Bonus Starting BP

By popular demand, this page lists ways you can earn some additional BP for your starting character.

NPC Stating

(3 BP per NPC)
Stat to a concept, the NPC should be competent and capable enough to fulfill the role they have in the game. Remember just because you’re stating the NPC it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be friendly to your character, that’s what Backgrounds are for. Minimum requirements for NPCs are as follows:

  • Attributes
  • Skills (Including Specailties)
  • Backgrounds (Don’t forget Backing, Connections, Contacts, etc)
  • Extras (Virtues, Essence, etc)
  • Charms
  • Quick blip about the character (who they are, what they do, relation to your character, etc.)

I’ll handle Motivation and Intimacies for each NPC. Each stated NPC is worth 3 bonus points at character creation.

Bonus Starting BP

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