Rivienne's To Do List

Accomplished To Do

In Character To Do

  • discover Arashi’s reason for wanting in the realm
  • find out if my parents knew about my heritage
  • learn more about brotherhood mates
  • get Arashi’s daughter to help make artifacts and do skinmount ammys
  • learn more about bull of the north and maybe take him down
  • THORNS: get Great Forks to help and ally w/ spirits there, get Liminal exalted involved, get Keither Rock involved in fight with Thorns too
  • get Arashi to sneak me into the Heart of Creation manse and break connection w/ Scarlet Empress, then reforge the hearthstone
  • work on getting Eben involved with the group somehow
  • make a reverse essence capacitor and have it work on consuming resonance

Character Leveling

  • get the socialize motivation reader charm
  • increase to Stamina 4, 12xp
  • increase to charisma 4, 12xp
  • increase to dex 5, 12xp
  • get some spells, 4 xp each
  • increase archery specialty: cannon, 3xp each
  • gain occult specialty in solars, 3xp each
  • increase socialize to 5, 7xp
  • dodge charms

Out of Character To Do

  • design manses
  • design artifact: endless space satchel (kind of bag of holding style)
  • design artifact: broach of floating, mimic air aspect anima, for airship reasons
  • design charm “fire’s warmth”, presence charm that mimics that socialize charm
  • make a page of combo go-to’s (including: defense combos, offense combos, socialize?)
  • make a how-to essence respire pg
  • finish putting The City of Finn on the items section

Rivienne's To Do List

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