The floating city, Eden hovers a few hundred miles above the surface of Creation well outside the operational range of most current airships and even the more advanced Essence scanners on the surface below. The geomancy of Eden is clearly a marvel of Geomancy only solar magic is capable of forging and every single structure in Eden is, in itself, a manse.


Eden is populated by two groups of people: Dragon Kings and highly capable, highly modified humans. The population is evenly split among each and has roughly 100,000 sentient creatures residing in the city at any given time. Every single citizen of Eden has the ability to wield Essence in some sense. Dragon King pins where the young are nurtured until they become sentient adults dot the city while automatons are a regular sight tending to the menial tasks aboard the ship.


Eden is a floating city roughly 10 miles in diameter and is relatively spherical. It is held aloft by a complicated network of Manses which are responsible for keeping the city aloft. The geography is temperate and filled with lush and exotic vegetation when the skylines end and the plant life begins. Even then, the city itself has an abundance of life woven through the structures forged of magical materials.


Eden is a city devoted to one thing and one thing only: the personal pursuit of perfection. The city itself magically emboldens the passions of those that take residence in the floating isle driving them to pursue their life’s ambitions and dreams with unwavering Conviction. While the magic does not force productivity upon those that are otherwise lacking, many residents quickly find a trade after a short time of the nearly completely autonomous city tending to their every need. Disease is non-existent and everyone has enough food and resources to live lavish lifestyles, even by Realm standards. Still the city values hard work and festivals are regularly held for the occupants to showcase their latest creations and wonders. The city patron herself, a powerful Twilight Caste, resides over these festivals and great prestige (and even personal favor from the patron) are awarded to those whose labors outshine all others.

Motivation: To safeguard Creation from the threats of the Wyld
Intimacies: Unconquered Sun (Weary Respect), Wyld Creatures (Dutiful Malice), Solar Exalted (Reverence), Personal Perfection (Determination)
Solar Exalted (Partnership), Dragon Kings (Adoration), Ascended Citizens (Cultivation)
Size 7, Competence 7, Influence 0, Wealth 10, Reach 4 (Self Only)
Total Capital: 28

Popular City Destinations

While tampering with the Geomancy is strictly prohibited, every building (with the exception of Star Forge) is open to the public for exploration. Below are a few of the popular sites of the city.

Sun Scorched Park

The Magistrate Edifice of Central Administration (MECA)
Rating: Solar Manse 5
Hearthstone: Crystal of Legendary Leadership (3), Jewel of Lawgiver’s Authority (2)
Powers: Sentient (5), Synergistic Overmind (5), Network Node (1), Magical Conveniences (1), Central Control (2), Password Activation (1), Consecrated (4), Immutable (1)

About: The central mind of the massive geomantic network that resides over the city, this Manse is the home of the most powerful artificial intelligence to exist since “I AM” was created in the First Age. This AI, known to the citizens as “Aphelion”, is responsible for maintaining the vast array of other Manses that dot the city and perfectly manages each facet of magical convenience that the citizens daily lives benefit from. Aphelion is a benevolent artificial intelligence that operates mostly autonomously, although someone with legitimacy can expand the parameters of her Intelligence system.

One of the most advanced intelligence systems in existence, Aphelion is a marvel of geomantic and magitech interface and cooperation. Despite the daunting task of maintaining myriad systems in the city, Aphelion currently uses only a fraction of her processing power and would be capable of managing a complete city the size of Creation… if not more.
Motivation: To serve and protect the people of Eden
Intimacies: Eden Citizens (Love), Eventide (Admiration), Pursuit of Excellence (Conviction), Fostering Education (Temperance)
Charisma 5, Manipulation 5
Perception 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 5
Archery 5, Awareness 5, Bureaucracy 5, Craft 5, Integrity 5, Investigation 5, Linguistics 5, Lore 5, Medicine 5, Occult 5, Presence 5, Performance 5, Sail 5, Socialize 5, War 5
Languages: Riverspeak, Old Realm, High Holy Speech (2 unfilled)

Perimeter Sensory Tower (PST)
Manse: Water Manse 5
Hearthstone: Bloodstone (3), Mind-Cleansing Gem (2)
Powers: Extended Zone of Influence (4), Analytical Senses (2), Eyeless Sight of Daana’d (1), Pasiap’s Buried Whiskers (2), Network Node (1), Magical Conveniences (1), The Silent Voice (3), Integrated Utility Artifacts (3), Well-Favored Aspect (1), Bound Servitor (2)

About: The advanced lookout stations of Eden, these towers have a sensor range of 5 miles and can gather and process an enormous amount of information. Each of these stations comes complete with integrated Sympathetic Elemental Scanners and is capable of analyzing and communicating with just about anything in range. These stations are also staffed with automaton that tirelessly monitor the data these manses collect alongside Aphelion.

