Location: East
Affiliation: Realm Satrap
Government: Imperial
Faith: Realm Immaculate Faith
Economy: Ceramics, Eastern Trade Hub
Associations: The Realm


The last Realm Satrap in the East, Greyfalls is a hub of goods that travel to and from the Realm.


As a Satrap Greyfalls is officially only able to trade with the Realm. In turn, the Realm is also forbidden from trading with the Trade Rivers Confederation. In reality, many merchants and organizations from all over the East come down from the North to sell their goods in Greyfalls. Once sold the wares officially become the property of the Realm and can therefore be traded with the Blessed Isle.


Greyfalls is overseen by the Chief Imperial Officer Nellens Rombulac, an old Water Aspect that has been head of Greyfalls for the last 50 years. Up until recently he has enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous reign over the city. Recently, after the defeat of the Peleps legion, a Fire Aspected general named Cathak Kitono has been stationed in Greatfalls and is responsible for all military operation of Realm troops.


Greyfalls was largely neglected by the Realm until about 100 years ago when House Nellens secured the Satrap from the Scarlet Throne and was given leave to administrate the city. After an injection of capital and resources, Greyfalls boomed into a bustling trade city and turned a significant profit for House Nellens. In the last two decades however, much of that profit has been turned over to fund the overhead from the local military operations which are pulled thin in protecting the city and surrounding area.

Motivation: To develop as a prosperous satrap
Intimacies: House Nellens (Gratitude), Cathak Kitono (Weary Appreciation), Thorns (Fearful Caution), Immaculate Faith (Belief), The Realm (Obedience), The Guild (Competitive Distrust), The Trade Rivers Confederation (Staunch Opposition)
Realm (Loyal Satrapy), House Nellens (Greatful Tributary), Dragon-Blooded Scions (Leadership)
Size 6, Competence 3, Influence 7, Wealth 7, Reach 5
Total Capital: 28


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