Crafting Basics



Craftsmen Needs No Tools: (Pres: Craft 4, Essence 3)
• Craft without tools, accomplish (Essence x 3) hours of work for each hour invested.

Craft Excellency (Craft 1, Essence 1)
• Add flat Dice or Successes to Craft rolls

Design Beyond Limit (Pres: Craft 5, Essence 4)
• Treat Artifacts as one dot lower for Crafting difficulty and successes (this takes Artifact 5 from 250 to 100 successes, for example)

Wonder-Forging Genius x2 (Pres: Craft 5, Essence 4)
• You need a 7 in Craft, Lore and Occult to make 5 dot Artifacts. This Charm, each time taken, lowers the requirement by 1.

Bonus: The Art of Permanence (Pres: Craft 6, Essence 6)
• This Charm can be obtained at Craft 5, Essence 5 with the Charm/Excellency Supreme Perfection of Craft
• All items you make will never erode and require no maintenance


Arms of Multiple Manipulation (Artifact 4)
•Adds bonus successes equal to your Essence on Craft rolls
• The Arms can take an action separate from your action, so they can Craft while you Wyld Shape (for example)


Gem of Perfect Mobility (Solar 5)
• Halves the time of all actions

Jewel of the Master’s Hand (Earth 3)
• Adds 1 die to Craft (Magitech) rolls

Twice-Strike Lightning Prism (Air 4)
• Increase your Essence by 2 for your Craft Combo


Factory-Cathedral (5 pts)
• Reduces Crafting roll interval from a Season to a Month

Ability Enlightenment (4 pts, Air/Solar Favored)
• Adds 4 automatic successes to Craft rolls

Guardian Force (4 pts)
• Grants a ton of Second Circle Demon equivalent servants
• You can have up to 5 Artificers (including yourself)
• 4 of these guys each add 4 successes for a total of +16 successes per roll

Bonus: Altelier-Manse (4 pts)
• Mass produces Artifacts at the manse owners ratings

Wyld Shaping

The book states that Wyld Shapiing can be used in Artifact / Manse Construction but cannot speed up creation by more than a factor of 10. So Wyld Shaping (if done quickly) can be used to create 90% of an Artifact or Manse.


Wyld Shaping Technique (Lore 5, Essence 3)
• Adds successes to Artifact/Manse Creation 1:1

Wyld Cauldron Technology (Lore 5, Essence 4)
• Makes the things you create permanent

Lore Excellency (Lore 1, Essence 1)
• Add successes or Dice to Wyld Shaping rolls


Ability Enlightenment (4 pts, Air/Solar Favored)
• Adds 4 automatic successes to Lore rolls


Hand of the Great Maker (Artifact 3)
• Bank up to (Willpower + Essence) successes for Wyld Shaping or 30 with a Protoshinmaic Vortex (which is currently socketed)
• Shape the Wyld in Creation as though it was Bordermarches
• This one can create Demesnes
• Allows you to Wyld Shape as a Speed 7, DV -5 miscellaneous action

(Her HotGM is a bit different from the one in the book)

Crafting Basics

Artifact RatingAbil MinDifficultyReq Successes

Other Stuff

The Attribute for your Crafting roll is the lowest of your Dexterity, Perception and Intelligence for personal scale items. It’s the lower of your Perception or Intelligence for larger items.

Working with a magical material other than your own (Jade or Orichalcum) levies a -2 internal penalty

Crafting Basics

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