Dreams of the Lost

Rivienne's Tome Entry #15
Game 15
  • we talked with the group about plans to tell Lidaal Katsu about our exaltations and plans for the Realm
  • as a Brotherhood we decided we would tell Rivy’s father, Sema’s mom, and then make our claim on the throne
  • in order to make the claim on the throne stronger we knew we needed another city behind us…we decided to visit Dines Dor (over White Wall because Dines Dor would be an easier/quicker win—and with rumors flying about Anathema in our wake, quicker is better)
  • upon arriving at Dines Dor it was surrounded in a purple/black miasma and before stepping into the great beyond we returned to Finn to craft a few things to be more prepared, Rivy made hearthstones for everyone going (Sema, Rivy, Lok) to make sure we were prepared for any environmental things that would happen, once we were finished with that we flew back to Dines Dor
  • while on the way I spent the day crafting and make the Bloodlet Blade a ring that would let him perfectly conceal his identity as per the Siddy charm, that way he can be around us and look like a Dragonblooded

  • once at Dines Dor we passed through the miasma and landed in a dark underground ocean, wanting to see I flared my anime and lit the area like an underwater torch, we saw a very large marine creature coming for us and defeated it quickly, however, the essence use and further flaring of my anima attracked more monsters…this time smaller, but larger in number, we continued to fight killing several dozen of them before Lok grabbed both Sema and Rivy are darted towards the surface of the water
  • on the surface we ended up standing on the water…like it was glass, looking down into the darkened abyss but standing on solid ground
  • there were people walking the, what appeared to be a never ending water bridge, we stopped to talk to the people, they had forgotten about themselves, who they were and why they were here to begin with, we tried to help them remember but quickly realized it was useless
  • after walking for countless hours Lok decided to see if he could fly over the bridge, he was shocked with enough force it would have killed Rivy or Sema
  • the people traveling the waterway told us we had to face our regrets to leave
  • Rivy confronted Michael about feeling bad that he died, Sema spoke to Eben and Lok spoke to a mysterious Lunar
  • once we all had our “regret talks” we were given artifacts that let us cross the bridge safely
  • we landed on a battle field with a very over the top, and a bit condescending, Solar fighting a fey army, the solar told us he’d be right with us but that we could help him fight the battle…and I quote we “little dragons” could help, Rivy didn’t like his tone and having developed a new hatred of Fey (curteous of Lok from another game) Rivy decided to bust out the army killer charms
  • Sema killed 2500 fey and Rivy killed the rest of the army (dealing 213 agg dmg to them) and damaging the Behemith substantially, then Lok finished the huge beast
  • the solar was impressed with us and took us to dinner, we all discussed how he was trapped in a weird time bubble wyld pocket thing and he took us to a manse to try and help us destroy the miasma and get free
  • in the manse at the center of the miasma was a fey named Flower who spoke to us, we also talked with the solar, we learned that the Twilight of his circle had created the manse and that Flower held some sort of key to destroying the miasma, the artifacts Flower pointed to had to be picked up and “owned” for bring the miasma down
  • Sema and I jointly picked up the items and Flower disappeared revealing Balor, an Ishvara, celestial ranking 10 Fey of doom
  • Balor almost instant;y attacked Lok demanding that we give him the artifacts back we had picked up, he hurt Lok so Rivy agreed to give him his key (heart’s grace) back but he couldn’t kill Lok, Rivy threw it to the Fey, but it passed right through him as Lok told the Fey he couldn’t have the grace back
  • Balor ripped Lok’s arm off and threw his own arm onto Lok, probably hoping to gain control over the Lunar, but it backfired instead and Balor wasn’t able to control Lok and ended up granting Lok some of Balor’s powers accidentally
  • after we calmed things down we were able to lower the Miasma and were headed back to Finn after I recrafted the city, Rivy spent 3 days and rebuilt the first age city in all its former glory
  • once on Finn we told the others about the trip and what happened with the city, we all agreed to continue our plan for politics with the realm
Rivienne's Tome Entry #14
Game 14
  • Sema and Kuro told Rivienne she needed to address the city of Thorns after the fight because people were freaking out
  • Lok went to finish off the Mask of Winter’s forces that had fled the city, Jak is missing after the fight and we think he went back to Kether Rock, Kole took some Dragon Kings and is sweeping the city to root out any final supporters of the Mask of Winters
  • Rivienne delivered an ok speech, an “official” from the city stepped up to endorse Rivy’s speech and proclaim her as “Queen” of Throns
  • Sema and Rivy went to the Seven Tiered Sanctuary after the speech to try and find our Liminal friends, they were being held by Silken Laughter who says he’s a Lunar (a celestial ranking 7 Lunar) and was holding them so we could negotiate
  • we speak with Silken and discover he was “doing business” with the Mask of Winters, he negotiated with the Mask of Winters to be able to run the Sanctuary under Thorns, I explained we didn’t want his money, but we did want him to treat people with respect and kindness, I told him we didn’t want anything from him other than him being a good person, I asked him to look after our Liminal friends as they liked his city, he agreed and after telling us we had free reign of the Sanctuary he made our Liminal buddies his business partners
  • we also agreed to let Silken advertise in Thorns, although I said it had to be tasteful and if I found that it wasn’t that we would have to discuss the advertising again, Silken asked Rivy if she already had a Lunar, she told him she did
  • knowing our Liminals were safe we went back to Thorns

