Wrapped in Madness


Crafted from the honorary funeral wraps of a slain Primordial, Wrapped in Madness vaguely resembles a straitjacket and doubles as both armor and weapon. The wraps have strings of soulsteel flowing through them making them indestructible and granting significant protection to the wearer. Further, even though the arms of the wearer are restrained, stray straps can unravel themselves and function as hands and weapons for the wearer.

Wrapped in Madness grants the wearer a soak bonus that counts as armor but does not interfere with the practice of martial arts. The wearer considers the wraps as unarmed weapons for any style provided he has learned the form Charm for the martial arts style. The wraps are perfectly capable of wielding weapons of their own and use the attuned wielder’s statistics when making melee or form weapon attacks and can perform any function the attuned wielder could otherwise perform with his hands. Though the martial artist may summon forth up to (Essence x 2) wraps at once, he is still capped by the maximum rate of 5 for any attacks using the wraps or weapons wielded by them. For every wrap drawn forth, the attuned wielder must commit a single mote.

As a final benefit, the namesake of Wrapped in Madness, the wielder can use the agony of insanity to powerful effect. As a reflexive, diceless action the attuned wielder can accept a derangement to gain (mutation points x Essence) motes, dividing the motes up into any reserve pool he chooses (even Overdrive). Conversely, for every action the wielder maintains a grapple with a target, Wrapped in Madness makes an unblockable telepathic mental attack against the target’s Dodge MDV. If the attack is successful, Wrapped in Madness can grant a single 1 mutation point derangement to the victim. Doing so grants the wielder the victim’s (Essence) motes allocated in any pool the wielder chooses. The wielder can also choose successive actions to “bank” mutation points, levying a heavier duration over multiple actions. For each mutation point the derangement inflicts, the wielder gains (Essence) motes. Breaking the grapple before the wielder has accumulated the necessary “banked” mutation points to grant the derangement of their choice grants no motes and forces the wielder to start over after re-establishing grapple.

Armor Bonus: +20B/+20L/+20A

Wrap: Accuracy +(Essence) / Damage +4B / Defense +(Essence) / Rate 5 / Range (Essence x 2) yards / Tags M, R
[Each Wrap drains motes in the same manner as the soulsteel magical material but does not receive any additional benefits]


Wrapped in Madness

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