Location: Scavenger Lands
Affiliation: The Mask of Winters
Government: Dictatorship
Faith: None
Economy: Trade Goods
Associations: Deathlords, Neverborn, various Ancestral Cults


The once proud city of Thorns, the city fell when the dark tides of seemingly endless undead hordes washed over it with the Mask of Winters at the helm. Thorns fall was proof that the Deathlords represented a very real threat to Creation. Now, the people of Thorns are all but enslaved and spend their nights huddling in dark corners to avoid the roaming undead that walk the lands.


While Thorns has a large percentage of undead, both intelligent and not, the people of Thorns still endure. Some have chosen to submit to the Deathlord and use what favor he grants them in return to protect their loved ones. A proud few still whisper in the shadows, worshiping the Immaculate Faith and doing what they can to stymie the efforts of the tyrannical Deathlord.


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