  • after Kuro assured Sema and Rivy that Thorns was secure with the Dragon Kings walking the city, they went back to Finn to assess the damage there and to prepare Arashi’s body and Michaels body
  • Sema looked after Finn and spend the better part of the night and next day repairing all the damage to Finn
  • Rivy crafted Orichalicum tombs for Michael and Arashi, Rivy cried over the boys and depicted great acts of heroism with magical metals across their tombs (33 successes on Michael’s, 30 successes on Arashi’s)
  • it was well into the evening when Rivy finished with the tombs, being too sad to really deal with things, Rivy turned to bright morning and got extremely high, she ended up flirting with Kuro, who took her back to her room to put her to bed, Rivy, not wanting to be alone, invited him in to share more bright morning, Kuro had a few doses of bright morning and when Rivy propositioned him he turned her down
  • the next day Rivy hung out with Akeron and went to the Sanctuary where they both got high, Akeron has charms that let him take away or give back the high condition
  • talked to Kuro about the night before and apologized for putting him in an awkward place and Rivy told him she understood that he didn’t want to take anything further than just comrades in a brotherhood, Kuro told her he did want to be intimate with her but wasn’t going to take advantage of her while she was high as that wouldn’t show his respect for her
  • the city spirit meets Rivy and Sema and seems to be pleased that they saved the city from the Death Lord
  • later that night Rivy goes into Kuro’s room and asks if he still wants to be close to her, he says he does and they have an intimate evening together

  • Kole finds us and tells us there’s something we have to see, Sema, Kuro and Rivy go with him to what looks like a lab the Mask of Winters had, inside the lab are the bodies of the Dragon Blooded that we had originally sent to attack Thorns so we could take over Grey Falls
  • after examining the strange tubes they were in we determined that the Mask of Winters was doing experiments to turn Dragon Blooded into Liminal exalted, after we figured this out we tried to rescue Kitono and his men, however, the Mask had the tubes rigged to kill them if we tried to help
  • metal spikes speared the newly created Liminals, Sema was able to stabilize and save 4 of them including Kitono
  • Rivy used social charms on the new Liminals to give them motivations that matched up with her cause, we handed over the new Liminals to Kuro so they could be in the army and be under Kuro’s command but lead wings of the Dragon King troops

  • we flew to Kether Rock to deliver Michael’s body, Rivy put extra artifacts in with him and then used shaping and spells to create an Earth manse below Kether Rock to serve as Michael’s tomb
  • Jak told us someone had to take up the training mantle at Kether Rock or it was going to crumble down, The other DB Sidereal hybrid, Jet, showed up and offered to assume the identity of a Solar and train until a more suitable replacement can be found
  • Jet told Rivt he needed her help making a copy of the loom of fate and meshing it with the Calendar of the underworld so that some form of governance can he used on the underworld, since he was helping my friends I told him I’d look into it
  • funeral for Michael happened
  • Kole was very depressed and wanted to stay about a week at Kether Rock and make sure Jet got it going right before he left, Rivy agreed and spend the night with him at Kether Rock, they were intimate together and tried to comfort one another after so much loss

  • while back on Finn we were woken up saying there was an intruder alert, we all rushed to the cause to discover a person who looked like Arashi wearing “out of fate” armor, he told us how he had to fake his death to save us from the Unconquered Sun, Rivy was pissed/hurt/happy/confused all at the same time and took off because she couldn’t deal with it right away, she told Arashi to get “what belonged to him” outta her forge
  • Arashi collected the sarcophagus that Rivy had made him and cried at how heroic and noble the gesture was
  • Rivy didn’t quite 100% believe that this was Arashi and they went to Eden to prove that he was who he said he was, Eve confirmed that the armor he was wearing let him walk outside of fate, but that this was her father
  • Lok returned to FInn that night and we all discussed what the events meant to the Realm and how we couldn’t keep what we are entirely secret after the Thorns battle
  • we decided it was best to tell Ledaal Katsu the plan of taking the thrown so he was prepared, Arashi suggested that I bring Lok with us to “appease Hinata”
  • after telling Ledaal Katsu we discussed further plans, we will possibly:
    – call for DB backup to ensure we can “survive a retaliation attack by the Death Lords” and then turn their loyalty to us
    – sneak into the Imperial Manse and get it fixed up so Rivy can use the sword of creation if they have to
    – create a diversion for the Bronze faction so we can sneak into the Imperial manse
    – recruit enough soldiers that the Gold Faction has to back us?
    – visit Dines Dor and/or White Wall to get them on our side
    – possibly have to take over Lookshy to get it under control as they likely won’t just hand over power of their city to us
Rivienne's Tome Entry #13
Game 13

On Finn

  • (note from last game) Lok was sent to look for Ebon
  • while still VERY high I went to see the Liminal Exalted about an Abyssal being on board, I found Valla and decided I’d talk to him first, I explained we had a one abyssal limit and that the Sygian Surgeon was killed, explained this other Abyssal’s tie to Sema and how he helped us, explained the Incarnay were involved so it’s kind of out of our hands, they didn’t seem too upset until I mentioned the new Abyssal’s name….seems everyone has heard of this guy, I also offered once the battle was over to research making the Liminal’s artifacts they could actually wield
  • Valla decides they’ll at least stay until the morning because he’ll neglect to tell them the info until then as that will also give us more time to play, I thank him and tell Kuro to “take me to bed” flirty…he drops me off, and quickly left when Rivy took off her clothes, letting them pool to the floor
  • after Kuro leaves Rivy sneaks naked into Kole’s room and climbs into bed with him, they make love
  • next morning a manse servant brings Rivy her clothes and Kole and her go down to join the others for breakfast, Rivy uses a spell to contact Lok before she goes down though and asks him to come back as it’s too dangerous for him to go to the blessed isle to look for Ebon
  • towards the end of breakfast Lok shows back up with some details on Ebon, turns out he was taken to Yushan
  • I tell everyone we may need to send a message to the realm because otherwise they may think that we kidnapped Ebon, etc., Akeron showed up and told us he was checking into things and Ebon’s mission was actually coordinated by Sidreals so there isn’t a realm record of it and if we reported it we’d actually be tipping our hand to the Blessed Isle
  • we discussed when we’d attack Thorns and I told them I could be ready in 2 days as I had some last minute crafting I needed to get done, everyone agreed to the time frame, Sema asked about the other’s plans so we could all be in the loop, Kuro asked that we trust him and told us that he wouldn’t tell us what the other plans were and that we needed to focus solely on our own part in the mission, we agreed
  • Arashi produced armor and bracers for Shenji and I gave her essence capacitors to run them
  • we got to talk to the Liminals who are still there, they’ve agreed (although not unanamous) to stay and help us

