Location: North
Affiliation: Realm (Satrapy)
Government: The Survival Council
Faith: Immaculate Faith
Economy: Agriculture, Fishing, Slaves, Port Trade
Associations: Realm, Guild


Cherak is one of the biggest satrapys in the North and has always had a long standing alliance with the Realm. Cherak’s Dragon-Blooded population are aligned as Houses in much the same way the Realm is, except these houses are recognized as “Cadet” houses (lesser houses) which are not formally recognized by the Realm. A few of these lesser houses have, however, been sponsored by a House in the Realm for a mutually beneficial (and rather one-sided) relationship.

House Ferem has one representative that speaks on behalf of all of the Great Families for the Greater Chamber and carries a number of representatives in the Lesser Chamber. Unlike most Dynastic houses, overall the members from Cherak support one another.

Cherak relies primarily on cheap labor to keep their economy running which has lead to their long standing relationship with the Guild. Further, the market for substances that can keep slaves focused on the task at hand to keep them productive is also in high demand.

Many centuries ago Cherak surrendered most of their arsenal of Artifacts to officiates from the Realm. What wasn’t surrendered was re-purposed to use as agriculture equipment and most of the Artifacts at present are in disrepair.

The Great Families

Over three dozen families make up the most influential members of Cherak politics. Collectively these families are known as House Ferem. Their naming structure mimics that of the Realm (using their house name “Ferem” when dealing with the Realm or their family name when dealing with the locals or showing support to Cherak).




Motivation: To balance their one-sided relationship with the Realm
Intimacies: Great Houses (Pride), Dragon-Blooded Scions (Faith), Survival (Conviction), Realm (Partnership), Guild (Reluctant Partnership)
Guild (Partnership), The Realm (Allegiance), Icewalkers (Conflict)
Size 6, Competence 4, Influence 6, Wealth 6, Reach 5
Total Capital: 27


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