Character Creation Rules

Character Creation

• Get yourself a character sheet, Mr Gone’s Character Sheets are pretty awesome
• Choose a concept, motivation, Dynastic House, and elemental aspect

Attributes (7/6/4)
• All Attributes begin with 1 dot and can be increased to a maximum of 5 dots
• Prioritize your Physical, Social and Mental: 7 Dots for Primary, 6 Dots for Secondary, 4 Dots for Tertiary

Abilities (36)
• All Abilities begin at 0 dots and can be increased to a maximum of 5 dots
• You gain the following Ability Ratings because you’re a Dynast: Archery 1, Lore 2, Martial Arts 1, Melee 1, Performance 1, Presence 1, Ride 1, Socialize 2, War 1
• You gain an additional 25 dots to spend on whatever you want

Specialties (4)
• Your character gains 4 dots in specialties to place in any Ability you wish
• Each ability can have a maximum of 3 dots in specialties although each dot can represent a different specialty if you want
Example Specialties: Melee (Swords 3), Archery (Powerbows 2, Demons 1), or Presence (Red Heads 1, While Drunk 1, Government Parties 1)

Backgrounds (12)
• Backgrounds: Allies, Arsenal, Artifact, Backing, Breeding, Command, Connections, Familiar, Henchmen, Manse, Mentor, Reputation, Resources, Retainers
• Your character begins the game with Breeding 5 for free (+5 Personal Motes, +9 Peripheral Motes, -2 mote cost to activate Anima Banner)
• Background Ratings cannot go above 3 without spending bonus points

Charms (10)
• Your character begins with 10 Charms which can be from any Ability provided she meets the perquisites of the Charm
• You gain a free Excellency upon obtaining your 3rd and 5th dot in an Ability

Virtues and Willpower (5)
• All Virtues begin with a Rating of 1
• You have 5 dots to spend on all Virtues
• Your character begins with Willpower 5

Odds and Ends
• Your character begins the game with Essence 3
• You have at least 7 health levels

Bonus points (18)
• You can gain additional bonus points for having a backstory and picture ready for the first game.

Ability2Favored Ability1
Specialty1Favored Ability Specialty2 for 1
Charm3Favored Ability Charm2
Celestial Charm4Favored Celestial Charm3
Background1Background 4+2
Note: At Character Creation Dragon-Blooded can only learn Celestial Martial Arts

Finishing Touches
• Here’s a Quick Reference Site for calculating the values below:
• Pick your Intimacies (max Willpower + Compassion) and familiarize yourself with the new intimacy house rules
• Record your Parry Defense Value (PDV) and your Dodge Defense Value (DDV)
• Record your Parry Mental Defense Value (PMDV) and your Dodge Mental Defense Value (DMDV)

Character Revisions

Having been imprinted on by the Incarnae, your characters awaken to their new extraordinary Celestial power.

Calculate your Essence (personal and peripheral) as per the Incarnae’s native Celestial Exalted type (but you can also add Breeding to both pools).

Charms – General
You can learn the Celestial level magic of your patron’s Exalted type. The costs for Celestial level Charms are covered on the experience cost page. You are considered your Celestial level tier for determining what you can and can’t learn (such as Solar Circle Sorcery and Sidereal Martial Arts).

Your character also no longer pays the 1 mote surcharge for “out of aspect” Terrestrial Charms.

Charms – Excellencies
Since you potentially have access to two types of Excellencies, you’re free to pick and choose which type of Excellency you wish to buy with the free Excellencies you obtain for having a 3 and 5 in the corresponding Ability ratings. Feel free to retrain Excellencies for the next game.

Additionally, your characters gain a free Excellency when you have three dots of specialties in a single Ability for the corresponding Ability.

Charms – Combos
Using Dragon-Blooded Charms hasn’t changed, you can use all of them at any time. Reflexive Celestial Level Charms are fair game. If you want to use multiple Supplemental, Extra Action or Simple Charms you need only spend a Willpower for the action. If you’re interested in building a Combo with those types of Charms, feel free to do so to remove the willpower point spent for the action (provided you only use Reflexive, Terrestrial, and the Charms in that Combo).

Magical Materials
Your character can freely attune to both Jade and the metal that corresponds to your Incarnae patron and gain the full magical material benefits without double attuning.

You still have a limit track but Limit Breaking is going to be altered slightly. Those mechanics are going to happen “behind the screen” but continue to track your Limit and let your ST know if/when you limit Break. The conditions by which you gain Limit have not changed.

When it comes to advantages (such as Familiars), your Character uses whichever version of the background is more beneficial (either the Terrestrial or Celestial) version. You will not, however, have to worry about Arcane Fate, Wyld Mutation or any other drawback specific to the Celestial Exalted.

Character Creation Rules

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