Item Errata

Melee Weapon Magical Material Bonuses

Orichalcum: +2 Accuracy, +1 Defense, +1 Rate
Moonsilver: +2 Accuracy, +2 Defense
Jade: -1 Speed, +1 Damage
Starmetal: +1 Accuracy, +3 Damage
Soulsteel: +2 Accuracy, drains motes = Essence on damage, cannot drain more motes on an attack than the total levels of damage dealt in Step 10.

Artifact Melee Weapons

Grand Daiklave5+1+11L/4+01832, O, R
Reaper Daiklave4+4+4L/2+1352O
Reaver Daiklave5+2+8L/2+0252O
Short Daiklave4+2+3L/2+1262O
Wavecleaver Daiklave4+1+5L/2+2252O
Dire Lance5+2+5L/8L/2+22522, L, O, R, Th
Grand Goremaul6+0+16B/3-11832, O, R
Grand Grimcleaver6+0+13L/3-11832, O, R
Grand Grimscythe6+0+12L/2+02832, O, R

Artifact Martial Arts Weapons

Bloodspike Harness6+3+7L/2-152C, O, P
Dire Chain (Strike)5+0+8B/2+2231M, O R
Dire Chain (Clinch)6+1+6B/2-131C, M, O, P, R
God-Kicking Boot5+1+7B/2-1261M, O
Razor Claws5+3+4L/2+2362M, O
Serpent-Sting Staff5-1+8B/2+4352M, O
Slayer Khatar5-0+2L/2+3202M, O
Smashfist (Strike)5+1+5B/2+2261M, O
Smashfist (Clinch)6+0+4B/2-161C, M, O, P

Shield Magical Material Bonuses

Orichalcum: +1 Defense
Moonsilver: +1 to Essence for calculating DDV
Jade: -2 external penalty to disarm
Starmetal: Apply Shield PDV vs one unexpected atk per scene
Soulsteel: +1 Defense

Artifact Shields

Thunderbolt Shield5+1+2B+5152M, Sh0

Range Weapon Magical Material Bonuses

Orichalcum: +2 Accuracy, +1 Damage, +10/50 yrds range
Moonsilver: +1 Accuracy, +20/100 yrds range
Jade: -1 Speed, +10/50 yrds range
Starmetal:+1 Accuracy, +2 Damage
Soulsteel: +2 Accuracy, +2 Damage

Artifact Ranged Weapons

Sling of Deadly Prowess5+2+4L/2215031O
Infinite Jade Chakram4+0+4L/245052O
Short Powerbow6+2+2L/22250422, B, O
Long Powerbow6+1+3L/23350632, B, O

Armor Material Bonuses

Orichalcum: +2B/+2L Soak, +1B/+1L Hardness
Moonsilver: No Mobility Penalty
Jade: No Fatigue Penalty, -2 environmental hazard damage
Starmetal:+1B/+1L Hardness, reduces minimum damage value by 1 (min 1)
Soulsteel: +2B/+2L Soak, +1B/+1L Hardness

Chain Shirt+5L/+3B2L/2B-0021
Reinforced Buff Jacket+7L/+10B5L/5B-1032
Reinforced Breastplate+10L/+9B8L/8B-1142
Articulated Plate+12L/+14B8L/8B-2163
Superheavy Plate+15L/+15B10L/10B-2283

Warstrider Armor

  • Piloting a Warstrider requires Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Wits 2, Athletics 2, Lore 1 (cumulative -1 pen for each dot lacking)
  • Warstrider Strength determines damage, lift/carrying capacity, destroying/breaking something, jumping distance
  • Warstriders are treated as Vehicles with their own separate health track even though they rely on pilot traits for combat
  • Exalted pilots can use Charms while piloting Warstriders
  • Warstriders multiply the pilot’s base speed by 10
  • Hitting a target 10 feet tall or smaller levies a -3 external penalty
  • Stealth is only possible with Charms and even then pilots suffer a -3 external penalty to do so
  • Warstriders require a Level 3 Hearthstone to operate
  • Warstrider weapons and armor never benefit from a magical material bonus

NameSoakHardnessStrengthHealth LevelsMobilityFatigueAttuneCost

Warstrider Weaponry

Warstrider scale weapons use the same stats as their personal scale counterparts save that the base damage rating and overwhelming values for each weapon is doubled. Additionally, Warstrider scale ranged weapons have double the range of their personal counterparts.

For example, a Warstrider scale Grand Daiklave has the following statistics:
Speed 5 - Accuracy +1 - Damage 22L/8 - Defense +0 - Rate 1

Artifact Vehicle Speeds

Vehicles seem to be in an okay place, but for this Campaign triple all overland speeds (not combat movement) listed for all Vehicles in the books.

Item Errata

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