Campaign Extras

Moar Stuff

After character creation and the campaign starts, stating NPCs for BP is off the table but that doesn’t mean you won’t have ways of sneaking xp. If you want to do something extra to contribute to the game you’re welcome to, basic guidelines are outlined below. All extras need to be ST approved before finding their way into the game.

Adventure Logs
Adventure Logs are going to be worth 2xp a pop, try to hit a page minimum though.

For the most part I won’t be “charging” xp for Backgrounds acquired in game. If you want to flush out your own backgrounds (Allies, Artifacts, etc) then you’re welcome to and I’ll make sure they make an appearance in the game for you to have a crack at. Whether or not you can secure them is up to you!

  • For Hearthstones, design your own Manse (Oadenol’s Codex p.66)
  • Design your own Artifacts (Oadenol’s Codex p.13)

Writing your own Charms is not only a fun way to customize your character, but you also receive a 1xp discount for any Charms you write yourself after they’re approved for use. Keep in mind this is for covering competencies not touched on by the current Charm set, I want to avoid redesigning existing Charms. Visit the Pending Custom Charms page to pen your drafts, once approved it’ll be moved to the Custom Charms page.

Campaign Extras

Dreams of the Lost Jonathonathon