Day 1 Before Attack

  • crafted earcuffs for the group, silken armor for everyone, started armor for bloodlet, made new hearthstone collars, made additional leaf armor for the Dragon King army
  • Lok and Bloodlet walk into the crafting manse to head into the wyld for “training”
  • Kole comes in to make sure Rivy has food and water since she’s crafting for 15 hours straight
  • after crafting stuff delivered it at night, Lok was still gone, went to Kole’s room and spent the night with him (sex and snuggles)
  • Akeron stays in the crafting manse to finish Bloodlet’s armor

Day 2 Before Attack

  • next morning at breakfast Lok and Bloodlet show back up
  • I pass out the earcuffs to: Kuro, Shenji, Lok, Kole, Sema and myself, we do the ritual for the cuffs to get them working
  • Kuro happens to ask me about armor as I’m still just wearing my silken armor and nothing else, I tell him I’m crafting a necklace to provide additional armor Kuro says that isn’t good enough and razzes me about making armor for myself instead of crafting whatever it was I was going to craft, I refuse and tell him I need to craft stuff for the others and that I’ll be fine, Kuro basically forces me and then follows me to my crafting manse to make sure that I actually listen to him and craft the damn armor
  • take Bloodlet back to my crafting manse and give him the armor
  • crafted armor for myself and also made amulet for myself, Lok came in to make sure I was ok and brought food and water
  • spent the night with Lok (sex and snuggles)

Day of the Attack

  • we head out to Thorns with our plans for attack
  • Sema and I are to get to the center of the city and complete the counter magic while the others got into their positions
  • the damn earcuffs were a blessing and a curse and let us hear what was going on with the others in the battle, we could even see Finn taking heavy damage as he launched his attack, it was very difficult for Rivy to stick with the plan and not rush to help those she knew was in trouble, rolled conviction and was able to stay on mission
  • we could hear that: Michael ran off on his own too soon and Kuro yelled at him not to, Lok was in trouble with the Bahemith and Shenji was being a bad ass
  • we hurried to the center of town, found several evil little guys, cleaned house with them and then encountered an Abyssal, the Green Pyre Miser, we had to use a lot of resources to kill the bastard, I took 3 lethal in the process, but were able to do so and rushed to the center of the city, right outside the door to the center a cloaked and masked figure stepped out towering 7 ft tall…the Mask of Winters
  • the Mask of Winters told us to give him our best shot to make it fair…Sema and I unloaded everything we could into him, I did 25 Agg total and spent almost all my resources, but saved some to be able to dodge his attacks and launch one final barrage at him, while firing my gun I approached him and got in his face with the intent of next round trying to pull of his mask
  • right when the Mask of Winters was going to take his turn a crack of thunder rattled the city and a beam of light struck the ground, the Unconquered Sun arrived, he fought the Mask of Winters briefly, ripped off his mask and shone the holy light of judgement on him, striking him dead
  • the Unconquered Sun told us he was proud of us, but we barely had time to respond or be anything other than dumbfounded as Arashi showed up and yelled at the Unconquered Sun…Arashi unleashed an attack on the Unconquered Sun, the Unconquered Sun protected us from the blast that looked as though it might have hurt us too, the Unconquered Sun growled “Guilty” at Arashi and then chased after him to fight
  • I yelled into the earcuff that the Unconquered Sun was fighting Arashi and that we needed to help, Kuro issued the order that no one would raise a hand against the Unconquered Sun including Sema and I, I tried anyway but some charms the Unconquered Sun used left us incapable of moving against him, we could only watch as in the distance Arashi’s anima banner clashed with the light of the Unconquered Sun
  • with a scream of frustration I hurried to the center of the city and cast the antimagic spell, the turn of the battle shifted
  • we rushed to aid those that we could, but things wrapped up quickly
  • in the aftermath we found Michael’s body, he was defeated by an Abyssal, they killed each other
  • Jak and the Liminals were vanished, Lok was pretty hurt and thanked Shenji and Kole for coming to his aid, he began to heal while we were talking
  • Shenji obviously cleaned house and her, Kuro and Kole looked uninjured for the most part, we lost 2,000 dragon kings in the battle
  • we went and collected Arashi’s body setting him next to Michael
  • Sema gave a motivational speech of encouragement giving people back willpower
  • Sema and I went back to the center of the city and I did my shadow land counter magic and turned the shadow land back into creation
Rivienne's Tome Entry #12
Game 12

Arrived at Great Forks we hovered above Great Forks for a day, crafted 31 successes on armor (another 1800 suits created, at 6600 suits total)
- Lok had a good idea and asked Arashi to go steal the Spirits of great forks trespasses vs Yushan documents
-Arashi went to go take care of the offering to the spirits
- after crafting and talking with Arashi, Rivienne and Lok spent time together and he joined her in her room that night, she asked him to show her what he liked and he told her that they would reach the end of her comfort zone long before they reached the end of his, Rivienne told Lok she was comfortable with him she let him take the lead showing her what he liked, Rivy let him take things all the way and they make love

-Arashi stole the stuff and also got us intel on Thorns: the whole place is a massive shadow land, lots of ghosts, necromancy all over all the manses have been poisoned and are abyssal manses, under city is connected to the labrynth, old city spirit is impaled at the city gates and is somehow connected to the shadow lands, there’s a penitentury that is also a necroshop, several abyssals running around the place, they have a forsaken life engine that converts people to shadowland

At Great Forks
- went down with Sema, Lok and Yurick, Yurick went and secured an audience for the following morning with the spirits, to kill time we decided to rent out a bathhouse and went to relax, sema and lok were comfortable being nude, but Rivy kept a towel on, acquired a heated koi fish for Finn from the bathhouses, attempted to get the Koi fish on my own and jammed my finger (got a bashing) and looked like an idiot in front of Lok, tried to hide it, both Sema and Lok both saw it, Rivy is convinced Lok thinks she’s a clutsy idiot child :( he transformed into a tiger shark and let her ride his dorcel fin around the bath house pool
- went to a nice inn after the bathhouses, everyone talked briefly then we all went to bed

