest of the
   locks and the great curse took a hold of him.  After the maiden was released she grabbed
   the group and headed to black & white Kings and Queens.  Chien was restored by the maiden
   back to solar and sent the party back to Kether Rock.  Maia thought she might know who the
   the black king is.  Took two months and 3 days to complete the journey.

Session 4 Maia, Devin and Chien present

1 st of Resplendent Air 768

After returning to Kether Rock, the party returned to Lookshy.  Upon reaching the gate the 
   group was detained for questioning for being missing for 3 years.  Kess came and 
   questioned them.  They were released with the the help of Karal Duress, Chien's brother. 
   Duress advised them to get good council for the trail of the desertion.
Chien was allowed back into Gen Karal.  Duress gave Chien a expensive short sword.
The group meet the Lighting Thief and he was part of Chien and Maia's solar circle.  Lighting
   Thief told them of the last of the person of their solar circle, Evelynn an eclipse caste.
   She was supposed to be the best with handling bureaucracy problems.

Session 5 Maia and Chien present

2 nd of Resplendent Air 768

Maia and Chien meet with the Architect and Lady Silverclaw. The Architect helped them out by
   training them some new charms and skills.
Chien and Maia found Evelynn in Lookshy with the help of Chien's new charm.  After
   introductions, Evelynn took them back to her place and they talked about their problem.  
   She agreed to help only if she does it her way and they agreed.
Chien had another dream about the sixth maiden and agreed to go on a mission for her to 
   underneath of Mt Metagalapa and find an obsidian & jade temple in the middle of a cavernous
The Lighting Thief agreed to help them on mission.
Maia wild shape some workers for the mission and then forgot to wild shape them equipment.
They arrived to Mt Metagalapa then found a cave that led them down underneath the ground. 
   After extensive travel they crossed a shadow land and in-countered a day caste abyssal. 
   He tried to take out the crew of workers, but they escaped while the Lighting Thief beat 
   and captured him after he begged for mercy.  Chien and Him tied him up and is watching him.
They found the temple.

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