Great Forks

Location: East
Affiliation: Trade River Confederation
Government: The Three (Primary), Council (Secondary)
Faith: Hundred Gods Heresy
Economy: Recreational Goods, Trade Port, Slaves
Associations: Lookshy


Plucked from the clutches of a mighty Deathlord, Great Forks is now a prosperous and friendly port city supplying a great may goods to the Scavenger Lands. The city itself is ruled by the Three and the people are fun-loving, carefree individuals that enjoy all the simple pleasures life has to offer.


Great Forks uses its advantageous position to act as a port and hub for trade for the Scavenger Lands, trading a plethora of goods with the Trade River Confederation. Most of the recreational products that Great Forks cultivates are sustainable through slave labor, although slaves do have rights in the city itself. Since Great Forks also has a heavy God and God-Blood population, the city generates a fair amount of Prayer for their supernatural denizens (but leaves little else for the rest of Creation, including Yu Shan and the dead).


While Great Forks is home to many God-Blooded Scions and other Gods, it is ruled by The Three: Spinner of Glorious Tales, Weaver of Dreams of Victory, and Shield of a Different Day. These powerful spirits are revered by all citizens of Great Forks and plucked the city from the clutches of a Deathlord. Beneath them are Ministers, which are Gods or God-Blooded entrusted with a specific facet of Great Forks administration. Beneath them are Deputies which act as Vice Ministers. The Council is a group of Nine Ministers (with deputies) who serve directly beneath the three.


Great Forks came into existence roughly 500 years prior from three groups of refugees, each lead by one of The Three. When they finally met at what would be their future home, the refugees readied for battle while the spirits negotiated and eventually came to an agreement which would result in the modern day Great Forks. From there, the three began to spin a tale that told of the final death of a local Deathlord that had taken over the area, the Princes Magnificent. Perhaps she could have prevented the prophecy had she intervened but it escaped her notice and fearing oblivion she retreated back to the Underworld. Afterward The Three set about creating a city for their inhabitants to live in and offering a home for God and Man alike, all the while cultivating the local worship and increasing their own status outside of Yu Shan.

Motivation: To build a city of dreams
Intimacies: The Three (Reverence), The Council and Ministers (Obedience), Local Gods (Companionship), Festivals (Love), Arts (Gleeful Pursuit)
Trade Rivers Confederation (Trade), Lookshy (Trade), Local Gods (Reverence), God-Blooded (Reverence)
Size 6, Competence 5, Influence 7, Wealth 7, Reach 5
Total Capital: 30

Great Forks

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