- Rivy had a strange dream where the city of Great Forks was blown up and she woke up in her old bed at her family’s manse in the realm, she went to breakfast with her father who told her Lok had brought her, Rivy’s father demanded information from her so she gave him what she could and told him about her being a hybrid, she told him she had to go back for the others and went to collect Lok, Lok touched her forehead and she woke up in the bed at the Inn
- Sema had a similar dream and they had a hard time going back to sleep, Rivy decided to take some bright morning and asked if anyone else wanted some, Lok agreed and pulled Rivy back into her room, he kissed her after they inhaled the bright morning and caused they both to breath it in longer, Rivy went to be high and slept much better

- next morning we went to meet with the Spirits and told him about our plans, we were vague about why we were searching for autocathon and didn’t give them tons of details, but we made sure they got the basic ideas, Lok had us tell the Dream spirit about the dreams we had and the spirit mentioned that Lok used a charm on us to get us to dream, they were prophetic dreams and could come to pass, since we saw Great Forks being attacked the dream spirit was on our side, the Shield spirit we appealed to her wanting to protect her city and the story spirit was just very excited to be a part of such a great tale
- we offered to help them craft and get the city up to par with defenses, I went back up to Finn and crafted statues to use with solar sanctuary, Lok brought us back down and I spend another few hours setting everything up and casting the spell, we were able to get 4 level 5 manses going (defense, training, weapons platform, food), the spirits agreed to help us, but said they couldn’t support us openly until their agreement with the trade federation was taken care of, Rivy contemplated this and realized that since lookshy controls the trade federation it’s very possible they will have to just overtake lookshy and bring them under their rule, Rivy shared this thought with the group
- after returning to Finn, very tired, we got a message that Ebon was waiting for Sema and I, no doubt here in capacity of the wyld hunt since we obviously made a little detour on our mission

Tea with Ebon
- after a good night’s sleep we went down to Grey Falls (where Ebon was waiting) and met him at a tea house, we all drank tea, I verified …a little late, but thankfully there were no spirits in the room, Ebon questioned us about the mysterious anathema anima’s seen around grey falls during the Mask of Winters attack, we were in the process of tell him that the abyssal’s attacked when we weren’t there and that a random barbarian helped us when we all got dizzy and bleary eyed and passed out
- woke up tied up with an abyssal untying me and sema standing near by injured

The Rescue
- Sema was tortured for information, but didn’t give any info up, when she was about to break an abyssal came in and killed everyone that was hurting her, her and the abyssal are fate bound, the abyssal broke the two of them out
- the abyssal returned our gear (plus a very important heartstone) and we made a get-away, after some convincing on the behalf of the abyssal’s because I didn’t want to leave anyone behind, sema showed concern over ebon’s wereabouts
- the abyssal, the Bloodlet Blade, opened a door to the labarynth and we made our escape, we were in the maze for about a day before stepping out into the underworld and then back into Grey Falls, I hurried home and got us up to Finn where everyone was unaware we had been abducted

Back on Finn
- went up first and sema and the abyssal followed after so I could prep the group, told everyone what to expect and that sema had been tortured so they knew to be gentle about things
- sema and I filled the group in on what we could, it appears that we were taken by the bronze faction and brought to the imperial manse, most if not all the Dragon Blooded who knew we were there were killed by Bloodlet Blade
- most of them knew about Bloodlet and obviously didn’t like him, with good reason, things were getting heated in the group and after having such a hard few days (the others told them they were gone for 3 days) Rivy took several doses of bright morning and got high
- Shenji stormed off because she was upset about bloodlet, Rivy followed and convinced her no one was happy about the situation but for the brotherhood we’d have to make the best of it, Shenji came back and finished the meeting, Sema left to go get sleep and asked Lok to try and track Ebon down, he agreed and left, Rivy followed him and told him to be careful and kissed him by, he told RIvy to stay close to Kole while he was gone, she said she would
- after Lok left I ran into Kuro who was going to talk to the liminals and the solars, I told him I’d help, he was obviously concerned since I was so high and joined me, we talked to the solars first who were very nice about things and actually pretty understanding, I flirted with Jak who seemed to be a bit worried that I was
- we went to see the limenals after (end of session)

Rivienne's Tome Entry #11
Game 11

Day #1 to Great Forks: craft armor for the Dragon Kings, 29 successes to do so,
- Lok went to the wyld, I couldn’t find him for awhile and was worried, asked him not to leave without telling me if he didn’t mind
- trained with Michael and Kole
- stock piled a ton of Jade in the city of Finn

Day #2 to Great Forks: Lok brought back fey from the wyld, I crafted on them to start turning them into fey, Lok finished shaping them
- I crafted arms of multiple manipulation and was going to ask Akeron to surgery them on me, but Lok offered, I was curious about how the Lunars would do surgery (and I trust him) so I agreed, he told me not to watch and it felt like a massage until he connected the arms to my nerves…that hurt, I looked anyway and he had shaped his hands into my back
- did some motivation reading on Lok, he came to “keep me alive as long as possible”, Lok also told me he was a slave and was tortured and carved up by the wyld hunt
- talked to Akeron and got info on spirits of Great Forks: Shield cares about protection and well being of the people, Spinner influences the stories about the city and it’s people (you often hear tales of how awesome Great Forks is and that’s part of why people travel there), and Dreamer helps the residents live out their dreams….in tandum with Spinner they actually work to give people dreams and fulfill them
- the spirits also believe in non violent warfare
- learned from Akeron that the gold faction of sidereals is helping the solars
- talked with Akeron about needing a spirit for our group, he told us if we made a human that he could make them a spirit for us
- talked about how to take the wyld hunt from the inside….discussed requesting resources for “taking the scavenger lands” and then once those resources got here turning them to our cause, then slowly doing more of that so that the wyld hunt was ours from the inside
- suggested that I needed the loyalty hearthstone so I made a manse (level 5)

