Demonology 101

The Art of Summoning

Obscurity (X/Y) – X represents the commonality of the demon species and Y represents how common accurate facts about the demon are.

Knowing of Demons (Automatic) (BoS v5 p 26) – Take a character’s Occult score and subtract two. The character automatically knows of every demon with an Obscurity rating equal to or lower than the result—the name and a brief description, if (Occult – 2) is equal to or greater than the first number, and the full details if (Occult – 2) is equal to or greater than the second number.

Binding: Opposed Essence + Willpower, Demon of the First Circle subjects the demon to a -1 internal penalty per 5 motes spent. Whoever reaches a 3 success advantage first succeeds.

Banishing: Should the binding fail, make a reflexive Wits + Occult at difficulty 3 to banish the demon back to Malfeas. Failure looses the Demon on Creation.

Equipment: Resources 2 cage with Resources 1 consumables or suffer -1 external penalty to binding and -2 external penalty to banishing. Resources 3 cage provides a +1 die bonus on binding rolls. Resources 2 consumables also provides a +1 die bonus on binding rolls.

Oaths: The sorcerer may offer an oath to the demon for 2 automatic successes in the binding. Deceiving the demon allows it to read motivation as normal.

Ideal Conditions: (Essence + Willpower – 3) / 2, the number of dice the sorcerer can afford the demon. Ensures 99% chance of success.

Demon Limit

Abscissic Binding: Read about it on p 32 of BoS v5.

Demons of the First Circle

Aalu, the Cannibal Bureaucrats (CoCD v5 p 138) [3/4] – bureaucrats, analysts and blind sentinels
Agatae, the Beauteous Wasps (BoS v5 p 69) [1/2] – flying mounts
Amphelisiae, the Teakettle Courtiers (BoS v5 p 70) [1/2] – produce large quantities of poison
Anathema, The Blasphemous Deceivers (Forum) [0/5] – mockeries of the chosen of the Sun
Angyalkae, The Harpists (BoS v5 p 72) [1/3] – entertain audiences and disarm social enemies
Anuhles, the Demon Spiders (BoS v5 p 74) [2/4] – kidnap or kill enemies
Baidak, the Empty Pawns (CoCD v5 p 339) [3/3] – elite military units
Bisclavarets, the Shadow Eaters (CoCD v5 p 141) [1/3] – spies and assassins
Chrysogonae, the Crying Women (BoS v5 p 75) [2/3] – false prophets and ruining advisors
Decanthropes, the Body Snatchers (BoS v5 p 76) [2/2] – spies or mundane servants
Demjen, the Quickeners of Ores (CoCD v5 p 143) [2/3] – mining, labor force
Erymanthoi, The Blood-Apes (Core p 310) [1/1] – foot soldiers
Firmin, the Needlemakers (BoS v5 p 78) [2/2] – create large quantities of tools/weapons quickly
Gallmau, the Hooded Lanterns (CoCD v5 p 144) [1/3] – track enemies and guard
Gethin, the Harvester of Rarities (CoCD v5 p 145) [2/3] – spies and thieves
Gilmyne, the Dancers at the Saigoth Gates (BoS v5 p 79) [2/2] – entertain or sway emotions through their dances
Heranhal, the Fervid Smiths (CoCD v5 p 146) [2/3] – forge metal goods
Luminata, the Deer that Hunt Men (BoS v5 p 80) [2/3] – hunt and kill enemies
Marottes, the Hopping Puppeteers (BoS v5 p 82) [1/2] – remove enduring obstacle
Naneke, the Readers of Forbidden Texts (BoS v5 p 147) [3/3] – pursue hidden knowledge
Neomah, the Makers of Flesh (Core p 310) [1/1] – flesh weavers and concubines
Noresores, the Passion Morays (BoS v5 p 84) [3/3] – gather blackmail material
Perroneles, the Living Armors (BoS v5 p 85) [3/3] – unobtrusive armor and translators
Radeken, the Madling Hellstorms (CoCD v 5 p 149) [1/2] – aid in battle or speed a sailing vessel
Sesseljae, the Stomach Bottle Bugs (BoS v5 p 86) [1/2] – heal people and protect people from poison
Teodozjia, the Lions Sent into the World (BoS v5 p 87) [2/3] – knowledge from their hive mind or battle prowess
Tinsiana, the Scorpion Demons (CoCD v5 p 150) [2/4] – bodyguards, hunters, killers
Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenals (BoS v5 p 89) [2/3] – battle

Demons of the Second Circle

Alveua, the Keeper of the Forge of Night (BoS v5 p 55) [2/3] – craft wondrous things
Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices (BoS v5 p 57) [2/3] – weaving, lover, translator
Emerenzia, the Minister of the Ivory Tassel (CoCD v5 p 125 [3/5] – government and intrigue
Florivet, the Whim-Of-The-Wind (BoS v5 p 59) [2/4] – control winds
Gebre, the Pavane of Dying Stars (CoCD v5 p 126) [3/5] – Infernal astrology
Gervesin, the Grieving Lord (BoS v5 p 60) [3/5] – wield the green spear
Gumela, the Jeweled Auditor (BoS v5 p 62) [2/4] – unravel mysteries, humiliate enemies
Iyutha, the Vitriolic Dragon (CoCD v5 p 128) [2/5] – ravage enemies, poison courts
Janequin, the Fortune’s Fool (CoCD v5 p 129) [3/3] – gambling, intrigue, swordplay
Lucien, the Guardian of Sleep (BoS v5 p 64) [1/3] – crush revolts, hunt traitors
Makarios, the Sigil’s Dreamer (BoS v5 p 65) [1/3] – economic advice
Mara, the Shadow-Lover (CoCD v5 p130) [1/3] – seduction, murder, empowering mortals
Sigereth, the Player of Games (CoCD v5 p 132) [2/4] – learn strategy or play games
Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways (CoCD v5 p 134) [1/4] – guard or train in war
Stanewald, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos (CoCD v5 p 136) [2/4] – dancing
Zsofika, the Kite Flute (BoS v5 p 67) [2/2] – hunt down and kill enemies

Demonology 101

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