Outer Defense Tower (ODT)
Manse: Air Manse 5
Powers: Ultra-Deadly Perimeter Defenses (4), Zone of Influence (3), Essence Shield (4), Network Node (1), Adaptive Defense (2), Integrated Essence Artillery (4), Air Dragon’s Will (2), Mela’s Sweet Whisper (1)

About: Along the outer perimeter of Eden are the ODTs, powerful manses that protect the citizens of Eden from outward harm. Equipped with powerful Essence Shielding (Hardness 50B/50L/25A), an array of adaptive Essence Cannons, an incredible range of effect (5 miles), and some of the most advanced essence sensors available, very little ever slips past an ODT. Aphelion automatically receives and processes information from all ODTs and controls their operations.

City Propulsion System (CPS)
Manse: Air Manse 5
Hearthstone: Stone of Airwalking (4), Stone of Quick Thought (1)
Powers: Floating (2), Extended Zone of Influence (4), Immutable (2), Mobile (4), Network Node (1), Self-Stabilizing (2), Wyld Revocation (5)

About: These manses are dotted throughout the city and always overlap in twos in case one fails since they are responsible for keeping the city aloft. Their unique structure allows for the movement of all Manses within their area of influence (which covers the entire city) and the unique effects concerning propulsion around the city and other anomalies (such as citizens that happen to accidentally fall from the city floating back to sold ground).

Automatic Provision Allocation System (APAS)
Manse: Wood Manse 5
Hearthstones: Song of Life Stone (4), Stone of Shelter (1)
Powers: Network Node (1), Life-Sustaining (2), Provider (2), Extended Zone of Influence (4), Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis (1), Wood Dragon’s Will (2), Mutating (5), Emotional Focus (2), Living Manse (1)

About: Towering trees that are impressive, living expressions of Geomantic design, APAS are the backbone of Eden. These Manses cover the entire city with their zones of influence and provide enough sustenance for all inhabitants, manage the climate of the city, grant every citizen helpful mutations (if Aphelion deems it appropriate), and allow them to heal at rapid rates all while avoiding disease and other maladies.

Sky Central Control (SCC)
Manse: Air Manse 5
Powers: Factory Cathederal (5), Air Dragon’s Will (2), Network Node (1), Magical Conveniences (1), The Silent Voice (2), Ability Enlightenment (4), Guardian Force (4), Well-Favored Aspect (1)

About: The main dock for airships for the city, SCC is a full dry docking facility for airships. It comes complete with all of the equipment (and even labor assistance) for repairing artifact ships and even has automated docking features for ships to damaged to land on their own (or for pilots that aren’t skilled enough to dock without damaging the manse). Further, it allows anyone in the manse to telepathically communicate with one another.

Star Forge
Manse: Solar Manse 5
Hearthstone: Gem of Perfect Mobility (5)
Powers: Factory-Cathedral (5/+4), Genesis Laboratory (5/+3), Integrated Artifacts x2 (6), Master’s Workshop Manse x2 (4), Bound Servant Force (3), Archive (2), Magical Conveniences (1), Password Activation (1)

About: The most advanced crafting facility ever built, this Manse is one of the few locations that can be used to construct any and all Artifacts. Integrated Artifacts are Wondrous Globe of Precious Stability, Celestial Phoenix Cauldron, Artifact Wyld Pocket – Bordermarches, Hand of the Great Maker x2, and a Cargo Preservation Spindle. The bound servant force of amalgams are the equivalent of 5 Second Circle Demons. Unlike most of the other non-residencies in the city, Star Forge is off limits since it is also the home of the patron Twilight Caste of the city.


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