Day #3 to Great Forks: crafted armor for the army, 30 successes
- s/w Akeron and learned about the solar lunar bond more, told him what Lok had shared with me about the abilities he’s gained from the bond, Akeron thinks Lok’s bond is at least level 3 and told Rivienne he thinks they aren’t meshing well because they’re both trying to be the “listeners” of the relationship and so neither one is taking the reigns, Akeron said it’s usually the solar that takes the reigns, and that that is just the typical relationship and that Lok strikes him as a typical lunar…Rivy is a bit confused….so that means that I’m being too understanding and flexible with Lok and that’s the issue…really? sigh

Day #4 to Great Forks: crafted for army, worked on their armor again, 26 successes
- hung out with Kole and Michael and trained the rest of the day, was a little bit flirty with Kole in front of Michael
- when Michael went off for the evening, trained a little more with Kole … let to making out with him and being touchy feely, but didn’t do anything too serious

Day #5 to Great Forks crafted on 32 successes, made a jesus ton of essence capacitors (300 at 3 dot rating), passed them out to everyone that could use them
- spent time with Lok since I hadn’t seen him in a couple days because I was training with Michael and Kole, Lok and I didn’t really talk about anything, just kind of hung out in each other’s presence
- Sema told us there was someone in her manse on Finn that the other’s should steer clear of, but that Rivy could talk to them, pretty much knew it was the maiden
- went down to Sema’s manse and paid my respects to the maiden, would have prayed and offered up veneration, would have thanked her for her help and being apart of our exalted stories

Day #6 heading down to Great Forks today

- 4800 leaf armor for dragon kings
- 9000 weapons for dragon kings
- 300 essence rating 3 capacitors (have given 19 of them away and used 18 myself)

- remaining leaf armor
- 1000 weapons for dragon kings
-perfected kata bracers for Shenji
- add ons for Shenji and Kuro’s war strider armor

