Kether Rock


Location: South
Affiliation: Independent
Government: Solar Council
Faith: Thousand Gods
Economy: None
Associations: Gold Faction


Kether rock is the top secret training facility for the newly revived Solar Exalted. Here the Solars are exposed to rigorous training schedules that focus on martial prowess and humility while subtly glossing over their roll as God-Kings. Training exercises include grueling lessons in survival, tests of their mental and physical fortitude, and other lessons in combat and morality.

Kether Rock also has a few other unique students including a handful of Lunars and Dragon-Blooded. While rumors persist that there may be other types of Exalts at this school, most of the inhabitants dismiss them as just rumors.


Kether Rock is run by the Battlemaster Michael, a Solar Exalt who was in the first class of trainees that attended Kether Rock. A scholar warrior by trade, Michael is a historian and a general in a class all his own. Charismatic and well-spoken, MIchael is also a master swordsmen and archer and often teaches classes to advanced students when he’s not concerning himself with the daily operations of the school.

Jak is a Night Caste almost as old as Michael. Unlike most Solars he opted not to leave and instead stayed behind to keep watch over Kether Rock from anyone that might wish the school harm. While Kether Rock has some of the most advanced obfuscation of all locations in Creation, he still keeps a vigilant watch over both the students and the facility itself.

Kether Rock – The Manse

Kether Rock – Fire Manse 5
Powers: Emotional Focus [Training] (1), Glorious Halo of Hesiesh (1), Comfort Zone (1), Provider (3), Outside Fate (4)
Hearthstone: Firebird Gem (5)

Kether Rock was specifically built to function as a training facility. Inside the manse is a hospitable zone that provides for all residents despite the extreme surroundings. Further the manse itself drives those present to train hard and assists them in doing so with minor illusions designed to test them. Lastly, the most important part of Kether Rock by far, is that it is removed from fate and thus remains hidden from the Bronze Faction astrologists.

Additional Manses

Home Guard – Earth Manse 5
Powers: Essence Shield (4), Zone of Influence (3), Network Node (1 pt), Fortress (2 pts), Immutable (1 pt), Guardian Force (4 pts)
Hearthstone: None

Description: This manse maintains the powerful Essence shielding that surrounds roughly a 500 yard diameter around Kether Rock proper. This manse has 50B/50L hardness shield relying on Home Defense which is also part of the Kether Rock network node for combat data. In this area, all unwanted shaping magic and Wyld influence is nullified. The manse also maintains a Magnitude 5 supernatural army with Drill 5 to help defend the Kether Rock compound. Finally, the manse itself is a fortress with 3 hazards and can suffer 125 HLs of damage before suffering power failure.

Home Defense – Earth Manse 5
Powers: Extended Zone of Influence (4), Pasiap’s Buried Whiskers (1 pts), Network Node (1 pt), Analytic Senses (2 pts), Integrated Essence Artillery (4 pts), Ultra-Deadly Traps (3 pts)

Description: The weaponized defense and tactical gathering manse of Kether Rock, this manse has 10 dots of powerful Artifact weaponry. It also gathers information and analyzes it while sending it out to all manses connected to the Kether Rock network. The range of influence of this Manse is 5 miles allowing the weaponized manse to meet threats long before they arrive at the Kether Rock perimeter. Lastly, a series of powerful traps also guards the critical points of the Kether Rock compound.

Home Provider – Wood Manse 5
Powers: Provider (2 pts), Zone of Influence (3 pts), Integrated Utility Artifacts (3 pts), Life-Sustaining (2 pts), Comfort Zone (1 pt), Network Node (1 pt), Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis (1 pt), Wood Dragon’s Will (2 pts)

Description: This manse produces enough food to feed a Magnitude 5 city. The manse has an overall effect range of 500 yards. Further, the manse can control the surrounding climate in its area of influence. This manse heals all authorized individuals 2 bashing and 1 lethal health levels every hour and 1 aggravated every 5 hours. All authorized individuals also gain a +5 vs poisons and diseases. The surrounding area can also mimic any climate. Lastly, the manse can manipulate surrounding wild life to do anything from grow exotic plants to create hazards for training purposes.

Motivation: To train Celestial Exalted to be the humble servants of Creation
Intimacies: Solar Exalted (Weary Respect), Abyssal Exalted (Careful Consideration), Unconquered Sun (Reverence), Lunar Exalted (Enthusiastic Reverence)
Michael (Respect), Jak (Friendship), Kole (Hope)
Size 4, Competence 7, Influence 2, Wealth 6, Reach 4
Total Capital: 23

Kether Rock

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