Akari Maia


Chosen: Solar
Caste: Twilight
Name: Yushoto Akari Maia

Motivation: Unravel the mysteries of the Underworld

Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5, Charisma 5, Manipulation 2, Appearance 5, Perception 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 5

Abilities: Archery 5, Melee 5, War 1, Integrity 5 (Mental Influence 2), Presence 3, Resistance 5, Craft 5 (Fire, Water, Air, Wood, Earth, Magitech), Investigation 5, Lore 5 (1st Age Artifacts 2), Medicine 5, Occult 5 (Summoning 2), Athletics 3, Awareness 5, Dodge 5, Linguistics 1, Socialize 5

Virtues: Compassion 4, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 4
Willpower: 10
Essence: 5
Personal Motes: 25
Peripheral Motes: 109

Backgrounds: Artifact 5 (Sorcery Capturing Cord {5dot}), Collar of Dawn’s Cleansing Light, 2 Hearthstone Amulets), Manse 1 (Stone of Healing), Manse 3 (Stone of Resilient Bamboo) Mentor 3 (Yushoto Kess), Resources 3, Cult of the Illuminated 4, Sorcery 5, Tiger Warrior 1

Intimacies: Medical Knowledge (desire), Defend the Weak (strong belief in), Abuse of Power (antagonism), Equality (strong belief in), Circle (loyalty), Chien (trusting friendship), Yushoto Kess (respectful affection), Akari Shin (Inspiring Love), Yushoto Briony (friendly rivalry), Lookshy (home), Silver Maiden/Lord (infatuated lust), Tag Creations (mischievous game)


Archery: First Archery Excellency, Infinite Archery Mastery, There Is No Wind, Accuracy Without Distance, Trance of Unhesitating Speed, Arrow Storm Technique, Essence Arrow Attack, Phantom Arrow Technique, Immaculate Golden Bow, Inexhaustible Bolts of Solar Fire, Rain of Feathered Death, Golden Artillerist Method, Flashing Sunspot Attack
Melee: First Melee Excellency, Infinite Melee Mastery

Integrity: Third Integrity Excellency, Infinite Integrity Mastery, Integrity-Protecting Prana, Destiny-Manifesting Method, Righteous Lion Defense (Circle), Shedding Infinite Radiance, Temptation-Resisting Stance, Elusive Dream Defense, Spirit-Maintaining Maneuver
Presence: First Presence Excellency
Resistance: First Resistance Excellency, Infinite Resistance Mastery, Durability of Oak Meditation, Spirit Strengthens the Skin, Iron Skin Concentration, Iron Kettle Body, Armored in Righteousness Stance, Unbroken Chain Resolve, Adamant Skin Technique, Heroes Never Die, Essence-Gathering Temper, Essence-Gathering Temper, Willpower Enhancing Spirit, Ox-Body Technique (x5), Invincible Essence Reinforcement (x5), Tireless Sentinel Technique, Soul Fire Resurgence

Craft: First Craft Excellency, Infinite Craft Mastery, Object-Strengthening Touch, Durability-Enhancing Technique, The Art of Permanence, Design Beyond Limit, Holistic Miracle Understanding, Chaos-Resistance Preparation, Crack-Mending Technique, Shattering Grasp, Keen Understanding of the Core Imperfection, Craftsman Need No Tools, Words-As-Workshop Methodology, Wonder-Forging Genius (x2), Peerless Paragon of Craft, Divine Transcendence of Craft
Investigation: First Investigation Excellency, Infinite Investigation Mastery, Judge’s Ear Technique, Irresistible Questioning Technique
Lore:First Lore Excellency, Infinite Lore Mastery, Harmonious Academic Methodology, Legendary Scholar Curriculum, Terrestrial Edification Program, Chaos-Repelling Pattern, Wyld-Shaping Technique, Wyld Cauldron Technology, Essence-Lending Methodology, Will-bolstering Methodology, Virtue-Donating Grace, Order-Affirming Blow, Legend-Drawing Invocation, Immanent Solar Glory (x5)
Medicine: First Medicine Excellency, Infinite Medicine Mastery, Touch of Blissful Release, Contagion-Curing Touch, Wound-Mending Care Technique, Anointment of Miraculous Health, Wound-Cleansing Meditation, Flawless Diagnosis Technique, Ailment-Rectifying Method, Body-Purifying Admonitions, Wholeness-Restoring Meditation, Miracle Worker’s Redemption, Science of Mutation, Instant Treatment Methodology, Mind-Soothing Anodyne
Occult: First Occult Excellency, Infinite Occult Mastery, Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Celestial Circle Sorcery, Solar Circle Sorcery, Spirit-Detecting Glance, Spirit-Cutting Attack, Ghost-Eating Technique, Spirit-Repelling Diagram, Asserting the Mandate, All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight, Sorcerer’s Burning Chakra Charm, Magic-Shattering Strike

Athletics: First Athletics Excellency, Thunderbolt Attack Prana
Awareness: First Awareness Excellency, Infinite Awareness Mastery, Surprise Anticipation Method, Panoptic Fusion Discipline
Dodge: Third Dodge Excellency, Infinite Dodge Mastery, Shadow Over Water, Seven Shadow Evasion, Reflex Sidestep Technique, Flow Like Blood, Leaping Dodge Method, Divine Witness of Utter Safety, Reed in the Wind

Linguistics: Sagacious Reading of Intent
Socialize: First Socialize Excellency, Infinite Socialize Mastery, Mastery of Small Manners

Spells: Demon of the First Circle, Infallible Messenger, Stormwind Rider, Emerald Counter Magic, Droning Suggestion, Peacock Shadow Eyes, Theft of Memory, Demon of the Second Circle, Sapphire Counter Magic, Raise the Puissant Sanctum, Whirlwind of Fate, Adamant Counter Magic, Solar Sanctuary


Akari Maia

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