Rivienne's Tome Entry #10
Game 10
  • told the group about some events over the last several days while Sema was training/crafting
  • learned that Akeron went off with the airship…didn’t find out why or how long he’d be gone, going to have to talk to my brother when he gets back about including in on things….even if he is a Sidereal, no….especially because he’s a Sidereal
  • Lok got 24 more Fey capture and locked up during the few days we are travelling
  • I spend the next day crafting weapons for the army and am able to make 9,000 artifacts for them to wield
  • I tell the group we should also ask Kether Rock for help, everyone agrees
  • Sema sends a message to the Liminal Exalted to meet us at a designated location, we travel to Kether Rock for 2 days
  • Day 1 to Kether Rock – I craft a vestimate of prayer so I can hear the Liminals responce, Minori says she’s headed back to Lookshy for a bit to get things sorted out but will be back in a while
  • Day 2 to Kether Rock – I craft 3 essence capacitors to power the vestimate of prayer so I don’t have to commit motes of essence to it, I notice Lok isn’t really coming around to the quarters floor, but instead see him all the time at the forge, he tells me he’s been sleeping there because the wyld is there so it’s the most dangerous and I’m there a lot, I tell him he can occasionally spend time in my room, he immediately takes me up on the offer same night, they mess around (but don’t go all the way), they chat and snuggle, I ask if he minds the situation with Kole, he basically (without actually saying it) says that yes he does Lunars are protective of what’s there’s and don’t really share, but he implies he’s adjusting to our “situation”, I also happened to mention that it would be great if he met my father…he mentioned he already had and that he had killed one of my father’s men and assumed his form to sneak in and learn intel about the realm because his people were under attack and he needed to learn tactics, he was with my father’s troops for 3 weeks…we didn’t really talk after that statement and I just kinda got quiet
  • we make it to Kether Rock and walk right up to the front door and just lay it on them “hey we’re fighting death lords wanna come”, they tell us they do but can only bring themselves and 100 tiger warriors, we tell them we figured and really appreciate it, they express concern over leaving Kether Rock not as defended I offer to help them out, I craft a lightning shield for Michael and then spend 2 hours crafting several manses for Kether Rock. They now have: a shield generating manse, food/healing manse, weapons platform and a training manse), they seem pretty in awe and agree to help us with anything we ever need, YAY friends!
  • we head back to Finn, I’m exhausted from crafting so Lok shape changes and we all ride him back to The City of Finn, we then travel 1 and 1/2 days back towards Grey Falls, we’re going to meet the Liminal Exalted in a little city on the way
  • Day 1 to Meet Liminal – craft 28 successes on getting the Fey started to turn into Mountain Folk, I haven’t seen Kole in awhile so I go find him to talk, I get his backstory out of him and talk about his training time at Kether Rock, I’d also get info about Lookshy out of him and his time as just a Dragon Blooded, they would make out and flirt after finding some pretty scenery on Finn to hang out at
  • Day 2 to Meet Liminal – we agree to meet them in the morning as I need to craft and sleep, I craft for 30 successes on multiple arms
  • At the City to meet the Liminals, we lay it down for them as well and just tell them our plans very bluntly, they argue with each other a bit, but decide to help us, a couple of them don’t trust us, but that’s ok, we’ll win them over
  • we show them on board and offer up the services of the Abyssal exalted to get them supplies
  • I take a route suggested by Lok and have “hard love” for shenji on her treatment of the situation and lack of embracing what’s going on and being more cohesive with the group
  • we head to Great Forks, which will only take 1/2 a day, during that time I get around a prayer to the Unconquored Sun to ask for help defeating the Death Lord, the dragon kings offer up blood, I spend 5 resources and I get all the solars around to pray (get 4 success)
    “Creation is under attack and we’re trying to stop it. We’re launching an attack against a Death Lord called The Mask of Winters, who they say cannot be killed. Please watch over us in the battle and if you can grant us with the ability to destroy the Death Lord forever we’d be greatfull.”
  • We discuss a bit what we want out of Great Forks, here’s what we have so far:
    - ask for advise on fighting the DL
    - ask them to fight in the battle
    - ask them to introduce us to a spirit that could help us with beauocracy and prayers
    - ask if they will put a prophecy on the DL for us
    - offer crafting and wyld shaping to them
    - THINGS TO CONSIDER: would they agree to ally with us? pay us feilty but still run the city?
Rivienne's Tome Entry #9
Game 9.1 Solo
  • Sema is studying with Akeron for 5 days. During those 5 days:
  • spoke with Kuro and the Abyssal about Thorns, got details from the Abyssal about the Mask of Winters and Abyssals in general and provided that info to Kuro for battle prep, don’t get as much info out of the Abyssal that I would like, decide to go to Eden and ask the Last Eve and Tide for a couple warstriders for Brotherhood members and also info on Abyssals, didn’t want to go by myself and couldn’t find Arashi so I took Kole with me
  • while on Eden took Kole to the Sun Bleached Gardens where he learned about Arashi and Eve’s story, he was pretty judgy and I asked him not to be, he decided he had to have additional info and used my warstrider along with speed charms to get to the Daystar
  • Nasella was not happen to see me again
  • Nasella saw that I was possessed by my gun and took me to talk to Vincent an Infernal exalted about it, the Daystar also blocks out the urge and possession so Rivienne had a clean head for the first time ever
  • Rivienne realized the gun was both helping and hurting her, it was giving her the much needed drive to push her towards the Scarlet thrown as the gun obviously wanted her in power even if she herself didn’t want to be, Nasella let Rivienne use the Daystar forge to cleanse the gun of it’s demonic essence. The forge was able to clean the essence and return the demon to it’s normal spirit essence.
  • while on the Daystar found out: the deathlords were the ones that let the solars out so they could take 1/2 the souls and the Yosi’s could take the other half to turn them into Abyssals and Infernals, learned the Mask of Winters has a behemuth named Jugernaught, learned that like the Abyssal’s monsterous the Infernals have a brood mother that holds them to the Yosi’s power
  • returned to Eden that evening, offered to let Eden see my gun and tell her about the Daystar if she crafted me two war striders, she agreed and while walking to her manse she asked while Kole and I weren’t together since it was obvious we liked each other, Rivienne was super embarrassed and quiet while Kole answered things were complicated with the Lunars, Kole didn’t realize that Rivienne like him and Eve left us alone for privacy, Rivienne admitted to Kole she liked him but like Lok just as much so she didn’t want to hurt or upset him, he asked about how Dynasts and the realm handle relationships, Rivienne told him about multiple partners and what the Scarlet Empress’ love life was like, he asked if he would be allowed to be with others too then, Rivienne conceaded but said it would make her jealous, they kissed and then went to find Eve, they all did Bright Morning together
  • on Day 2 of Sema’s training — still on Eden, went to Eve’s forge to help with warstriders, spent pretty much the whole day doing crafting
  • Day 3 we’re back on Finn, I run into Lok who is dirty and heading to the hot springs, he asks me to join him, I agree,, Rivienne was awkward and shy in the bath, after Lok says he has something to show her and takes her to the Abyssal’s manse where he’s been keeping Fey that he captured, he has 10 of them, Lok and Rivienne relocate them to the wyld pocket on Finn for shaping, we bllindfold them and lead them off like slaves, it really bothers Rivienne even though they’re monsters and Lok uses a charm to give Rivienne an intimacy so she can handle being mean to the Fey, we craft the Fey into mountain folk (1 artificer, 5 warriors and 4 workers), Lok tells me he spoke with Kole about “things” and Rivienne is worried but Lok then says he respects Kole and that Kole worked to gain his respect by challenging him to a fight, Lok said that’s how you win a lunar’s respect by challenging them at their own strength, Rivienne thinks he’s hinting at something and she wants to do right by him so she challenges him, Lok tries to see if she means sparing, but she replied with “no I want to earn your respect like Kole did”, they start a combat and Rivienne acts first, she flurries with her gun against him and does 12 bashing, Lok full monies into the fight and takes Rivienne to half health with one punch, Rivienne is startled and now actually scared, she thinks she has to end the fight or actually get hurt, Rivienne flurries again but doesn’t do much more damage, in the meantime Lok charges her and knocks her unconscious, Rivienne takes 3 lethal levels and the rest in bashing, she is KO for an hour, upon coming awake Lok is holding her, Rivienne can barely move and passes out again, she stays asleep for 10 hours healing with the properties of the manse, she wakes up at the end of 10 hours with Lok, he also slept, Rivienne is now kinda scared of Lok and is awkward around him, he notices and takes off, Rivienne goes and talks with Kuro about things and he helps her understand she challenged Lok in a way he couldn’t refuse and then was scared of him, Rivienne thinks she totally blew things with Lok and goes to apologize, she waits several hours for him to return where he tells her he was scouting on the behemuth and that there is also a maggot army of the back of the creature, Rivienne apologizes for challenging Lok without really knowing what that meant, Lok told her he didn’t want to hurt her but not accepting a challenge in lunar custom could mean banishment so he had to take her up on it, Lok takes her to the treeline to watch the sun set, they talk and try to get to know one another, they both learn they are very different but that each person is trying, Rivienne is still skiddish around Lok, but wants to bridge the gap so she asks him if it would be ok if he kissed her, Lok kisses her and then in full lunar style takes off all his clothes, they mess around (but don’t go all the way)
