Sun Scorched Park

An epitaph is mounted in stone at the entry to the park. The park itself isn’t a park at all, just a sun-scorched field where a battle seems to have taken place long ago. While the visitors read the plaque, powerful essence-fueled hologram emitters play out the scene for the reader in their peripheral and depict the story in all its splendor exactly as it unfolded.

A young woman sat in the center of the sun-bleached field immediately following her Exaltation. Her anima flickered about with a glowing radiance like that of a newborn star. Tears streamed down her face as she lifted her hands before her, turning and examining them now that they shown with a golden glow.

It was then the Sun descended from the havens, preceded by his spear and shield. Like a comet crashing from the heavens, he arrived a mere hundred feet away from her and the force of his arrival sent her tumbling backwards. With purposeful and foreboding steps he strode forward, his grip on his spear tightening as he approached her.

The girl looked to the fallen star, barely able to stare into his holy visage without her eyes catching alight in his radiance. She needed but a moment to realize his purpose in descending from Heaven to confront the newest Chosen and the tears once more welled in her eyes as she saw her end reflected in the brilliant glint at the tip of the spear.

“Please no,” she begged the mighty Divine. “What have I done to deserve this? I beg you Most High, please show me mercy. I know not what crimes I am being punished for, I beg your mercy, please!”

The Unconquered Sun paused but a moment to consider her words.

“You possess that which you should not,” his voice echoed like a booming supernova. “Your purpose was to safeguard the lives of all those in Creation but you, and all those like you, have failed. I judge thee and will never allow your tyranny to once again threaten this world.”

In the distance another burning corona, barely visible through the iconic splendor of the Unconquered Sun, raced to the scene in a blinding flash of essence and skid to a stop between the young woman and the Sun himself. The man’s hands were trembling, his Solar anima already iconic from the expenditure to arrive in time to save the young woman. Before the mighty Incarnae the Lightning Thief held out his hands to separate the Most High from the young woman.

Sol Invictus narrowed his eyes at the Solar, his spear tip moved from the young woman to point to the breast of the pretentious Night Caste that stood defiantly before him.

“You,” began the Unconquered Sun with eyes that burned like the stars in the heavens. “This is your doing. You stole the spark I entrusted to the Heavens and gave it to this girl for her Exaltation to follow. For the crime of violating that which is most sacred, I condemn thee to share her fate.”

The Lightning Thief’s lips parted although for a few long moments he remained silent, desperately trying to find his voice in the presence of the Incarnae.

“No,” he finally whispered to the Sun. “Please almighty Divine. This is my daughter, she suffers from the Great Contagion which no known magic can cure. I’ve tried every means in Creation but I knew no other way to save her. Were she not worthy her Exaltation would have never chose her. Please, I’m begging you, I acted only to save the life of she who is most dear to me. We just want to live. Cast us both from Creation if you must, take my life for the crime I have committed, just let my daughter live in peace.”

‘Your words are empty Night," the Unconquered Sun’s voice boomed in response. “Your whim was not worthy to rule Creation an Age ago and it is not worthy now to annoint one of the Chosen.”

The Lightning Thief’s face changed from fear to genuine surprise.

“Is that the crime we are being judged for? A crime committed by our progenitors thousands of years before we even drew breath? No my Lord, please! Our crime is only the will to live and doing everything in our power to spare that which we hold most dear. Is not the most fundamental right of any living creature to continue it’s own existence? Please, I beg you! If only blood will satisfy your judgement then take all of mine. But please, don’t harm my little girl.”

For a brief moment the Unconquered Sun closed his eyes and lowered his head. While his contempt for the Thief and his daughter were clear, the words of a desperate father shook him to his core and the laurels atop his brow quivered in the silence.

“I will spare you, my Chosen, from the lifetime of pain you’ll bring to the world in your wake.”

The Unconquered Sun lifted his spear once more and began charging it with his own divine Essence. The face of the Lightning Thief changed from desperation to rage. It was in that moment, when what he loved most was threatened, that he did the impossible. The Lightning Thief, charging his body with his own essence, hurled himself at the Unconquered Sun with all of his might.

The countryside was torn asunder when the two Gods collided. Fighting with every last ounce of strength and then some the Lightning Thief spent every last drop of essence at his disposal in his desperate assault against the Sun. His screams of rage and desperation echoed as loudly as the clanging of his fists and hands against the mighty Aegis of Sol himself interrupted only by his desperate cries for his daughter to flee as fast as she could. Agape at the horror unfolding before her, however, the girl could not move.

Finally, with the last of his essence in a desperate attempt to foster and advantage, the Lightning Thief channeled the last of his might into his fists and struck the Sun’s shield. In a deafening crack that echoed in Yu Shan itself, a small crack appeared in the Aegis of the Unconquered Sun.

But it wasn’t enough and the Thief had nothing left to fight with. He collapsed to his hands and knees panting even as his anima burned around him, a display of essence that could only be stifled by the aura of the Sun himself. The Unconquered Sun, having barely even tapped his reserves in the battle, lifted the spear high into the air to deliver the final blow to the now defenseless Solar knelt before him. It was then the young girl found her strength and threw herself over her father as the Godspear descended toward him.

A deafening silence overtook the area with the Unconquered Sun’s spear frozen a mere inch from her flesh. His holy white eyes remained transfixed on the scene before him, watching the two of his chosen desperately clinging to one another. Although he was exhausted and barely able to move, the Thief managed to wrap his arms around the girl and push her behind him. Defiantly he rose to his knees holding her against his back, his face turned to face the mighty Sol even as the light of his judgement burned away the Thief’s skin.

But the Unconquered Sun did not deliver the final blow. Instead, he pressed the tip of his spear to his mighty Aegis and mended the crack the Thief had caused. The corona of essence around him winked out like a dying star and the Unconquered Sun lowered himself to one knee to meet the Lightning Thief at eye level. The Thief could barely look into the face of the Sun but he forced his eyes to all the same and there he saw a single tear fall down the Sun’s cheek.

His voice boomed like a star exploding, his very words echoing through the Heavens to reshape the very fabric of existence around him and record his decree.

“Such desperate hope in the face of annihilation, I cannot take the lives of those that would sacrifice themselves so selflessly to save what they hold most dear. I will not take your lives, but hear my decree and hear it well Night. I ban your daughter from Creation and sentence her to the charge that I hold most dear. She will remove herself to the edge of Creation and use the gift I have bestowed on her to protect its borders for the rest of her days. And as for you, Night, you will never speak on behalf of Creation and are forever condemned to the shadows of your namesake.”

The sun then extended a hand and entwined his fingers around their Fates. Carefully selecting two threads, he plucked them from the Solars and with them forever removed their names. For without a Name, they could never truly be patrons of Creation. Without another word, the Unconquered Sun lifted his spear to the sky and a blast of Essence launched him back to the Heavens like a comet screaming through the air back to its celestial home.

The two Solars held each other and wept and on this hollowed ground the city of Eden was born. The last refuge from the wrath of the Sun itself.

Sun Scorched Park

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