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Revised House Rules

Moment of Glory – Provided you have the experience points, you can spend them instantaneously with an appropriate 3 die stunt.

Charm Costs – Caste and Favored Charms cost 4 experience points, all other Charms cost 2 experience points.

Excellencies – For each ability you have rated at 1+, you get one of the first three Excellencies for free. Having an ability rated at 3+ grants the character an additional Excellency for free. All other Excellencies must be purchased as usual..

Infinite (Ability) Mastery – Each ability that the character has I(A)M for receives the mote discount upon activating I(A)M. I(A)M is also Combo-Basic.

Craft – Craft is now a single ability. For every 3 xp spent (as if buying a specialty dot), the character unlocks one additional type of Craft and can use their rating for that type of Crafting. Craft (Genesis) is removed and represented by Craft and Medicine. Craft (First Age Artifacts) does not require any prerequisite Crafts.

Achievements – Do cool stuff, get xp for it.

Core Artifact Armor – All armor in the Core book have an Artifact rating equal to half the printed value (rounded down).

Stamina Health Levels – Instead of the usual 2 -1 and -2 health levels, your character has their Stamina in -1 and -2 health levels

Virtue Channeling – Channeling a virtue lasts for an entire action.

Scroll of the Monk – This book doesn’t exist and you can’t have anything out of it unless you go online and find a ST approved rewrite. Start here if you’re interested.

Astrology Revision – streamlining astrology

PC Extras

Shimikiri (beta) – The adorable and loveable walking biogenetics laboratory
Demonology 101 – The summoners guide to demons
Solar Compilation – A list of all the stuff that’s changing for Solars
Intimacy Rules – Some house rules and food-for-thought for intimacies
Manse Forge – A 5 dot manse for crafting… everything.

Main Page

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