  • Day 4: Lok and Rivienne put the finishing touches on the carved mountain folk, I craft Lok’s hearthstones (6 of them) and his manses, Rivienne talks with Kole about Lok and Kole describes lok as “resigned” to his situation
  • Day 5: craft artifact weapons for the army
Rivienne's Tome Entry #8
Game 9
  • we were underground to locate the mountain folk, lead there by Minori (Kole’s lunar)
  • we ran into Darkbrewd, which are left over monsters from the primordial war
  • there were lots of little ones and a really large one, Kole ran ahead to fight the large on that was at the entrance to an underground city
  • I stayed up on a ridge and fired my canon while Sema jumped down to engage in melee
  • we killed the smaller 4 Darkbrewds that were going to surround Kole
  • while we were fighting a warrior mountain folk observed us from a nearby ridge, Sema and I saluted him
  • after the battle we were joined by Samthanight, an artisan class mountain folk and the only one for the city
  • she told us the myth of Autocathon and the geis and the mountain folk
  • I learned that mountain folk were created with calcified fey after they were exposed to creation, then carved into the mountain folk
  • we learned about a geis exception so I asked them to help us with Grey Falls, and they agreed
  • I offered to help them reestablish things and build up their city with manses as they aren’t really in a position to help us very much at this point, but they’ll be strong allies and I like them so I wanted to help even if we didn’t get much out of it
  • there are 1500 people in their city right now
  • we stayed the night there and then took the monotrain underground back to grey falls, which I was pretty excited about, love me some artifacts…and underground travel…yes please
  • got back to Grey Falls to find that it was under seige by necrotech and zombies, the battle was at close and emerging from the gore and debris was a 15ft tall DBT scary lunar who turned into a very unattractive man as he approached, he announced his human name was Reade, but that after going and fighting the Elemental dragon of Fire and being baptised in lava he was now called the Twice Forged Lok, so he goes by Lok
  • Lok announced that he also killed the 3 fey that got away from Kuro, the ones that had killed his previous brotherhood
  • we talked briefly with Lok and then went to check on Grey Falls, we also visited Romu to tell him about the Mountain Folk, he was pretty cool about it and I find that I like Romu more and more every time I see him
  • we had a brotherhood meeting on Finn after we made sure Grey Falls was ok, Lok took Minori up to the city since I could only teleport 5 of us
  • it was apparent when we all got there that Lok had reprimanded Minori who skulked off before we could all meet
  • Sema and I filled everyone in on what happened with the Mountain Folk and talked about the battle at Grey Falls, turns out Thorns was attacking us back, we discussed needing to strike back at throns and how we would go about doing that
  • our plan to attack thorns: get the liminal to help, make some troops via wyld shape, get great forks on board to help and start our relationship with the city and the spirits, maybe get Beyher to send us troops, have Kole take a warstrider and then make a show to distract while the exalts engage the abyssal and bigger targets, Kole will be the crowd killer, we’ll also use Finn to attack and will be piloted by Akeron, Sema and I will get to the city center where I will dispel the magic/necromancy that the Mast of Winters has put on Thorns, we also decided at this point that we’d have the Mountain folk help us maintain thorns by living underneath the city
  • sema contacted the mountain folk to let them know to delay their trip because we’ll need them someplace else but we have to make it safe first
  • I slept that night and then got up to make troops
  • via wyld shaping I made 10,000 dragon king troops for Kuro
  • I went to chat with Lok, the lunar, about his story and how he got here, thanked him for the dragon’s scale and for killing the fey for Kuro
  • I slept for 16 hours to get back willpower and then learned charms to make the dragon kings smart so that Kuro could train them
  • after waking up I went and spoke to Kuro and the Stygian Surgeon, we talked about the attack on Throns and got intel from Stygian, we also figured out we could turn his reality engine into a creation engine and march it into the wyld where we could calcify fey so I could make mountain folk
  • I talked with Lok about getting to the fey and he suggested going to a lesser fey court so we could get 100 or so, while talking Lok healed himself and became more attractive, he said he had sustained damage that affected his appearance in the fight and that while healing Arashi suggested he make himself look more “dynast” like so he’d fit in with the group more
  • Lok also showed me he could change into a woman and an appearance 10 lunar
  • while talking Lok saw that a demon was following me (not my gun’s spirit) and he DBTed and snagged it, before we could question it the demon killed itself so it would respawn in Malfeas
  • found out a little about Lok’s background, he’s been exalted for about a decade, but only knew about me for 2-3 months, he’s also part of the Sun King Seneshalls (who are devoted to their solars)
  • Lok questioned me about my gun and I tried to change the subject he suggested that I make a yestalt crystal
Rivienne's Tome Entry #7
  • after our discussion with Kole and the Lunar, Sema and I headed back to an Inn in Grey Falls, I got high on Bright Morning before going to sleep
  • In the middle of the night Sema was attacked by an Abyssal with no mouth or nose wanting to know the location of the Stygian Surgeon. A fight broke out and Kole interupted them after Sema was shot with a necro poisoned arrow.
  • I heard the commotion and showed up, not being good at anything medicine I guarded against anymore ranged attacks while Sema wind carried words to Shinji and Kuro to get them there, Sema’s wound didn’t stop bleeding, this was clearly not a normal arrow
  • when Shinji and Kuro showed up Shinji ripped the arrow out and then began to bandage up Sema, Kuro stood watch while I ran off to help Kole as his anima was alight in the distance
  • upon arriving to Kole, the abyssal was gone and Kole had several arrows in his shoulder and back, he pulled out one I pulled the others out and suggested we make our way back so Shinji could help him
  • we arrived at the Inn and Shinji was able to help Kole with charms and completely heal him up
  • I suggested we make our way to Finn to regroup and used the hurry home hearthstone after everyone agreed
  • we all got calmed down, Arashi took Sema and got her healed by Eve and Tide, Sema layed down to get sleep and while she was gone we all had a little bright morning to calm down further, once Sema returned Arashi left (not telling anyone but Sema) and Kole announced he was going back down to the city as it was unguarded, I told him he couldn’t go alone and explained I was going down to
  • we looked after the Inn, I paid the owner for the damages and sought out the family of the slaughtered attendant offering them a sum to assist
  • after several hours of searching for the Abyssal we settled in at another hotel in the city
  • we all have breakfast together at the Inn that Kole and I stayed at
  • Sema and Kuro baited me about Kole and the Lunar and I left feeling a bit hurt, while leaving I ran into the Lunar who then walked into breakfast and took my seat by Kole
  • FINE, see if I care! Bitch. So I left the group and went to get business done. I made an appointment with Romu for 2 hours and then took a walk around the city to get familiar with everything. About an hour in Sema came looking for me, I told her about her appointment and went back to the Inn with her. I explained the brotherhood (who I just included Kole in) was going.
  • we met up with Rombulac and explained he’s still in charge as we need his experience and talent but that we want the city to be great. I imply he hasn’t been given the correct resources and feel him out for how he feels about “other” means. He gives a politically correct answer but I can tell he’s open minded. I ask to call him Romu and he agrees, I think that makes us friends. Shinji seemed interested in his martial arts ability and seeing an opportunity to give her a friend I suggest they spend time together, Romu is very pleased by this idea since Shinji is breeding 5, Shinji is clueless and thinks this is just a sparing thing
  • we talk with Romu, I give him resources 5 to help the city, he mentions the Trade River folks can be found by the docks ….
  • upon leaving Romu mentions that Kole will want to hide his face, it becomes obvious that people saw his anima banner and that isn’t good
  • we head back to the Inn and tell the Lunar that later in the day we can set out for the mountain folk (as we want their help defending grey falls), we arrive on the air ship together and I spend 3 hours making human soldiers for Kuro and Grey Falls
  • we deliver the troops and Kuro and Shenji stay behind to train them, Arashi is no where to be found and we suspect he’s hunting the abyssal that tried to kill sema
  • we set said towards the mountain folk and have 1.5 days to be there, I decide its the perfect time to discuss with the lunar and get her on board with helping us without taking Kole from us, this backfires a bit and I upset both the lunar and kole with my obvious jealously…I’m not sure why I’m acting so mean towards the lunar, it’s not like she’s my enemy, she just cares about kole and her people…those are actually pretty good qualities, but all the same she makes me mad and I’m not sure why….other than she doesn’t have a right to take Kole away from me, he’s my bodyguard, he’s made pledges, he’s supposed to stay with me
  • I leave in a huff and very confused to go to bed, I talk with Kole briefly and then with the lunar to try and patch things up and then head to sleep, I have to sleep for 16 hours to feel rested and all the while my gun is warm in my hands as I snuggle it in my sleep

