The Tie of Fate

Many Celestial Exalted have long harbored feelings of jealousy over the bond that Lunars feel for their Solar mate. This background offers a chance for other Celestials to experience the myriad of emotions associate to that bond.

      – Rating •: The desire for a destined mate burns so brightly in the Celestial’s heart that the pattern spiders take notice and in their infinite wisdom choose a parallel fate string to tie to that of the Celesital’s. This causes an immediate intimacy of trust to form for the Celestial’s fated mate, although even the Celestial may not recognize this intimacy until they come in contact with their mate. If the character has no room in their heart for further intimacies this will override a current intimacy of the GM’s choosing. In addition, the Celestial—sharing one fate string with their mate, will come to rely on their mate as the Sun relies on the horizon to rise and set. The Celestial gains Righteous Lion Defense to the intimacy towards their fated partner.

      – Rating ••: Allows the Celestial to truly “feel” the bond, their intimacy with their fated mate changes from trust to fondness. The Celestial will always know when they are in the presence of their mate and will gain +1 die for each rating in this background to all social rolls that involve directly interacting with their fated mate; in fact the Celestial is so in tune with their mate they are able to communicate worlds with a simple look or gesture. The Celestial’s partner is instantly able to discern their subtle gestures for their true meanings while other onlookers with a MDV less than the Celestial’s roll (Cha + Performance + Tie of Fate background rating) only perceive ordinary chit-chat. (as per lunar charm Secret Speech Method)

      – Rating •••: Provides the Celestial with a MDV bonus equal to their rank in this background to social attacks that would either cause or encourage social or physical harm to their fated mate or to the Celestial’s relationship with that fated mate. This rating also moves the Celestial’s intimacy from fondness to affection.

      – Rating ••••: Represents the close bond that the two fate strings share, as they have become so entwined the Celestial is able to aid their fated mate on tasks that would normally not allow assistance. The Celestial’s intimacy changes from affection to love. In addition, they are so in tune with one another they can heal each other’s very souls. An hour of quality time (patiently listening to one another, sitting together to watch the sun rise or set, or an evening of lovemaking would all qualify) allows each mate to target and remove one derangement from the other’s mind, regardless of whether it was inflicted by Charms, sorcery, the Wyld, or the simple stresses of life (if any effect contests this, the Celestial adds their Tie of Fate background rating in automatic successes to the roll-off). The Celestial forges in their mate an Intimacy to a specific memory in their life; so long as this Intimacy endures, the Celestial may not reacquire the derangement that was cured, nor may that memory be in any way tampered with, altered, poisoned, removed, or corrupted. This may be resisted for a cost of 0 Willpower—the bond they share only works with an open heart and mind. (based on lunar charm Hastening Night’s End)

      – Rating •••••: Resonates the very loom itself, the two fate strings are so closely bound they form one thicker string, stronger together than they were apart. The Celestials intimacy changes from love to eternal love and devotion. As such, only the pattern spiders themselves are able to tear the strings apart, thus this background cannot be removed from a character. As the strings have now fully become one the very essence of the Celestial and their fated mate also fuse; they both gain the benefits of each other’s anima abilities. (based on solar charm Rising Sun Soul)

The Tie of Fate

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