Conversation with Kole:

  • I’d knock on Kole’s door: “Hey, it’s Rivienne…I wanted to apologize. I … ummmmm, don’t really like the idea of you leaving and, well, I guess I didn’t handle that very politely…so ummm I’m sorry that I made it harder on you….especially after all you went through last night. So yeah, I hope ummmm you get some sleep.”
  • He’d smile a little and say “I know, I just wish I knew what was best for Creation in a situation like this. I just want to help as many people as I can, I didn’t ever think this would be that complicated.”
  • “I hate to say it, but Arashi could probably calculate the odds for you if you’re wanting to base your decision off that…and regardless of what you decide….well, I’ll always consider you part of my brotherhood. If you decide to stay with us you might still be able to convince her to help us and if you decide to go…there will always be room for you at Finn”
  • He’ll smile a little. “Thanks, I really do believe in what you’re trying to do and I want to be a part of it. It’s just, sometimes doing our duty means making sacrifices. If we don’t sacrifice for Creation it won’t survive.”
  • “True and yeah I get that. But having to learn all the crafting charms meant I had to give up a lot of combative capability …. so I really need someone to watch my back, and honestly, I don’t trust Sema like I do you.”
Rivienne's Tome Entry #6
  • talked to Akeron who said he was still my brother, but didn’t exalt as a DB he instead exalted as a Sidreal
  • talked with Akeron about what secrets he knew, found out he was a “spy”, gave him lots of info we have gathered over the last several months, learned the Maidens are being very careful with the Sidy to make sure they don’t go crazy like the solars did
  • Akeron took us to Yushan and to meet Lytech
  • I blurted out something was wrong with the solar’s exaltations and Lytech nearly had us lynched, we talked him down
  • compromised that if we freed autocathan lytech would meet with him about the exaltations, found out it might be possible to get ahold of autocathon by contacting his mountain folk (who have a geis put on them to stay underground), found out the “rulers of creation” could petition Autocathon to let the mountain folk out
  • learned about lunars and solars and their “pull” from Lytech
  • learned about creation engines and that they used to repell the wyld, learned creation is now 1/6 the size it used to be, learned Lytech only knows of 6 of our exaltations and the others are a pair of lunars and another Sidy
  • learned that Autocathon created our exaltations and that they are the first of their kind, a hybrid of two, never exalted before, made it sound like we weren’t subjected to whatever the other celestials are facing with errors on their exaltations, learned that Autocathon created the exaltations but Lytech prepares them to be reborn, found out that our hybrid exaltations were in stasis and that they left of their own accord when the “time was right”
  • made an intimacy on Lytech to be helpful to me, asked if we could come back sometime he said we could, learned he only has one set of tools

  • negotiations with House Nellens went well, agreed to resources 6 basically to buy Grey Falls and also coordinated with the house to offer our support once we actually take the thrown, Nellens will pull for us with the mortals and also offer political backing, yay
  • went to bath house after to relax for a minute, Akeron hate stared Kole

  • traveled back to the City of Fin, got Akeron settled in
  • asked the party if Kole could be part of the brotherhood, they said they would have to think on it as it would possibly damage our claim to the thrown by having too many non-dynasts in the brotherhood, I took that as a no, blurted that out to Kole who was hurt that the others didn’t think more highly of him
  • got a message that a pretty woman was waiting to speak with Kole and that she was from Lookshy, in case it was a trap to fight him for disenting Sema and I went with Kole to see her
  • turns out this woman is a lunar DB hybrid and was pulled to Kole, I am unexplicably annoyed and offended by her claim on Kole
  • she storms off, after she leaves I convince the group our only solution is just to tell her everything and be really honest with her
  • we go talk to her and thankfully it doesn’t blow up in our faces…well too much, she agrees to offer support off the books if we sent Kole with her, grrrr, I refuse and social combat happens, she schools us, but through sheer willpower we refuse to let him go, I tell her he already choose to leave once that should be enough to prove he doesn’t want to be there
  • lunar hybrid ends up being somewhat nice and offers to show us around Lookshy once we conclude our business in Grey Falls we agree and leave, Kole asks to stay behind to speak with her, my insides scream it’s a terrible idea and to throw myself at him, but I leave with a blush and wondering where my reserved well taught manners are…why do I feel like a hussy around these guys?!?!

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